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Thursday, 26 July 2007

Darts - Where have all the bulls eyes gone?

Dave 61.90% Peter 59.77% Ian 55.21% Doddy 46.25% Fred 43.94%
Steve 43.36% Papa 41.54% Colin 35.79% Malc 34.62% Mike D 34.55%

We had a great evening’s darts, very close and all that. However the early games played like treacle!

The first one was a nightmare, it lasted about half an hour; none of us could hit the bulls! Fortunately they started to speed up after that but we still only managed five games by 10.30pm

The ‘pickometer’ decided that Fred and I should play together again (is it broken?) and teamed Doddy and Colin against us. Pete and Fred won the aforementioned excruciatingly slow first game; a cheer from the opposition as they lost tells you just how painful it was!

After that honours for each game alternated, giving a final score line of 3 - 2 to Pete and Fred. PF 135 / 24 DC.

Notable events:

Diddle for middle produced a bulls eye and semi! This makes it all the worse that it took ages to finish the first game….

A collateral red bull was scored by the Doddmeister

Colin bounced out of the centre at least once (for some reason we ALL laughed).

Doddy ‘Robin Hooded’ his darts twice, prompting a full stem change.

Freddie was asked nicely by me to finish a game by sticking a centre bull in and he obliged!

Chart Changes:

Fred gains 0.3% on Steve. Taking Fred back to 4th Place and moving Steve down to 5th.

Bull Wars: Doddy 3, Peter 2 (includes diddle bull), Colin 1, Fred 1.

Only one match left this month, so I will be chasing folks for dates shortly.

Peter x

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Darts - Who needs water!

Dave 61.90% Peter 59.76% Ian 55.21% Doddy 46.67% Steve 43.36%
Fred 42.62% Papa 41.54% Colin 35.56% Malc 34.62% Mike D 34.55%

Despite recent flooding and water cuts… The Bad boys were in town once again!

Steve, Dave, Pete and Papa gathered at the clubhouse and discussed the impending water cuts… and decided it wasn’t a problem as we would drink beer and wine until it was turned back on. We then consulted the ‘pickometer’. The teams were Steve and Dave (who haven’t been paired for a long time) against Pete and Papa (who played together very recently!).

The first couple of games were walkovers for Dave and Steve, they were literally ‘on fire’ and sadly due to the water shortage we were unable to put them out (neither Papa or I wanted to waste beer!). However we gave them a run for their money and all remaining games were close. There were various points when Pete was incendiary and Papa was saluted with ‘Fear the Radish’.

It might have been better if we had shouted ‘Fear the nuclear Radish!’ as Papa seemed to have an awful lot of ‘fallout’, despite the radioactivity Papa was still formidable. Fred, you may not hold the record any more….

The final score line was 4 - 2 to Steve and Dave. SD 1234 / 56 PP. Sadly there wasn’t time for a seventh… but hey… we all know if there had been P&P would have taken it!

Bull wars…. Dave was ‘Cock-on’ with bulls tonight scoring 3 Reds and Papa was in there with one as well.

I think MOTM has to go to Steve, despite the fact that both he and Dave played well, Steve was thumping in trebles left, right and well… left and right… Dave did centre. A well earned MOTM Steve.

Chart changes:

Steve Moves up two places to 5th position. Papa drops down one to 7th. As a result Fred moves down one to 6th. Fred will have a chance to reply tomorrow (Wednesday night).

Steve moves up to 4th place in the MOTM chart.

Wednesday night looks like it could be fun… Bad boys attending are: Pete, Doddy, Colin and Fred.

Game on!

Peter X

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Darts - Fear The Radish!

Click for a larger image

Dave 61.62% Peter 60.41% Ian 55.21% Doddy 46.67% Fred 42.62%
Papa 42.37% Steve 42.06% Colin 35.56% Malc 34.62% Mike D 34.55%

Four likely lads gathered at eight of the clock (take note again ‘jelly arm’). After a little socializing we repaired to the clubhouse and offered ourselves up to the ‘pickometer’. The big P dictated that P&P should play I&C.

After the ‘middle for diddle’(taken by Papa’s radish) it was Papa and Pete that set the pace taking the first game, but it didn’t last long as Colin and Ian equalised with the second match. The buggers then rubbed our noses in it by taking the third! That was painful enough to set the two P’s on a path to glory… Pete and Papa managed to take the fourth, fifth and sixth for a 4 - 2 victory; which of course in the now obligatory result format is: PP 1456 / 23 IC.

The games were quite unusual, a mixture of bull and traditional starts and ends. A couple were close but both teams took a couple of games each very comfortably. It was probably a product of the teams going for their own targets for the majority of the time and waiting until the end to chase the opposition.

Bull-wars: Ian 3 reds, Peter 2, Papa 1.

Papa was MOTM, it has to be said Colin continued to play his current higher standard of darts notably taking two or three semis.

Even more notable was our first ‘dart dropping’, (sounds disgusting doesn’t it?). Colin, having sunk a semi looked at the dart and decided another hit anywhere on the board might dislodge it, so dropped the other two straight on the deck!

The sad thing is that it was close to the end of the game and both teams still needed another semi… and you guessed it… after Colin took his darts out of the board (and the floor) Papa heaved one straight in to clinch the game. ‘Sods Law’ eh Colin?

Chart Changes:

In the doubles chart Papa moves up one swapping places with Steve, taking 6th place. In the MOTM chart Papa moves up one place swapping with Pete making me last!

Rushers is AWOL for the rest of the month which means it is open season for the rest of you to try and grab the bullmeister title.

Game On!

Peter X

Friday, 13 July 2007

Darts - Middle for Diddle Poll

The Poll has closed and the results show that 66% of players who voted are in favour of "If your dart falls out or knocks another dart out during Middle for Diddle it is just tough luck."

So that is the rule we will be playing from now on, thanks for voting.

Peter X

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Darts - Another fun evening at Bad Boys!

Click image for larger version.

Dave 61.62% Peter 60.25% Ian 56.05% Doddy 46.67% Fred 42.62%
Steve 42.06% Papa 39.62% Colin 35.71% Malc 34.62% Mike D 34.55%

Steve, Colin and Fred arrived a few minutes early so we sat around and had a chat, then we realised that the four of us were there and we were not waiting for Jelly Arm! So we dived in the hut, cranked up the ‘pickometer’ and were instructed to play Pete and Colin ‘v’ Steve and Fred.

Pete and Colin took the honours with a 4 - 2 win, the score order was PC 1245 / 36 SF.

Three of the games were walkovers, Steve and Fred did the walking on two of them, Colin and Pete on the other one. One of Steve and Fred’s was extremely convincing by the time they had both had their first round they scored a treble 20, treble 18 and racked up around 100 in score. Sadly Colin and I didn’t have any snappy replies and we were up against it from the start.

We all played reasonably but none of us were outstanding; although it has to be said that Steve turned out some consistently workman type darts on the 10 / 15’s all night; making Colin and I have to regularly leave our targets to try and sort them out.

Notable events:

As Ian wasn’t in residence virtually all the games reverted to high score rather than bull starts. Perhaps we should call this the ‘Rushton effect’?

*Adopts Churchillian voice* “Never in the field of Bad Boys conflict has one player changed the tactics of so many!”

Fred scored a treble 20 with his first dart in the opening turn of 2 games.

The OUF ‘Order of the…’ was nearly won by two different players!

Chart Changes:

Yay for Colin! He moves up two places from bottom position to 8th Place. That is now two consecutive outings that he has upped his game in; is this the start of a new trend?

Bullmeister Wars:

Having said only last night that we would start keeping records of bulls (reds only) scored in an evening, tonight was immediately hotly contested! Both Steve and I had four reds apiece, not bad going!

However just to juice things up a bit I think I am right in saying (and I am open to correction by those with better memories) I think I just might have set a Bad Boys record… I managed 2 x Red and 1 x Green in the same turn. So lads, to beat that some bugger is going to have to get the full monty.. 3 x Red. This of course would earn you the Bad Boys - OBE!


Peter X

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Darts – Stunning Stuff (Tuesday Night)

Dave 61.62% Peter 60.09% Ian 56.05% Doddy 46.67% Fred 43.64%
Steve 42.57% Papa 39.62% Malc 34.62% Mike D 34.55% Colin 33.33%

There were some fabulous darts thrown on Tuesday evening. Winners and losers alike agreed the all round player performance was one of the best if not the best so far.

So, a top evening. It started a little late; one player was a tad tardy but claimed not to be late. This led to Dave cheekily enquiring if the hands on his watch were made from jelly!

We still managed to blister through seven games. The ‘pickometer’ teamed up Pete and Dave ‘v’ Ian and Mike D (AKA J.A.) The evening was snaffled by Pete and Dave with a 6 – 1 victory, games as follows IM 1 / 234567 PD.

I have said it before and need to say it again, that score line in no way reflects the battles that were fought! Only one game was a walk over all the others were highly contested. Most games changed hands several times before the end and there were plenty of pressure shots in the closing stages.

There were some interesting tactics played, although all games started on bulls there were two distinct team styles:

Ian and Mike generally played Ian on bulls while Mike D started up 10/15s + 11/14s.

Pete and Dave alternated with one going for bulls and the other opening 20’s + 18’s

This led to some very scary games; at times you couldn’t help but get dragged away from your goal for defensive throws.

In one game two low numbers were left open; twelve and thirteen (I seem to remember). Each team was scoring on one of them and also required 1 semi to finish. Lead position changed about 4 or 5 times before the game ended because each team would poke some darts in their scoring number to take the lead before trying to close off the opposition and go for bull. The pressure was immense on all players, bloody exciting!

Player Performance:

Ian - Great form, Bulls galore

Mike D - Excellent, a massive number of trebles.

Pete - Officially on fire, bulls Trebles and 18’s

Dave – Officially on fire, Trebles and Bulls (two reds in one throw)!

There must have been over a dozen red bullseyes thrown last night, in fact there was far more scored on centres than semis during the night.

Chart Action:

The top three remain unchanged, Sadly Mike D drops down one position. This is a real shame as with the performance he put in he deserves to have gone up rather than down, but that is the way the %’s crumble.

Pete X

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Darts - Middle for Diddle Poll....

It looks like the result will be overwhelmingly in favour of 'If it drops out- tough luck'. If you haven't voted get in quick, only two days to go..... No voting twice now!

Darts – Bull-tastic stats!

Following Tuesday night's bull-tastic achievements (report to follow on Wednesday) I think that we should start logging the night's / team's bullseyes (reds only), just for a bit of fun…. So, on the scoreboard at the bottom in the unused ‘bed’ section we will mark up any reds scored on an evening and I will attempt to remember to report them every fixture. Could be fun eh?

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Darts – Charts are now Doubles, Doubles, Doubles!

Dave 59.78% Peter 59.29% Ian 58.00% Doddy 46.67% Fred 43.64% Steve 42.57% Papa 39.62% Mike D 37.50% Malc 34.62% Colin 33.33%

It turned out that I was able to find a relatively easy way of altering the spreadsheet so that the cumulative chart now only shows doubles results and not all games.

So from now on when you see that chart it is ONLY DOUBLES! You will probably note as well that Redders is at the number one spot. We better see if Ian or I can fix that over the next couple of weeks ;-)

3 players are now on the list for the spreadsheet mailing, shout if you want to be added.

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Darts - Q: What's Cook-ing? A: Colin is Cook-ing!

Click for bigger versions...

Surprisingly after all the rain yesterday the evening was dry! So no players arrived soaked like last week! The mighty ‘P’ did its random stuff and spat the teams out as Peter and Colin V Ian and Steve. We settled down for a fairly fast paced 6 games, the final score was 5 – 1 to Peter and Colin, the order of wins was PC 13456 / 2 IS.

Performance: Ian was just a tad off his normal game but still racking up bulls and semis, Steve and Pete played consistently useful darts. Young Mr Cook had a superb evening playing above his normal level thus earning a well deserved MOTM. Colin we want to see that every week now!

There were some close games but thankfully for Colin and I we just had the edge. As far as I can remember all games started on bulls (as now seems to have become standard) and so finished on low numbers 10’, 12’s and 13’s. There was also a fair smattering of trebles not to mention 5’s and 6's of a kind from both Steve and Colin.

Chart Changes:

No changes on the cumulative chart, which I have to say is a shame for Colin; after a good evening I was expecting him to jump up from last position. Maybe next time!

Doubles chart, Dave retains first spot, I have climbed back to second (half a % behind Dave) and Ian takes 3rd place.

Future changes to chart system:

Ian has maintained for some time that the doubles chart is a more accurate representation of our personal performance than the current mixture of doubles, singles & H2H2H.

I had a look to see what % of games played were doubles as opposed to all types. Last year; June to December 75% of games played were doubles. So far this year 95% of all games played have been doubles. The difference in the %s is made up mostly by H2H2H games (2 this year, 16 last). This is probably due to the fact we have a slightly larger pool of folks this year so are less likely to be a man short and we haven’t had any ‘no shows’, triggering H2H2H matches.

Although I have been happy that all results good or bad for any type of game affect our ratings one thing has been nagging at me; singles matches have nearly always been me against another player. This just seems a little out of step, so I am going to go with Ian on this one.

For next season (Jan) assuming we are still firing on all cylinders I will be promoting the ‘doubles’ results to the main graphics chart and the ‘all games played’ will only be a weekly bar-chart. I don’t think it is practical to do it before then as I would have to rebuild the chart about 40 times, starting with fresh data would be much better.

Finally (hears sighs of relief), I had to make a quick local rule last night, but it’s open to negotiation. Colin had a dart bounce out during the ‘middle for diddle’ and I said he should take it again. This is in line with BDO (British Darts Organisation) tiebreaker and ADO (US) game start rules. Albeit for BDO they are talking about X01 games and we are playing Mickey Mouse (nearer to US Cr**ket).

BDO “If a dart rebounds from the board, or falls out of the board during a throw, then the players shall throw a further dart, or darts, until one remains in the board”.

ADO “The dart must remain the in the board in order to count. Additional throws may be made, until the player’s dart remains in the board. Should the 2nd thrower dislodge the dart of the 1st, a re-throw will be made with the 2nd thrower now throwing first”.

We can either decide on re-throws or if it falls out or you knock another players dart out it's tough luck! Please cast your vote on the Poll on the right hand side of the screen (just above fixtures).


Peter X