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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Darts - Peds and Rushers go head to head!

Due to circumstances beyond everyone’s control we ended up with just two players in the hut on Tuesday night, but Pete and Ted were fearless and decided to press on with a full scoring Bad Boys event.

No need for the flipometers this evening two teams, two players, even Jelly Brain could have organised us!

I managed to get a bull on the ‘Middle for Diddle’ which seems to have been an indicator of how the first game would go! I tanked through the game with trebles galore racking up plenty of score along the way. If I sound excited, well I am I played that first game like an unstoppable darts machine!

I managed to take the next two games (not as convincingly it has to be said) and then the inevitable happened, the Mothman took the fourth game. Back to me for the fifth and sixth then Rushers took the seventh and we ping ponged on the eighth and ninth.

Which compresses down to a score line of Peter 123568 / 479 Ian. A 6 – 3 win to the pedmeister.

Five of the games were close and went to the wire causing quite a lot of excitement, gnashing of teeth etc. So a fun evening despite only being a gruesome twosome.

Notable Events:

Both players had some excellent treble and bull / semi action, forcing each other to often change tactics.

Pete had two ‘belting’ games where it was hard to put a dart in the wrong place.

Nine games were played, only the third time this year.

Bull Wars: Peter 4, Ian 2. Peter was therefore the bullmeister for the evening.

Chart Changes: None just some minor % changes.

December here we come....

Game On!

Peds x

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Darts – Time for the club to change its name?

Greeting Bad Boys and Bad Boys Followers. I am considering whether or not we need to change the club name. As you probably know the B.A.D. in BAD BOYS CLUB stands for Beer And Darts, well after last night there is a good bloody chance that I might make it stand for ‘Beer, Alzheimer, Darts’!

First off Jelly Arm (or perhaps that should be jelly brain) throws the first darts of the evening; hitting a one, twenty and a five, wanders up to the scoreboard and chalks up zero crosses but a score of 275! It seems that the poor fellow hasn’t noticed over the last couple of years that we have never ever played a single round of 301! It has always been (and always will be) Mickey Mouse.

Following this Val Doonican swore blind that CM had been here at the start of the evening despite the fact he was given a good ribbing for arriving a little late. JB also decided that the dart board he has been playing on since the first week of July had been acquired since his last visit.

Thankfully after these incidents things returned pretty much to normal so I will hold off on the name change for the moment.

The teams as flipped were Dave, Papa, CM ‘v’ Peter, Ian, JA.

DPCM whipped ahead in the first game scoring a substantial win. They looked to be doing the same in the second as well although PIJA started to close gap and eventually moved marginally ahead on score. We had an extraordinary finish to game two. PIJA required three semis to win and DPCM four, Papa stepped up to the oche and whacked in a bull and semi, it looked like they had the game in the bag. Fortunately Ian was next to the oche and he had other ideas, pumping a bull and semi in to win the game. One side roared with delight, the other looked gutted!

Following this a very fired up CM started game three with a hat full of twenties and his team went on to take the game, the opposition took the next two games and then they won the final leg. This made the final score line DPCM 136 / 245 PIJA – a draw!

Notable events:

Apart from those already listed there were a few good scoring turns.

Dave was back in the hut! Nice to see you back at the oche again Dave.

Bull Wars: Papa 2, CM 2, Peter 1, Ian 1.

Chart Changes: As it was a draw everyone moves a little closer to the 50% mark, causing JA to just overtake John in the process!


Peter x

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Darts – It’s never over until you hear the fat lady singing.

Sadly Dave missed his advertised return match due to a disgusting cold (but he will be playing next week!). This meant the players for the evening were Peter, Casablanca Mike, Rushers and Doddy.

What an exciting evening it was! After a couple of flips the teams panned out as Pete and Ian ‘v’ Doddy and CM. We launched straight in to the games and immediately Pete and Ian seemed to be doing rather well with trebles galore.

We had a winning streak that lasted half way through the evening, for a minute or two I thought this was the way it would continue for the rest of the night, but as is quite often the case in the hut (and as predicted by Doddy to a despondent CM) it would be ‘a game of two halves’, and it was!

The next four games all went to the two Mikes giving us a final score line of: PI 1234 / 5678 DCM.

Notable Events:

In the first few games it was noted that Pete and Ian couldn’t be bothered with single numbers, preferring trebles on most occasions. The same could be said of the opposition in the later games.

There were some excellent ‘replies’ on a number of occasions as all hopes of a score on a quickly opened number were dashed by the opposition with a single dart.

Peter managed a scoring double treble (16s I think) putting them nicely back in a game they were losing.

A lot of bulls and semis were produced by all involved.

Ian and Pete nearly stole game 7 on bulls and semis, being 200+ they decided to go for the middle and collateral and it almost paid off with a swift succession of semis, bulls and bull-semi turns. Casablanca sealed the game with a bull. We all agreed it was incredibly close and one of the tensest games we had played for a long time.

Doddy and Pete had some stonking runs of darts and I have accordingly awarded them joint MOTM.

Bull Wars: Peter 3, Ian 3, CM 3, Doddy 2.

Chart Changes: None! We all go down a little bit except Doddy who gains the best part of 1%.

What will happen next week?

Game On!

Peds x