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Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Darts - Papa Refuses to Radish Shock!

Peter 64.44% Ian 57.39% Dave 56.39% Doddy 47.01% Mike D 44.44%
Steve 43.87% Fred 39.18% Papa 36.47% Colin 30.07% Malc 25.64%

Firstly I want to thank Ian for standing in at short notice for Dave who couldn’t attend (bloody lightweight!)

The Flipometer did its work in one round, selecting Pete and Doddy ‘v’ Ian and Papa. Seven lacklustre games ensued. I better explain that, it’s not that we didn’t enjoy ourselves just that with the exception of Papa none of us were particularly on form. There were plenty of cries of ‘BLEEP, that’s 9 darts without a score!’ and the like, very frustrating!

The final score was as follows: PD 12347 / IP 56. Mr Dodd and I were most pleased with this, well except for the small matter of the two games we lost. One of these games was particularly harrowing for Doddy and I as we were way behind and managed to pull back to make it a first semi to win and of course the other side got it!

Papa had a couple of games where he was absolutely stonking it, trebles and shanghais everywhere, all of this achieved without throwing a radish, he insisted on using his silver darts for the night. Papa was unanimously awarded MOTM, which has stormed him up MOTM chart. No other chart changes however!

Ian remains in second place, resolutely exactly 1% ahead of Dave. Doddy takes a healthy upward kick away from the pack improving by just over 1.5%. Sadly, despite MOTM status Papa dropped nearly 0.75%.

Bull Wars: Ian 3, Peter 1, Doddy 1

Peter x

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Darts – A full moon?

Peter 64.31% Ian 58.30% Dave 56.39% Doddy 45.45% Mike D 44.44%
Steve 43.87% Fred 39.18% Papa 37.18% Colin 30.07% Malc 25.64%

A top evening’s darts, yet again I have to say the results don’t tell the full story! Five games were played, three of those were bull finishes that could have gone the other way. A highly competitive night with Peter and Ian ‘v’ Steve and Colin.

Steve and Colin both liked the flipometers but for some strange reason Steve thought they all got thrown in the air together then you chose which one you wanted (I’ll have a pint of whatever Steve’s drinking).

Despite some nail biting finishes the final score line was PI 12345 / - SC

Trucker Colin departed about 10 as he had a 5.00am start. The three remaining bad boys had a singles match, followed by Pete and Ian settling in for four singles games fuelled by G&T. Somehow I bagged the lot.

Notable Events:

Colin had a bull + semi in one turn.

Ian’s novelty beer bottles behave the same at darts as they do at boule, ‘Mmmmeeeeeel!’

Steve and Colin agreed that whenever they meet they always see a full moon. That’s either freaky or obscene, I am not sure which.

Chart Changes: Steve’s hair’s breadth challenge to the Doddmeister would appear to be over as tonight’s results see him dropping a place behind Mike D. Ian has cemented his second place position. Dave now needs to step up to the plate if he wants to hit the top spot (or second place) by the end of the year.

Having said that next week is a two game week and with Dave, Doddy and Mike D all playing it could be all change again! This of course means it is… Game On!

Bull Wars: Peter 5, Ian 2, Colin 1, Steve 1

Peter X

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Darts – Psychic Interference?

Peter 63.79% Ian 57.34% Dave 56.39% Doddy 45.45% Steve 45.33%
Mike D 44.44% Fred 39.18% Papa 37.18% Colin 31.16% Malc 25.64%

On the dot of 8.00pm Dave, Doddy and Mike D tumbled through the hut door all looking very keen to do battle. We gave the ‘flipometers’ their second outing and once again they met with approval. I am beginning to feel there really was some technophobia about my beloved ‘pickometer’!

As we flipped the flipometers I noticed that Dave was staring intently at them and waving his free hand in a sort Obi-Wan Kenobi “These aren’t the droids you are looking for” kind of way. I wondered for a moment if he was trying to influence the outcome of the random draw.

The outcome (interfered with or not) was Peter and MikeD ‘V’ Dave and Doddy. We set out on a seven match rollercoaster which was chocker block with changes of lead, trebles galore, bull finishes, players taking themselves out of the hut for a good talking to and some contestants claiming ‘special abilities’ (more on this later).

Despite the fierce competition clear winners emerged in the form of Pete and Mike, the final score line was PM 12467 / DD 35. Great darts were played by everyone, top match.

Notable Events:

During one of Doddy’s turns he scored a bullseye on the last dart, Dave immediately piped up “ I knew that was going in I could feel it, in fact I may even have made it go in!” I reckon we are going to have to rename Dave ‘Darth Dave’ after all this psychic interference!

One game saw the 20’s, 19’s 18’S and 17’s wiped out for little or no score by the beginning of the third round, the competition was tighter than a gnat’s chuff.

Bull Wars: Mike D 3, Doddy 2, Pete 2, Darth Dave 1.

Chart Changes:

It seems my predictions of yesterday were not unfounded! Dave drops one place to 3rd leaving him a smidge under 1% behind Ian. Doddy retains 4th position but has Steve breathing down his neck, just 0.12% behind him. Game on!

Peter x

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Darts – Enter the ‘Flipometer’

Peter 63.64% Dave 57.94% Ian 57.34% Doddy 46.60% Steve 45.33%
Mike D 41.89% Fred 39.18% Papa 37.18% Colin 31.16% Malc 25.64%

We now have a low-tech alternative to the ‘pickometer’ called the ‘flipometer’, we gave these ‘devices’ a test run on Tuesday evening and all concerned seemed able to operate them and approve of their use. So they may well become the regular team picking kit.

Colin wasn’t able to make it due to unforeseen circumstances so Fred kindly stepped in. The ‘flipometer’ selected Fred and Papa v Peter and Ian.

We played some exciting games, but the final score line was PI 123456 / - PF. Once again a 6 – 0 evening where the losers really did deserve a game or two under their belts. PI had to chase PF on a couple of games that ended up as close calls. Both Papa and Fred played well, it has to be said (modesty aside) Pete and Ian were on fire.

Notable events:

Pete - Shanghai on 20’s.

Ian - 2 x Treble 20 in the same turn.

Pete - 2 x bulls eyes in the same turn

Bull Wars: Pete 3, Papa 2, Fred 1, Ian 1

Chart Changes:

No changes, but some folks are now VERY close to others. Ian is now 0.6% behind Dave and Steve is still less than 1.5% behind Doddy.

As both Dave and Doddy are playing tonight (along with Mike D) there is a possibility of some shock changes to the leader board!

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Darts - Morgan Rising!

Peter 62.99% Dave 57.94% Ian 56.13% Doddy 46.60% Steve 45.33%
Mike D 41.89% Fred 41.76% Papa 40.28% Colin 31.16% Malc 25.64%
Some might say the pickometer was a little cruel, some say it is fixed, but it certainly picked a different pairing than usual this week. It usually teams Fred and me whenever he attends but it was not to be! The teams were Pete and Steve ‘V’ Colin and Fred.

We steamed in to 6 games and alas for Colin and Fred we also steamed in to a 6 game victory.

PS 123456 / - CF

Despite not winning a game Colin and Fred did pretty well it what has to be said was a tough pairing for them. Out of the 6 games one was very close and another that C&F lost they should have won! They had a brilliant start and maintained it pretty much right through causing Steve and I to chase them. Their downfall was twelve’s and thirteen’s where Steve and I managed hammer in a couple of hundred points to snitch the game on score. A bloody exciting game!

Pete and Steve then had a game of singles which Pete won.

Notable events:

Stunning start by C & F in the first two rounds they took something like T20, T18, T14, T16.

Steve got 2 bulls in one turn!

Bull Wars: Steve 7, Fred 2, Colin 0, Peter 0. I think Steve’s 7 is a record since we started recording Bull Was. Which earns him MOTM.

Chart Changes: Fred Drops to 7th Place and Steve Rises to 5th. Steve is now pretty much on Doddy’s tail, just 1.3% in it, could be fun! There is now less than 2% between Papa, Fred and Mike D. Game on!


Malc is due to play on the 16th but due to unforeseen circumstances would prefer to play on either the 23rd, 30th or 31st. If you are able to swap with Malc for 16th or want to get an extra game in and can take his place then please let me know ASAP!

Peter x

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Darts - Christmas Comes Early

Peter 62.31% Dave 57.94% Ian 56.13% Doddy 46.60% Fred 44.71%
Steve 43.06% Mike D 41.89% Papa 40.28% Colin 32.58% Malc 25.64%

Dave and I felt like Xmas Turkeys… We got stuffed.

Well that is probably a bit of an exaggeration. Ian and Mike won the evening’s entertainment 5 – 3. The score line was as follows: PD 178 / ID 23456.

It has to be said that despite losing it was a cracking evening with some excellent darts played. I have permission from the opposing team to report that the games that Dave and I won were significant wins while theirs were grasped from close matches. Still 5 close ones is still better than 3 strollers!

Notable events:

Ian and Doddy beat Pete and Dave (sniggers).

Doddy kept trying to bounce darts off my back while I was chalking up.

Bull Wars: Ian 3, Pete 2, Dave 1, Doddy 0

Chart changes: None but Doddy’s line takes an upward flick leaving more space between him and Fred/Steve. With Dave coming down slightly and Ian going up there is definitely a possibility that they will be in close competition before the end of the year.

Finally I would like to say Doddy played extremely well all night and the rest of use weren’t really a patch on him – There, that’s the fantasy narrative bit done with.

Game On!

Peter X