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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Darts – More interesting than England in the world cup!

Another exciting evening’s darts, despite all managing to play some TERRIBLE darts we also threw some crackers! Pete and Doddy were teamed against Rushers and Casablanca.

The score waxed and waned between the two teams eventually though Pete and Doddy decided that although they had used a lot of wax their score had truly waned… The final score line was ICM 236789 / 145. Most of the games were pretty close ended in bull contests and I seemed to keep hearing myself say ‘five plays three’ when we looked at the bull tally required.

Generally the meister and I agreed the opposition deserved the win as they played better throughout the evening.

Notable Events: Some good treble and bull action all round.
Ian had a double treble twenty to start off a game.
Peter had a double bull’s eye to finish a game.

Bull Wars: Peter 3, CM 3, Rushers 2, Doddy 1

Chart Changes: Pete drops 1%, Ian goes up 0.6%, Doddy goes up 1.8! and CM goes up by 0.4%. During this process Ian moves ahead of John.

Game On!

Peds x

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Darts – The mighty can fall!

Greetings Bad boys! It is a very quick report tonight due to time constraints.

Four players on a glorious summers evening, Pete, John, Papa and Rushers.
Teams were decided on a single flip: Pete and Ian ‘v’ John and Papa.

Some excellent darts followed and despite some very closely contested games the final score line was a convincing win for Ian and Pete: PI 123467 / 5 J Papa 6 – 1.

The losers certainly played better than their one win suggests and a 2-5 or 3-4 might have reflected the darts more accurately, but hey, you won’t hear Peds or the Moth-man complaining!

Notable Events: Nothing stunning but some great darts thrown by all. John was particularly keen on trebles.

Bull Wars: John 3, Pete 2, Ian 1 and Papa 1… Making Stan the bullmeister!

Chart Changes: None…. Only kidding! Sadly for John (I can hear the rest of you being sympathetic) tonight’s match tips his % far enough for him to drop to second place.
John drops around 10%, Pete goes up 1.45%, Ian rises by 1.38% and Papa diminishes by 1.66%.

Commiserations to John, but you did a great job holding on to the top spot for five matches and had tonight not been as conclusive you may well have held on to the lead for some time longer…. Mind you there is every chance that you could win it back….
Game On!

Pete x

Stop Press: There is word Jelly Arm may be around over the next few weeks! (Comments in a box please).

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Darts – Rushers Runs Out of Steam?

Tuesday evening saw four fully bouled-out players take to the oche: Peter, CM, Papa and Ian. After a bit of chin-wagging the teams were flipped as: Pete and Casablanca 'v' Ian and Papa.

We started playing at a rip-roaring pace finishing nine games before 10:00pm.

The final score line was: IP 14 / 2356789 PCM, being a 7 – 2 victory to Casablanca and Pedro.

Notable Events: Great bull work, great treble work, Papa did some Shanghai work as well.

All players either threw brilliant or rubbish darts, very little in between, everyone having turns at both! Ian had a particularly frustrating second half of the evening, having been right on the money earlier on he had a three or four game barren patch. It happens to us all now and then, but it hurts like hell when it is your turn!

However on the upside...

Bull Wars: Ian 3, Papa 2, Peter 1, CM 1 Making Rushers Bullmeister for the evening.

Chart Changes: None, Peter goes up just over 1.5%, Ian down around 2%, CM up around 1.25% and Papa dropped around 1.5%

Next week is looking a bit dodgy with only Peter and Doddy currently available, we will take a view on it nearer the time...

Game On (or maybe not)!

Peter x

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Darts – A Load of Bull

Just three souls at the hut last night, but a highly competitive evening. The teams were Peter and Ian 'V' Casablanca Mike.

We zoomed in to fast paced games managing to zip through nine before the end of the evening.

The final score line was PI 1246789 / 35. A 7 – 2 victory to Pete and Ian.

Everyone played well, although CM did have a slightly slacker evening than usual. Luckily Ian and I were able to cover each other's dry spells, Mike didn't have that luxury .

The games were hard fought but in the end I think it was bulls that won the day and Rushers and Peds were hot on them, CM lost at least three games to being bull-ied. A fairer result might have been 6 – 3 or 4 – 5, but hey ho there you go!

Notable Events:

Lots of nice trebles etc.

In one game where MC had a substantial lead Pete stepped up to the oche and nailed two bulls eyes to put his team back in the game, and then on Ian's turn he did exactly the same... four bulls eyes out of six darts took the game, Mike was a little gob smacked!

There were also a couple of bull semi finishes pulled out of various hats.

Bull Wars: Pete 5, Ian 4, Mike 3. Peds is BM for the evening.

Chart Changes:

None, Mike Drops Around 3%, Pete and Ian go up around 1.5% each.

Game on!

Peter x