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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Casablanca Mike's O3B

Darts – Brucie says “Didn’t they do well?”

Peter 60.92% Ian 53.25% Dave 51.19% Mike D 46.03% Steve 46.03%
Papa 44.44% CM 43.33% Doddy 37.04% Malc 35.71% Colin 34.78%

Well, what an exciting night at Nailsworth’s premier private darts club! We ended up with five Bad Boys on the oche... Ian, Papa, Pete, Dave and Casablanca Mike. Weirdly two of the bad boys turned up 20 minutes early; think on Jelly Arm!

The first throw of the flipometers singled out Papa, the second teamed him with Ian; making the opposition Pete, Dave and CM.

The first game kicked off and although quite close was duly taken by PDCM. Game two was exceptionally close; Ian and Papa stormed away gaining a 250+ advantage, however the opposition started cracking the bulls and were only six points behind when the two old sods bagged the game.

Not content with game two IP took game three, thankfully (for us) they lost the fourth; but went back on track with the fifth. Huh, it wasn’t ever going to ALL go their way; PDCM got another look in with the sixth but lost the seventh and then ‘thank the maker’ we bagged the eighth. Now if you managed to follow that lot you will know that the final score line was: IP 2357/1468 PDCM.

It was a great evening, all the games were pretty close (at least by the time they finished) even though there were some stonking leads that were eroded during the games, along with several changes of front runners.

Everyone played well, but Teddy Rushton scooped MOTM for some brilliant combos.

Notable Events:

Pete’s first turn resulted in Shang-Hi on 20’s

Both Ian and Papa finished a game each with a bull and semi finish!

Teddy bagged 2 x T20, 2 xT19, T17+2 singles, T16 + 2 Singles

Papa and Teddy were also hot on semis and bulls adding plenty of singles to their Bull / Semi Finishes.

Papa found his mojo playing 17’s

CM copped an O3B (The award certificate will be produced this week). It has to be said that as this was only CM’s fourth attendance; we all ought to look a little worried!

Bull Wars: Papa 2, Ian 1, Dave 1, CM 1, Pete 1.

Chart Changes: None.... But Please Note:

Peter , Ian and Dave all drop a little; BUT Papa goes up by 1.5% and CM rises by over 2% and is now only 1% behind him, better watch your arse Papa! Steve and JA are still on the same %.

Good News, Colin is still alive and was spotted playing boule on Saturday; it can only be a matter of time before he trickles down to darts!

Game On!

PS: WE NEED MORE PLAYERS for next week (01-07-08), so far it is just me and Rushers, please contact me ASAP if you can make an extra date.

PPS: Steve let me have your July dates, you are the only one I am waiting on!

Peter x

Sunday, 22 June 2008

July Dates!


If you haven’t provided me with your JULY dates yet, they are now urgent. Please let me know as soon as possible!



Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Darts – Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Malc!

Peter 61.45% Ian 53.42% Dave 51.32% Mike D 46.03% Steve 46.03%
Papa 43.96% CM 40.91% Doddy 37.04% Malc 35.71% Colin 34.78%

We were due a five handed Bad Boy match; sadly Steve was a no-show... However the other four contenders were on time and ready to rock and roll! It has to be said, some ROCKED and some ROLLED!

After a short flirtation with the flipometers (and some discussion about which team was red and which was green) the sides were Peter and Malc ‘v’ Ian and Doddy.

Speaking of Doddy, I must thank him for providing a lavish supply of home grown radishes and cheese as inter-round nibbles, glorious, they were thoroughly enjoyed by all!

On to the games... We started with a close game that was snitched by Pete and Malc who celebrated in the usual style by chanting ‘No whitewash for us, no whitewash for us!” The second game was taken by Ian and Doddy thereby making sure they weren’t going to suffer that fate either!

Then followed a hard fought third game that went to Malc and Pete, the fourth was also a tough contest, grabbed by Doddy and Ian. Then followed the glorious fifth which was won (nay it was walked!) by Malc and Pete, in fact the opposition struggled to avoid a whitewash in that game! The eagle eyed among you will have noticed that until this point PM were taking the odd games while ID were taking the evens... Then something really odd happened PM even took the sixth game!

This resulted in a final score line of PM 1356 / ID 24, netting PM a 4 – 2 victory over ID.

Notable Events:

Malc was definitely MOTM; playing well above his usual game, in fact his play was a crucial part of all of PM’s wins. Game five in particular was a stunning piece of work; Malc dispatched the three bulls early in the game allowing us to win by mopping up the low numbers.

There were some excellent trebles planted by both sides, with T20’s and T18’s in great evidence throughout the evening.

Bull Wars: Malc 2, Pete 1, Ian 1.

Chart Changes: Malc gains 8.5%! This places him above Colin by 1% (Come on Colin, pull your finger out and show up!). This also means Malc is now less than 1.5% behind Doddy... Ian’s % drops by close to 1% making Dave just over 2% behind him....

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Half Year MOTM Results

Doddy 27.27% Dave 18.18% Peter 17.39% Papa 15.38% Steve 11.11%
Ian 10.00% CM 0.00% Mike D 0.00% Malc 0.00% Colin 0.00%

As we are nearly half way through the year I decided to update the MOTM graph. So here it is in all its glory... Doddy is currently well in the lead. Neither MikeD or Malc have stepped up to the plate thus far but I expect this to be remedied soon! I would expect to see CM showing before Xmas. Colin of course will actually have to turn up before the end of the year to make an entry.


Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Darts – Almost too close to call!

Peter 61.25% Ian 54.29% Dave 51.32% Mike D 46.03% Steve 46.03%
Papa 43.96% CM 40.91% Doddy 37.33% Colin 34.78% Malc 27.27%

Greetings Nailsworth Darts Clubbers!

Tuesday night started off with a last minute player change... Steve had to drop out due to his stomach erm.... dropping out... (Still suffering from too much shampoo from the weekend wedding reception methinks!), fortunately I received a call from Honda informing me that Casablanca Mike was itching to throw darts at the floor (more of this later) sorry I mean at the dart board! And so it was that at 8.00pm we had a quorum of Bad Boys ready to play; Pete, Papa, Dave and CM.

The first round of the flipometers isolated Mike but it took several flips before the pairings became Pete and Dave ‘v’ Papa and CM. Mike took the middle for diddle and away we went. The first game was a walkover for Papa and CM, leaving Dave and Pete looking very worried. The second also went to Papa and CM although by a smaller margin.

Pete and Dave gave themselves a serious talking to and managed to muster some form for the third game... Must have been a hell of a talking to because we managed to take the fourth and fifth as well! Just when we were beginning to think we might have the evening in the bag Casablanca Mike and Stroud Papa had a return to form and took the sixth... Which of course meant that all bets were off for the seventh, it was bound to be a very tense finale! Fortunately for Dave and Pete they managed to sneak in a win to grab victory for the evening. Ye-hah!

This of course brings us to a final score line of CM-P 126/3457 PD.

Notable events:

Papa was red hot in the first few games and although the pace didn’t last all night there certainly wasn’t anyone who matched his hot streak, he was certainly good enough to be MOTM.

Shang-Hi Mike scored another Casablanca, hah, you all know what I really mean.

Speaking of Casablanca and Mike; he showed us a little known Casablancan darts ritual where if you don’t get the score you want for a few turns you hurl your three darts (all at once) at the floor. It was quite spectacular but I hope it doesn’t catch on as what with that and Papa’s rebounds the floor is beginning to look like it has woodworm.

Bull Wars Pete 3, Dave 2, CM 2, Papa 1.

Chart Changes: None.... However Pete took a small % decrease, Papa takes a miniscule decrease (0.09%) and CM gains almost 1% Dave gains 0.6%. It has to be noted that CM has attended 3 times and has increased his % each time. Clearly his ex-championship status is showing through!

Dave is 3% behind Ian and determined to take second place as his first stop on the path to world domination. Steve and Mike D are still level to an unmentionable number of decimal places....

And as if that wasn’t enough MALC is playing next week, stand by your quadrants men!

Game on!

Peter x

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Darts – Is It Porn?

Peter 61.44% Ian 54.29% Dave 50.72% Mike D 46.03% Steve 46.03%
Papa 44.05% CM 40.00% Doddy 37.33% Colin 34.78% Malc 27.27%

Prologue: It’s a funny old world isn’t it? The Bad Boys Darts Club Website/Blog has been running for nearly one year and we probably have more hits from folks looking for pornography than we do for darts! This all comes about because of what words are used in the match reports and probably the match fixtures... When unallocated match places are marked as ‘xxx’ shorthand to some for porn. To illustrate how easily three X’s and a couple of other words are mistaken for porn in searches the following are recent searches that have brought folks outside of the club to our site, some relate to darts, some (cough) do not!:

4 4.26% a-lomania
4 4.26% alomania
3 3.19% light up darts
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3 3.19% bad boys darts nailsworth
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2 2.13% bad papas xxx
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2 2.13% badboys record
1 1.06% game make a club for boys
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1 1.06% wicked uncel xxx
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Anyway... On to our game, which is (mostly) savoury!

Nailsworth’s finest private darts club was packed to the gunnels with a full complement of six players: Dave, Ian, Doddy, Mike (JA), CM (Casablanca Mike) and Peter.

The flipometers took the slow route for team picking (4 of 5 flicks I seem to remember?). But we ended up with what I felt were reasonably well balanced teams: Pete, Ian and Doddy ‘V’ Dave, JA and CM.

Game honours changed fairly consistently with only one double win blip, so the evening’s results were close. The final score line was PID 1346 / DMCM 257. I reckon everybody played about evenly; there wasn’t a single player that didn’t have both a hot and a cold patch, consequently there were six decent players tonight but no MOTM.

There were however a couple of items worth mentioning:

Casablanca Mike forgot where he came from and became ‘Shang-Hi Mike’ on the 20’s.

Dave ‘Rubbered Up’ 4 times (shit, that will appear in the porn searches!).

JA has upped his ‘giving himself a talking to’ routine when having a bad run of darts, he used to just leave the hut and then walk around (chatting to himself) and come back in and play decent darts... Now he has added another stage... As he leaves the hut to ‘talk to himself’ he kind of does a little lowering of the back of his trousers (revealing a builders bum type of experience). Hell that is going to give us an even higher porn rating!

Hmmm... Actually at one point Dave did say that his darts were going badly and he was considering loosening his belt, showing us his bum cleavage and talking to himself (outside) JA style. Is it any wonder that we have a porn following? All this and I have never ever mentioned multiple pricks entering the board!

Bull Wars: Dave 2, CM 2, Doddy 1, Slackers 0.

Chart Changes: None....

Who is battling with whom? Well, Steve and Mike D were being very bullish about having Dave in their sights last week; the truth is they might want to worry more about each other! They are 4+% behind Dave, however there % points are equal... and I mean equal... To 12 decimal places!

Game On!

Peter x


Having mentioned and documented our porn following the inevitable result is that our porn ranking will increase!

Say Lavvy (Oh Matron)!