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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Darts – A fitting final game for the 2008 season.

Greetings Bad Boys. The Final line up for 2008 comprised of Bad Boy regulars Pete and Malc along with a guest appearance of next seasons new boy John Nutting.

I am sure (as the rest of us already have) that John will gain plenty of Bad Boy monicas over the coming year, have you noticed how we all seem to have several names now? I’ll start early and call him Stan the man for tonight (yes there is a story behind that but I will leave John to explain that one to you)!

I chose to break some rules for one night only and dispense with the flipometers. I decided to pitch Malc and myself (representing both ends of the current chart %’s against Stan (knowing he probably would be quite handy on the arrows) hoping that might give us a decently matched game.

Well, I have to report that Johnny boy looks like he will be an excellent addition to the Bad Boys league next year. I suspect some of his nicknames gifted from other players might begin with B, F and C. It has to be said he was chucking arrows that would frighten any of us.

Fortunately JN’s poor old arm wasn’t used two a couple of hours of solid punishment (say ahhhh.... everybody) and Malc and I (being seasoned, trained professionals) eventually got the upper hand! Mind you it was a hell of a fight...

The final score line was: J 13 / 2456 PM.

Notable Events:

I think I have this about right: Both Stan, Pete and Malc had double semis in a turn. I also managed a bull-semi and think john may have as well.

The man from Oxon put a dart in the wall! (Hah, and you thought I forgot about that eh Malc?)

Malc , although never bagging a bull was shit hot on the semis, not to mention plenty of treble fifteen action.

Bull Wars: Stan 4, Peter 2. (Cough, not a bad first showing John).

Chart changes: None, had John’s score been eligible (which we agreed before the game it wasn’t) it would have been 33.3%. Malc’s % rose by 3.7% to 33.9%. Peter’s score remained static at 66.29%.

Well that is it for official scoring for 2008. I will try and get a year round up posted before the first match of next year (6th Jan 2009). If any of you have any observations you would like included, then give me a shout.

Game On!

Peds X

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Darts – Twas the night before Christmas

Well almost, there were certainly creatures stirring in the bad boy hut, namely Peter, Dave, Cass and Steve.

At eight of the clock the four of us flipped the golden doubloons of the dart hut only to find they were all red. After a bit more flipping we were set with an excellent pairing; Pete and Steve ‘V’ Dave and Cass.

As potentially the last game of the year there was quite a lot riding on this evening’s game, certainly the fate of Ian and Dave’s close positions (mere hundredths of a % point apart) would be decided.

The first and second game went to Steve and Pete, the third and fourth to Dave and Casablanca Mike, at this stage it was looking like the expected draw or near draw for the evening, however that wasn’t what happened. Pete and Steve bagged the next four games gaining a 6 – 2 victory. The final score line being:

PS 125678 / DCM 24.

Now I can’t let that result go without some proper explanation. There were several games that Mike and Dave could have won and maybe should have won! They had one big problem; Steve and I were incendiary, truly on fire!

There were a couple of games where DCM were a hundred plus ahead but somehow Steve and I managed to catch up and steal those games. We were belting trebles and bulls in all over the place. Under normal circumstance I reckon a small win would have been more appropriate.

Notable Events:

Plenty of good darts from both sides’ double doubles and shanghais etc.

Pedro’s treble action, a bizarre amount of trebles were thrown, often on the first dart killing the oppositions lead on a number. Seriously it was quite frightening, as Colin used to say several months ago ‘How can you play against that?”

Double semis from Dave.

Double bulls from Steve!

One game had a hundred plus lead destroyed and the game lost by literally boat loads of fourteens being scored by the opposition.

Bull Wars: Peter 6, Cass 3, Steve 2.

Chart Changes:

Ian returns to third place as Dave drops to fourth. Steve opens the gap between himself and Doddy.

This may be the final position for the year. Ian and I are currently the only bad boys scheduled to play on the 30th December. As I have said previously if only two players attend a fixture this will not count towards league results. However both Steve and Dave have said they have an interest in attending the final fixture of the year! So we will see if this transpires, I know it is a busy time. Needless to say if any other Bad Boys fancy a mid-xmas break at the darts hut then just shout, you will be most welcome.

In any event I will attempt a short round up of the 2008 season before the first game of 2009 kicks of on the 6th of January!

Game On

Peter x

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Darts - Jelly Arm Stiffens Up!

We are almost there, the end of the 2008 season and as I had been predicting there were still things to play for and there still might be further changes after tonight’s revelations, which are:

‘Twas a cold, dark, wet night and nothing was a stirring in the fiefdom of Nelly except the BAD BOYS!

Unfortunately Doddy had to drop out for the evening but we still had players a plenty with Pete, Ian, Dave, JA and Casablanca Mike all ready to hurl arrows by the stroke of eight. The flipometers pitched Ian and CM ‘V’ Pete, Dave and Mike-D. A decent draw I reckon, and then battle commenced.

The games were a mixed bag, a couple with a reasonable score difference, some quite close and some excruciatingly close, particularly the last one (take a look at the blackboard picture!)

The final score line was PDM 14567 / 23 CMI

As you can see, PDM took first blood and then lost out until around the half way mark when things started going their way again. It has to be said that game seven was a real frightener that could have gone either way; in fact CM and Ian were making all the headway. I reckon that if they had got game seven then they would have rightly asked for an eighth and probably have forced a draw; they were in ascendance at the end of the evening.

Jelly Arm Davies was definitely MOTM, he played very well and once again raised his game above performance for the earlier part of the year. JA is definitely going to be a greater threat to all in 2009 than 2008!

Notable Events:

Nothing outrageous, but there were some great darts played by both teams including at least a couple of double semis and a shang-hai (Ian I believe).

Bull Wars: A top result, all players had a bull, the final tally was: CM 2, Ian 2, Dave 2, Mike-D 1, Peter 1.

Chart Changes: There are two changes this week. Firstly Mike-D (JA) has sneaked ahead of Colin’s final %. Dave has managed a near end of season boost to pull slightly ahead of Ian by a microscopic 0.17%!

This brings me on nicely to the end of the year. There are potentially two fixtures left, currently:

23rd December Peter, Dave, Steve and CM

30th December Peter and Ian.

The 23rd is valid as long as nobody drops out, and anyone else who can play is welcome. The 30th currently only has two players, if others would like to play then it will count towards the years total, if not as it is only two players it will be marked as a friendly only and not contribute to the year totals.

Please let me know if you are not already booked and able to attend any of these final 2008 fixtures.

Game On!

Pete x

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Darts – Old MacDonald had a treble E-I-E-I-O!

Greetings Bad Boy Players and fellow Netizens.

It isn’t often that I get to say this but last night wasn’t a game of two halves. Well I suppose you could argue that it was a game of two exceptionally similar halves, so much so that it looked more like a whole...

It’s a difficult one to report this, without it sounding a bit gloaty, so I might as well cut the crap and go with full on gloating.

The four ‘badduns’ playing were Pedro, Papa, Teddy and Casablanca Mike. The flipometers had a few flips and the result was Pedro and CM ‘v’ Ian and Papa.

We managed eight games and they were all won by Casablanca Mike and Pedro, which of course means the final score line for the evening was PCM 12345678 / W IP.

Game four was exceptionally close, a very nail biting affair, with both teams on bulls and still trading the score lead on numbers and bulls. In the end it came down to a win for whichever team managed a semi first. The rest it has to be said were not so close.

Notable Events:

Ian congratulated Papa on having a little spurt,

Papa also scored a ton on 20’s

Ian, having complained about not hitting semi’s lately managed to get two in one turn, twice in the same evening!

Peter and CM were scoring trebles like their lives depended on it; seriously I haven’t seen a bad boy’s evening so far where soooooo many trebles were scored. ‘With a treble treble here and a treble treble there, here a treble, there a treble, everywhere a treble treble, old MacDonald had a treble e-i-e-i-o. If Colin was still playing he would probably have topped himself on the spot!

I am awarding MOTM to Pete and CM for getting an unbelievable number of trebles, and being pretty damn good all round.

Bull Wars: Ian 1, Pedro 1, CM 1.

Chart Changes:

Both Ian and Papa take a big hit this week. Papa’s % drops about 2% which means he swaps places with Doddy who moves up to sixth place. The differential between CM and Ian has increased to just over 5%, but possibly more worrying for Ian is his arch rival Dave is now only a tad over 1% below him!

Things could still be hot over the last couple of weeks of this season with Ian, Dave, CM due to play two of them and Papa, Doddy and Mike -D also making an appearance...

Game On!

Peter x

Sunday, 7 December 2008

January Dates


Please provide me with the dates that you would like to play in January 2009 and I will do my best to accommodate you.


Peter x

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Darts – Papa Was a Rolling Stone.

It was an evening of two parts, now that isn’t the first time you have heard me say that about a Bad Boys Darts night. But hell, I am only talking about folks arriving! For arguments sake let’s divide folks in to two groups, those that arrived on time and those that didn’t!

It was cold, it was chilly but at ten to eight we saw Papa’s willy. Not strictly true, but I certainly saw Papa ascending to the hut despite not being 100% from last week’s man-flu.

Next up was Dave at about eight to eight. Dave never mentioned it all evening but I reckon from the way he was sniffing he had a dose of man-flu coming on. Mind you, I suspect any germs he is carrying are in for a shock, nay; annihilation on Thursday morning when they are forced on to a booze cruise with several very bad boys heading for France.

Rear Gunner Rushton was next to bound up the steps in his usual jaunty five to eight fashion. So there we were, four ‘badduns’ waiting to get started, we all quickly dispatched our double eleven’s, but where were the others?

Doddy ‘surfaced’ at about five past eight, full of bon vivre and an enlightening ‘Sorry I’m late lads, I needed a shit!’

We decided not to wait for Casablanca and started flipping; much flipping later we had teams of Ian, Dave and Papa ‘V’ Peter and Doddy, with the proviso that should CM arrive he would join P&D.

Well a further five minutes passed and Casablanca Mike finally deigned to arrive! Ten past eight without so much as a comment on his bowel movements!

Anyway, once we finally had all the bad boys gathered together we got stuck in to the games, top games they were to, although unlike the majority of evenings none were close calls.

PDCM took the first three games, only the first of these was seriously contested, then DPI walked the fourth, lost the fifth but caned us in the sixth, PDCM managed to round off the evening with the seventh making the final score line PDCM 12357 / 46 DPI.

All the games were pretty well decisive and in fact both teams struggled in at least one game to avoid getting a white wash on the score front.

Notable Events: Papa Was a Rolling Stone! KF managed a couple of unusual moves for the evening, number one he managed to get Doddy in the back of the leg with the now famous ‘Papa Rebound’. This is only the second time he has managed to hit the opposing team. Secondly and we think a bad boy’s first.....

Papa had two scoring darts (both in the 19) and with his third dart he managed knock out the two scorers, leaving sweet F A to chalk up!

Papa also managed a T19 + T17 in one outing as well, he was more pleased with that.

There were multiple double semi turns and (I think) a bull semi.

Doddy had a 2 x T16 turn

CM had a T17 + 2 x D19 turn, stunning darts, those along with generally being on form for the evening gained him LMOTM that is of course LATE MAN OF THE MATCH!

CM also scored 100 points on 20’s during the early turns of one game.

There were plenty of trebles flying around on both sides.

I am sure I have forgotten some other stuff but say lavvy!

Bull Wars: Peter 2, CM 2, Dave 1.

Chart Changes: None! There is still potential for Ian and CM to change again before the end of the year, however the closest current grouping is Steve, Papa and Doddy; all within a gnat’s cock of each other.

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Darts – JA Likes It The Hard Way!

What a glorious evening’s darts! I have to say reporting Bad Boys matches can be very frustrating. Trying to faithfully capture the events and mood of the evening can be extremely difficult, the records produced here can only ever be a ‘flavour’ of the night, and worse still probably only a flavour according to me, although I am often told I have got it about right. And of course I am trying to remember quite a bit of this stuff while chucking ‘arrows’ myself. So please forgive any inaccuracies!

It was a four man game tonight as sadly Papa had to drop out due to a nasty bout of man flu (No! Seriously he sounded awful, I hope he is better for boule on Thursday, man it is going to ‘glub’ weather!).

And so it was that Pedro, Mike D, Rushers and CM gathered in the Nailsworthian sub zero temperature to do battle! A few flips of the ‘ometers’ pitched Pete and CM against Ian and JA.

I am going to start with the final score line and work backwards this week.... PCM 123456 / 7 IJA

The score line suggests an awful lot that really isn’t accurate, for my money tonight’s match was one of the closest and hard fought of this year. Mike and Ian were very unlucky to walk away with only one victory, every game played was finished in a battle for bulls and the difference was a maximum of three and mostly two.

If Casablanca and I had an advantage for the evening it was probably on clearing up the centres faster than the opposition.

MOTM? Mike JA Davies was definitely MOTM, it may well be that his star is rising again after an extended drought; he was on fire, particularly in the latter half of the evening. Perhaps we will see JA return to the form we know he can produce in 2009!

Notable Events:

Several double semis turns, trebles-a-plenty and an awesome Shang-hi, frustratingly I can’t remember if it was Ian or JA!

On hearing that Casablanca Mike had got three nineteen’s ‘the hard way’ Mike-D announced that he also likes to do it the hard way, there was a general suggestion that he spoke to Joan about this rather than cause an incident with other players.

Bull Wars: Mike-D 1, Pedro 1.

Chart Changes: Mike W and Ian flip flop again, it appears these two may battle it out right to the end of the season! Sadly, despite playing well and being MOTM JA has slipped behind Colin (Ohhh er missus!)

This seems somewhat unfair, in fact as Caeser, (sorry Colin) hasn’t attended since literally ‘The Ides Of March’ and only has four attendances this year I am discounting his average for the year, which means Mike stays where he was and Malc moves up one!

The final month of this season starts with next week’s fixture, so I will be chasing you for January’s dates in due course. Along with the new season we will also be welcoming a new Bad Boy, John Nutting will be joining us in the hut to ‘chuck arrows’.

That’s all for now folks... Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Darts – Where have all the heroes gone?

Greetings Bad Boy Watchers....

Mercifully it wasn’t a freezing night at the Bad Boys Emporium, no doubt the halogen heaters will be in full play soon! We had a full house, Doddy, Dave, Teddy, CM, Liquorice and Pete.

Luckily (for a six man evening) the flipometers decided the teams in one flip, three greens: Pete, Ian and Dave, three reds: Casablanca, Doddy and Malc.

Well, what can I say about tonight? Hmmm.... Well firstly and most importantly, we all had fun, there was some great banter going on, but you know what? I can’t say the same for the darts!

Let’s be clear, I am not dissing anyone’s performance, just everyone’s performance! From a darts point of view it was weird, we all had some good spells, but we all had plenty of bad spells... So workman like darts with some great periodic bull and occasional treble action, but nothing that set the world on fire like most fixtures. I reckon that the fact we only managed five games tells quite a lot about the play.

None the less! There were clear winners..... The final score line was PID 12345 / WW CMDM

WW? I think this is probably the first time we have seen this, It isn’t as it first looks, meaning two games white washed, but one game white washed and all matches lost. I have to say I think that was a moderately unfair result, CMDM should have been WW-less.

Notable Events:

Malc , despite not getting a bull was semi-tastic on several occasions.

Several people were treble-tastic on several occasions.

Apparently (although I didn’t see) Malc was ‘mince-tastic’ approaching the board!

Bull Wars: CM 2, Doddy 2, Dave 2, Pete 1

Chart Changes: Bugger Me! There has been a significant change before the end of the season! Ian is back in second place, 2.01% ahead of CM. Dave is also just 1.3% behind CM.

Tonight’s flipping and result is the kind of thing I have been talking about in terms of possible end of season changes. There is still plenty to play for!

Game On!


Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Darts – Do The Papa Shuffle!

A merry xmas to you all. Oh, it isn’t xmas yet? Well you wouldn’t know it from the supermarkets that are already pushing xmas bollocks at us, so I thought I would get in early with the seasonal greetings. Mind you, as the Bad Boys left the hut tonight there was definitely a frost in the air, so maybe we should keep an eye on the sky for Santa’s sled.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves; let’s start with the Bad Boys arriving! On the oche tonight were your Humble Narrator, Teddy Rushton, Casablanca Mike, Pikey Steve and Papa Fruin.

Practice started and as is now traditional we started waiting for TR to get a double 11 before we moved on, however tradition isn’t what it was as I reckon every bugger but Teddy got D11. So we started anyway. A swift flip teamed Pete, Ian and Papa ‘V’ CM and Steve.

PIP had a fairly good showing in the first game and slackened a bit for the second, but we still managed to get the first pair of games under our belts. The third was a different affair with Mike and Steve taking the honours. The fourth was well contested, Steve and Mike took an early lead but PIP managed to steal the win, following with a win in game five.

Casablanca and Pikey then took the sixth game robbing the other team of a major victory for the evening. PIP girded their loins and fought back to take the seventh. By now it was five to ten and there was a call for an eighth game and as is sometimes the case (well when Steve is playing) there is some discussion from the disadvantaged side if it is wise to play the extra game, but sportsmanship prevailed and the last game was played and totally owned by Steve and CM.

Leaving a final score line of: PIP 12457 / 368 CMS which was pretty fair reflection of the darts played over the evening. Steve was on fire in the last game and although it was just the one game I reckon he definitely deserves MOTM.

Notable Events:

Several players have now taken up the Bad Boys dance we call ‘The Papa Shuffle’, Mr Weaver was the latest practitioner, doing a very nimble ballet step from the score board to avoid one of Papa’s famous rebounds. So far Papa has only drawn blood once, I must learn to walk away from the scoreboard backwards when Papa is throwing after me.

Both Papa and Casablanca Mike scored Shanghai.

Teddy had a Bull - Semi finish.

Steve wore a jumper with bullet holes in, but hey, it was so soft!

Steve also wore his ‘Eric Morecambe’s’in the hut for the first time.

Bull Wars: Ian 3, CM 2, Pete 2, Papa 1, Steve 1.

Chart Changes: None, but Papa and Steve are now very close as are Ian and CM and Malc and Colin, there are definitely possibilities here for a late season chart change!

Game On!

Peter x

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Darts - The Return Of The Bullmeister!

After last week’s fixture cancellation it was great to have the hut buzzing again, five bad boys were present to re-start the proceedings. Several flips of the much loved red and green flipometers decreed that the night’s teams would be Peter and Dave ‘v‘ Casablanca Mike, Doddy and Ian.

Fairly even sides you would think? And indeed it was very much the case. Dave and Pete got a little behind in the first game but managed to catch up and sneak a win. We then went on to take the second and were beginning to wonder if we could be in for a big evening.

Doddy and company upped their pace in the third leg leaving us to ponder if this was just a blip or the tides had turned? Dave and I took the fourth but we just couldn’t keep the opposition down and they took the fifth and sixth legs making it three games apiece by about ten to ten. Needless to say we had to have a decider. Dave and I found our form again and took the seventh convincingly. This left the final score line as PD 1247 / 356 CMDI.

There were some excellent darts thrown by all players Doddy had some great spells on trebles and bulls. Dave however was really on form and showing top of the table performance, earning him MOTM.

Notable Events:

Doddy had a lot of treble action in the evening along with a rather nice pair of semis in one turn.

Dave showed some stunning bull form, getting two bulls and a semi in one turn. A photo of this now replaces the previous one by Peter. I think this is the second time Dave has done it. Surely the triple bull’s eye can’t be far away? If not this year then I think we might well see it in 2009!

Dave also managed a ‘Robin Hood’.

Bull Wars: Dave 4, Peter 3, Doddy 2, CM 1

Chart Changes: None, some tiny blips in both directions for various players but not enough to change any positions. However, a quick look at the %’s will tell you there are still possibilities before the end of the season.

A New Local Rule?

Not a rule but a convention that maybe we should adopt. Most of the Badboys also play boule up at Teddy Rushton’s boule emporium, where the end of the evening tradition is that all players present shake each other hands in a jolly sporting manner. The same thing seems to have become the norm at darts after every game. Now with six players playing six to eight matches the number of handshakes is becoming exponential!

My suggestion is that we try and cut it down a little. I am certainly not suggesting it should stop altogether, when I win a game I am certainly going to shake the hands of my team mates or a winning opponent if he has thrown a stunning dart. But I don’t think anyone is going to be offended if we don’t all shake every players hand after every leg. So shake as you please, but don’t feel obliged to shake every buggers hand every five minutes, unless of course you are really trying to crush your opponents throwing hand.

Thanks for getting all your November dates to me, Liquorice Malc has even started on December! So if you want to book early for the festive season just let me know.

Game On!


Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Darts - November Dates Required Urgently!


If you haven’t provided me with your November dates yet, they are now urgent. Please let me know as soon as possible!



Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Darts – Does winning really matter?

What a gorgeous evening’s darts!

Some might say the flipometers were cruel, they eventually pitched the current top three players against the 4th, 6th and 7th. But I have to say that didn’t spoil the fun at all, and that is the beauty of the Bad Boys Club, whatever the draw is folks just get on with it, play their best and most importantly have fun!

So, as you can probably tell it was a full house. Pete, Ian and CM ‘V’ Dave, Doddy and Papa. Folks were on good form both darts and humour wise and it was a great evening. Sadly there has to be a losing side and the final score line was: PICM 12346/57 DDP.

The fifth game was a stunner with equal scores on both sides, early two hundreds I think with DDP owning all the bulls and PICM playing catch-up, DDP managed to deliver the killing blow of a score before the opposition gained the final bull, but bloody hell it was a close thing, a very exciting and enjoyable game!

All players had some good patches but I would particularly mention that Doddy was definitely up on his crosses quota for the night and Dave had a real purple patch on the bull.

Notable events:

CM had a double semi in one turn, and I am pretty sure Dave did as well.

Dave had 2 x T 16 in one turn and probably backed it up with a single as well making 7 x 16.

Papa told his darts to ‘Fuck Off’, which was strange because they had already ‘Fucked Off’ his target!

Teddy Rushton’s fleet footedness managed to save him from Papa’s longest rebound so far!

Bull Wars: Dave 3 (Woohooah!), Papa 1, Peter 1, Ian 1 and CM 1.

Chart Changes: None!
Are these the final positions for the year? Could there be some last minute changes before Xmas?

Tune in next time, same bad boy channel and same bad boy time! Holy broken darts bad boy!

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Darts – Our first bookends?

Greetings Bad Boy players, Bad Boy followers and non Bad Boy types who land here searching for porn even though we are only a darts club!

Well, we could have easily been up for a three player night but we must all praise Casablanca Mike who bucked a nasty bout of Man-Flu to attend, now that is dedication!

So, thanks to CM we were four; Pete, CM, Papa and Teddy. The flipometers immediately singled out Mr. Flu, then took a few turns to decide who would partner him, it turned out to be Papa, leaving Pete and Teddy as the opposition.

An earlier swift-ish double eleven (not by Teddy) signalled that practice was over and we decided to let the games begin!

Papa, Papa, Papa! The first game was dominated by Papa Fruin; he was scoring here, there and everywhere! I mentally made a note that he was looking like MOTM. Needless to say Teddy and I went down big time to Mike and Papa’s assault. Rushers and I were swapping looks that said ‘oh fuck, we are in trouble here!’

Then as it does so often the tables turned, a couple of close games followed but Teddy and Pete bagged them.

After this we all got a bit stodgy, however some were stodgier than others! Moth Killer and Pedro took the fourth to seventh (with much grumping from the opposition!). After what looked like a downhill slope Papa and CM graciously agreed to an eighth match... And then blew us away!

So the final score line was: CMP 18 / 234567 PI.

It sounds like a bit of a walkover but that wasn’t the case; a lot of the games were very exciting. I reckon several were lost on a turn where either Rushers or I managed to turn in a good score before we were cut off.

In any event, and I might well be wrong, but I reckon this might be a first for Bad Boys, I can’t remember another fixture where a team ‘bookended’ the evening’s score.

Notable Events:

At least two players scored double semis.

The aforementioned ‘Bookends’.

Bull Wars: CM2, Pedro 1.

Chart Changes: None. What appeared to be a widening gap between Ian and CM has now more than halved! Is Teddy back on the path to Goldilocks house?

Papa and Doddy are now within the length of a gnat’s cock of each other, we can only look forward to them battling over the girth of it next week!

Game On!

Peter x

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Darts – Pete and Casablanca go streaking!

A top evening’s darts. We managed eight games, the evening ended up being a bit one sided but I have to say three of the games were bloody exciting and were fought for tooth and nail by both sides.

Speaking of sides the flipometers eventually decided the teams were Pete and CM ‘V’ Doddy, Mike D and Steve. The final score line was PCM 123467 / 58 DMDS.

Notable Events:

(Cough) Peter finished the first four games on a bull.

Bull Wars: Pete 5, CM 2, Mike D 1.

Chart Changes: Not a sausage!

It’s a funny old game. When you look at the results over a period of time you can see all sorts of patterns emerging. The cumulative chart shows them all (click on it for a bigger version), everyone’s ups and downs over the year, players who’s score remains fairly consistent across the season... But it also shows runs of what can only probably be described as good or bad luck!

I say luck because when you look at some of the stats you can’t help but think it must play some part, sure we all have patches of good or bad form, but usually these just last at most for a few weeks then the pendulum swings the other way.

I can’t help but think poor old Joan, OOPS! Poor old Mike D has had a bad run recently he has spent the first half of the year around the late 40%, early 50% mark and has crashed and burned in the last few weeks, now in the mid 30%’s. There has to be some bad luck in there!

I have been blessed with a few decent wins in the last few weeks and CM has been having a pretty good time of it as well, look at his bloody graph! Anyway there are still a dozen matches to be played before the end of the season, depending on your frequency of play that’s anywhere between 2 and 12 matches to go, so good Luck!

Game On!

Peter x

Oh! The upshot of the ‘which graph do you want?’ poll was a draw... So I have changed the spreadsheet to generate both each week.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Darts – Teddy Rushton “The less turns I have the better”.

Greetings those of the darting persuasion!

A full house at Nailsworth’s premier darts club, the hut was heaving with 6 bad boys raring to fling arrows.

Several flips of the ‘ometers’ were required to decide the night’s teams; in the end it was Peter, Papa and CM ‘V’ Dave, Ian and Doddy. You would have thought that was going to be a fairly even night’s honours, but once again lady luck smiled on some and shat on others.

The first game was stunningly close with the game decided on one semi either way, eventually going to PPCM. Four more games followed all were close at one time or another, had the lead swapped or changed hands near the end, however something they all had in common was that PPCM won the buggers. We were looking like having a clean sweep until the sixth game when DID got their act together and commanded the game from the start, we tried hard to catch up, but never made it.

So the final score line was PPCM 12345 / DID 6.

It has to be said DID were not happy with their performance but remained cheerful (well mostly) and very sporting throughout the evening. At one point however Ian felt totally underwhelmed by his performance and offered to the rest of us “The less turns I have the better”, followed by much sympathy and jocularity from the opposition of course.

Notable Events:

Dave got three of the same treble in one turn; sadly it wasn’t a scoring one....

PPCM had two Bull/Semi finishes.

Doddy didn’t break wind.

Papa was ‘on team’! and playing well, At least two treble 17’s I seem to remember.

Bull Wars: CM 2, Pete 2, Dave 1, Doddy 1.

Chart Changes: Papa and Doddy swap places moving Papa up to 6th place and Doddy down to 7th.

The gap between CM and Teddy has widened to 3%; competition between Mike and Ian for the rest of this season will be crucial and may well be in the lap of the flipometer. Ian must also consider Dave who isn’t that far behind him! Steve now has Papa close behind and of course Doddy who will be itching for revenge.

Both Doddy and Mike D are playing next week so there are more possible upsets afoot.

So - Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Darts – Getitonbangagong!

On many occasions when reporting matches here I have mentioned, alluded to, joked about and discussed psychic interference during our darts matches. Well, I now have to consider if one of our players seriously is psychic!

Should I be renaming Casablanca Mike Psychic Mike? I mean sometimes when he has hurled his darts on the floor I have thought about maybe Psycho Miko... Well, I now think Psychic Mike or the ‘Honda who sees beyonder’ might be more appropriate, hopefully the reason for this will become clear as you read on!

So, it’s early Tuesday evening and I get a call from CM who says he is sorry but he can’t make it tonight, No problem say I. After a couple of calls to see if there are any other bad boys who can pick up the slack I have turned up a blank. That’s ok Ian, Steve and I can flip and have a two ‘v’ one game.

The three of us gather at eight have a quick practice, enough double eleven’s are hit so that we feel ready to start. We flip the flippy things and it turns out that the teams are Peter ‘v’ Ian and Steve, a decent flip I reckon.

Let the game begin! Well readers please bear in mind that I am not usually one to blow my own ‘dart’ trumpet but on this occasion I have to! I was on bloody fire, playing out of my skin, wham bam thank you mam-ing it everywhere!

I walked the first three games with 200 leads and was cut to a 100 lead in the fourth, Ian and Steve controlled the fifth and I failed to give them much of a fight. I was thinking that the table had turned but managed take the sixth with a healthy lead, took the back seat again on the seventh and rallied to take the eighth leaving a final score line was P 123468 / 57 IS

Notable Events:

Trebles everywhere (for me), If Colin was still playing he would have said ‘How can you play against that!’

Pete scored 2 x treble 20 – twice.

Bulls were in abundance! Nearly as many as semis, 10 bulls between 3 players is damn good going.

Bull Wars: Ian 4, Peter 4, Steve 2

Chart Changes: OMG! Some of you will remember that last week I told you that Ian was denying CM second place by just over 0.5%? Unfortunately (for Ian) tonight’s results see him drop by about 1.00% meaning that CM has his first taste of the second position slot!

Now just tell me folks, doesn’t that sound psychic to you? Psycho Miko doesn’t turn up and lands second place! Steve has been trying that one for months and only gone down. Speaking of Steve, he drops about 1.75% but doesn’t change position; but Doddy is definitely chewing his arse at less than a percent behind.

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Darts – Is it f***ing Random?

Greetings Bad Boys, darts fans and all those folks who land on the BBDC blog expecting to findporn rather than the results service of a Gloucestershire darts club!

‘Twas a grand evening (for some) on Tuesday night. The evening kicked off with five bad boys handling a one flip of the flipometers to determine teams. They were Pete and Casablanca Mike  ‘v’ Mike-D, Papa and Ian. We knew Doddy would be a few minutes late so we started with the Big D joining Pete and CM after the first few rounds.

Now, you would have thought that the evening would be very close, well matched teams, veterans on both sides; however it was not to be, yes my humble readers it hurts me to tell you it was a whitewash (hurts as in my fingers got jammed in the keyboard stabbing our victory stats in to excel)!

On a serious note folks I have to say that the final score line was PCMD 123456 / W JAPI

This (certainly for me) was totally unexpected, why did it happen? Well randomness is a wonderful thing and sometimes a complete bitch. The bottom line was that Ian, Papa and JA just didn’t play their best darts and all happened to be on the same team.

JA mentioned that after this evening his recent tally was only one game won in the last 18 played. Now I reckon that truly is bad luck, mostly because the last three results that he played in have definitely had clear winners, but fear not!

A quick look at the cumulative chart will show you that this isn’t an unusual phenomenon. This year’s chart shows that you can have good or bad patches running from weeks to months!

A Prime example is Dave, who is traditionally a top three player and has often made second and first place, however this year he appears to have started on a high, dropped and not recovered (so far).

Doddy started the year well, nosedived and looked like he would stay there, but is now well on the way to recovery. Papa also had a bad start to the year but recently (tonight excluded) has been finding form again.

Basically look at any player on the graph and you will see peaks and troughs. You should also always remember that the more times you play the less drastic the ups and downs will be as they are an average of all games played. This means that Ian’s and my lines look less lumpy as time goes on because the more games we play the less our averages tend to move.

Notable events:

Bull Finishes were almost the order of the day. Semi finishes were out of fashion tonight. Bull / Semi finishes also had a showing.

Loads of trebles! Doddy had a hatful of them, some were unkind enough to suggest they were random, but by the third T20 nothing more was said, particularly when teamed with a T18 (MOTM goes to Doddy for the second week running)!

Papa was having some trouble with his first darts hitting targets, but never his third! Several times after chucking a couple without a result he would throw the third at another target and bang it straight in the treble!

Ian didn’t kill anything that wasn’t on the board.

Bull Wars: CM 3, Pete 2, Doddy 1, Ian 1 JA 1.

Chart Changes: Fares Please!

Doddy moves up two places between Steve and Papa. Casablanca Mike leaps up nearly 3% overtaking Dave and challenging Ian with only a sliver over 0.5% between them!

Game On!


Peter x


Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Darts - Snapshot Graph.


The cumulative chart is great for seeing how your score is progressing (up or down), but may not always be 100% clear where folks stand on a given night. Above is an example of a graph I could post instead, which do you prefer?

Whichever proves most popular I would still publish the other periodically? Please vote in the poll and email me if you can’t find a suitable answer there.


Pedro x

Darts – Mad Man Murders Moth!

Peter 61.60% Ian 54.38% Dave 50.40% CM 49.49% Steve 45.24%Papa 41.67% Mike D 39.51% Doddy 39.45% Colin 34.78% Malc 33.33%

A top evening’s darts in the hut, with a full house on board. Teams flipped were Pete, Doddy and Dave ‘V’ CM, Malc and Ian.

The boys zoomed straight in to the games with PDD taking the first and second. MCMI took the third and narrowly lost the fourth, they then went on to marmalise PDD in the fifth. They took the next game bringing the score to a three all draw. We decided on a decider, which was duly won by PDD making the evening a 4 -3 Victory to PDD, final score line PDD 1247 / 356 MCMI.

Doddy and Malc are both awarded MOTM for playing above their normal level, there were some excellent darts thrown!

Notable events:

Casablanca Mike hurled his darts at the floor. I am gonna get that SOAB filling in the holes if he keeps that up!

Malc Hurled a dart at the golf board and went out of bounds hitting the wall. I am gonna get that SOAB plastering the walls if he keeps that up.

Teddy Rushton hurled his hand at a moth on the ceiling and splattered it spectacularly. I am gonna get that SOAB reported to the RSPCM if he keeps that up.

Doddy had a bull, semi finish. No farting this week either, which was nice.

Several Shanghai’s were scored and a double treble.

‘Killer’ Rushton finished game six with a first dart bull, having cockily predicted that he was going to do it!

Bull Wars: Doddy 2, Ian 1 (plus a moth), CM 1, Pete 1.

Chart Changes: No Change... But just feel the heat! Malc only needs another decent game to overtake Colin. Doddy and Mike D are 0.06% apart. Casablanca Mike and Dave are still less than 1% apart.

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Darts – Sometimes lady luck is a bitch!

Peter 61.73% Ian 54.76% Dave 50.00% CM 50.00% Steve 45.24%Papa 41.67% Mike D 39.51% Doddy 38.24% Colin 34.78% Malc 31.71%

Yo brothers and fellow Nailsworth darters. The hut was heaving to full capacity this Tuesday with six bad boys on the oche. We had a couple of flips of the flipometers and the teams panned out as Teddy R, Papa and Mike D (J.A.) ‘V’ Pedro, Dave and Casablanca Mike.

I’m going to make the report short this week, not drag out the agony, not keep folks guessing what the result was, wondering who took a whooping and who didn’t, no opening wounds that might be starting to heal, no ritual humiliation of the losers, no smug one-upmanship!

So straight on with the results, Teddy’s Toreadors team got whooped 5 – 1 by Pedro’s portfolio of pooftas. Yes indeed! Score Line IPMD 1 / 23456 PDCM.

Enough of this tomfoolery, actually it was a great evening’s darts. I have to say one of the most competitive and focused that we have had for many months. Everyone was out to win and the concentration of all the players was palpable.

Yet again the results don’t even tell half the story. Rushers team played far too well to only win one game, all the games but one were close with bull finishes required, however PDCM seemed to clinch them. Certainly 2 – 4 would have been a more accurate result and a tie was never out of the question in terms of performance. But them’s the breaks and we must all take what lady luck dishes out.

Notable events: In one game PDCM were 8 bulls behind and managed a phenomenal comeback to snatch the game, the whole team got stuck in but Dave scoring three in one turn certainly made it a lot easier. Commiserations to IPMD, it should have been their win.

Bull Wars: Ian 2, MD 1, Pedro 1, Dave 1.

Chart Changes: Remarkably no one changes places! However Dave and Casablanca Mike are now in equal third place as they are both on exactly 50%. Both have risen around 2 % and Ian has dropped 1% to close the gap to less than 5%. Papa and Mike D also drop, Papa around 1% and Mike D about 1.5% Mike gets the worst hit as he has a lower attendance record, although a big win would see it shoot up faster as well, so swings and roundabouts.

Please let me have your OCTOBER Dates...


Pedro x

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Darts – Doddy Blows Us All Away!

Peter 61.18% Ian 55.88% Dave 48.21% CM 47.67% Steve 45.24%
Papa 42.98% Mike D 41.33% Doddy 38.24% Colin 34.78% Malc 31.71%

Big Respect to the Bad Boys, the darting dudes were back in action again this Tuesday evening, with a foursome that stretches back to the 2006 matches. Pedro, Teddy, ‘Pikey’ Steve and ‘Guffer’ Dodd all handled the flipometers floorlessly after the first toss the teams were Ian and Doddy ‘V’ Pete and Steve. Pretty good sides I reckoned, any one of the players having a good or bad night could make all the difference.

The first game was going with a bang for Ian and Doddy they romped ahead on score, however Pete and Steve started to catch up on bulls and (in my humble opinion) were looking good to steal the game when a travesty happened.

Just as I was lining up on a crucial bull that bastard Dodd let out an almighty wet fart! Order, Order, Order! Outrageous! He then did a little jig to clear his trousers, treating us all to a whiff of an earlier meal; it certainly seemed to contain egg.

Needless to say I missed the bull, I wasn’t sure if it was because I was laughing, disgusted or the dart was blown off course. In any event that did for me and Steve and within another round we had lost the game.

Now, long time members might remember (except Doddy apparently) that one of the few rules laid down at the Bad Boys Darts Club covers players farting. I shall repeat it here so that future claims of ignorance (and possible ignition) can be avoided!


No player shall fart in the clubhouse. If a player has to fart he will:

1. Leave the hut.
2. Close the door behind himself.
3. Fart.
4. Do a jig to clear trapped odours from clothing.
5. Do an extra little jig just in case....
6. Re-enter the hut without trying to waft any ‘fallout’ back inside.
7. Should any (non farting) member smell anything the farting player will repeat all steps apart from step 3.

As an addition to the above please note: If these rules are not complied with the offending (or should that be offensive?) player will have the first dart of his next throw discounted. Be warned, farting in the hut could easily cost you a game!

Anyway, having caught our breath Steve and I launched in to the second leg and came up trumps (not in the same way that Doddy did). Game number three swung back to Ian and Mike. It has to be said they were both playing well and thrashed us. Steve and I were being given a good hiding and running away with our oxygen masks between our legs. Hmmm, was Doddy on that recent Ryan Air flight where the pressure changed and the oxygen masks were deployed?

Ian and Mike piled on the (air) pressure and took the fourth game, Steve and I were feeling exhausted. We thought it was all over but then like so many BBDC evenings it turned in to a game of two halves. Steve and I managed to take the fifth and sixth making a draw, it was just before ten so we all agreed to a decider.

For us the seventh game was a stonker Steve and I played our best game of the night, for Ian and Doddy ‘Ze var vas over’, we gave them a trashing to make up for the drubbing they gave us in game three. Five of the games were stunners very close with multiple lead changes and the like, all very competitive and exciting to play.

Final Score Line DI 134 / 2567

Notable Events:

Everybody had some great runs with big scores, shanghais, double trebles etc.

Teddy Rushton was red hot for a lot of the evening, thankfully he had one or two quiet patches, but yet again he has to be man of the match. It was also great to see Steve starting to get some of his old form back.

Bull Wars: Peter 3, Ian 2, Steve 1, Doddy 1

Chart Changes:

No one actually changes position. Ian floats down a little closer to Dave but some serious darts will have to be played for these two to change places before the end of the BBDC 2008 season!

Steve has edged a lot closer to CM, these two players really need to meet in a hard fought head to head clash to sort out fourth place (I am nearly tempted to try and fix the flipometer results to make it so!

Doddy moves up a tad, the midfield is still very volatile, any player getting a couple of good or bad results on the trot could upset the apple cart.

So as always it is Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Darts – Malcolm Gets Plastered!

Peter 61.30% Ian 56.35% Dave 48.21% CM 47.67% Steve 44.16%
Papa 42.98% Mike D 41.33% Doddy 37.89% Colin 34.78% Malc 31.71%

Summer seems to be waning, the evenings are drawing in, but Bad Boys Darts Club keeps going rain or shine! Mind you some of our members seem to be getting weirder and weirder; Mike D (JA to his fans) was slightly late because he had taken time out to peer through the windows of a local house, examining the room layouts, the decor and even the garden construction.

I think that perhaps he is enrolled in some distance learning stalking degree and this was a practical exam module; although Mike claims it is nothing of the sort and his excuse was that he used to own the house. I will leave you folks to decide which is more likely!

The ‘flipometers’ did their duty on the first flip; pitching Teddy and Pedro against Casablanca Mike, JA and Malc.

Rushers took the middle for diddle and off we went! Well, not quite straight away, Malc produced a suspicious looking crumpled white bag and told us there were hidden delights within, little dark lumps that smelt sweet and pungent. For a moment or two I thought ‘Talcy’ had turned drug dealer and was hoping to get the Bad Boys tripping out for the evening. Of course no such thing was happening, young Malc was merely offering up Liquorice Gums!

The Games – CMJAM took a substantial early lead in the first, however with the aid of double hit of liquorice gums Pete and Teddy managed to snaffle the game at the end. Pete and Teddy took the next game, then the next, then the next, then the next and finally the next! Yes my fellow Bad Boys and Bad Boy Blog fans if you made it through all that next-ing you will realize that a six nil thrashing was handed out to the terrible trio by the dynamic duo.

Officially this appears as: PT 123456 / W CMJAM.

Notable Events:

A bull semi finish and a double semi finish by Pete and Ian. Shanghai Mike threw a Casablanca.

Malc the dealer hit the wall after dropping too many liquorice gums. Thus we designated him ‘plastered’, the wall still has the wound to prove it.

There was lots of inappropriate jokes of a sexual nature (oh look there goes the porn rating again, particularly now I have used the word porn again, oops and again), along with an unnatural interest from several players about being impaled on a three inch pole.

Another story appeared to make ‘Cursing’ Mike Weaver (he swore a lot during the matches) reconsider continuing his other sporting job of boule measurer after we heard the first confirmed fatality in the game happened when a measurer was killed by an over enthusiastic player not waiting for a decision.

Generally a brilliant and very silly evening, with the humour if not the darts on fine form!

Bull Wars: Malc 1, Pete 1

Chart Changes: All Change, Fares Please! CM drops to fourth, Dave goes up to third place. JA moves down two places to seventh position which moves both Steve and Papa up one place each. Malc moves below Colin leaving Malc in tenth position and Colin in ninth. Perhaps this will galvanise Colin in to bettering his four attendances for the year!

All to play for.... Dates for September please JA!

Game on!

Peter x

Thursday, 14 August 2008

September Dates!


If you haven’t provided me with your SEPTEMBER dates yet, they are now urgent. Please let me know as soon as possible!



Golf Darts News

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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Darts – Let’s all snort in Sympathy?

Peter 60.27% Ian 54.97% CM 51.25% Dave 48.21% Mike D 44.93%

Steve 44.16% Papa 42.98% Doddy 37.89% Malc 37.14% Colin 34.78%

A six man evening shrunk to four with DR having to cry off a couple of hours before because of unforeseen circumstances and SM having to... well just not turn up for whatever reason. There is now enough no shows on Steve’s attendance record for me to suggest that we add ‘Mr Flipometer’ to his nickname list. Not to find which team he is on, just a side bet on if he will turn up!

So, that left Peter, Ian, Doddy and Casablanca Mike to battle it out. After a flip of the ‘Steveometers’ it turned out that Pete and Doddy were to do pitched battle with Teddy and CM.

Rushers and Honda ripped straight in to the first game; with Pedro and Mr Academy right behind, but come the revolution team Honda took the honours. On to the second game, same story! On to the third game, same story!

By Now Pete and Doddy were feeling pretty sorry for themselves we weren’t playing well, but not badly, and whatever happened we were losing on bulls and the like. We were granted a reprieve in the fourth, no whitewash for us; hurrah!

Sadly (for us) the fifth reverted to Teddy and Cholesterol Mike. Then they smashed us in the sixth, the seventh was another story, the Doddmeister and Pedro were victorious. So much so that we were looking for an eighth game to reduce our loss.

However this was not to be as it appeared that CM has been attending the ‘Steveometer’ school of leaving while ahead! In fairness, when they lost the un-played next game it would only have reduced our exposure rather than changed the overall result.
The final score line? ICM 12356 / 47 ID

The bottom line, Ian and CM deserved the win, Doddy and Pete would have been happier with a 4/3 loss, there were a lot of close games, but in the end we were whooped. Rushers played consistently even if not brilliantly and that was more that the rest of us; I am happy to say that he was definitely MOTM.

Notable Events: There were many, but the one that sticks in my mind is that of my friggin’ partner Doddy making a snorting noise after I missed my target a couple of times... Soooooo encouraging! When questioned why he was ‘barracking’ his own team mid turn he said ‘It was a sympathetic snort’. Be warned we might see a lot more of these in the future!

Bullwars: Ian 3, CM 1, Pete 1, the ‘Sympathetic Snorter’ 0.

Notable Events: Double Semis. Double Trebles, Bull-Semi outs.

Chart Changes: None, Pete and Doddy drop one % each and Ian and CM rise 0.5 and 2% respectively.

Peter x