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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Darts - Fashionistas, Papa is all the rage!

It was a hot night in the hut. I put the fan on full blast a couple of hours before the match started but the temperature would not budge below 22c. As the evening went on it got hotter 25c+ But I am getting ahead of myself!

The Bad Boys present were (as usual in order of arrival) Peter (resident so always first it has to be said!), Casablanca, Mickey D, the Rushmeister and Papa.

We took a few minutes for practice, greetings and general banter before resorting to the flipometers who declared on the first toss that I was Bily no mates, however the second toss teamed me up with Mike-D (J.A.) and Papa... Leaving Rushers and Casablanca as the default opposition.

The defaulters wasted no time in taking the first game. BUT We weren’t going to let that hold us back so we immediately responded by taking the second. BUT the defaulters weren’t going to let that hold them back so they immediately took the third game. BUT we weren’t going to let that hold us back so we immediately took the fourth game..... Then the story changes somewhat. Starting off nicely with PMDP taking the fifth, but sadly that was to be our last and ICM (In-Continent Missile) drubbed us by taking sixth, seventh and eight.

Our only consolation was that it wasn’t an easy victory, but I have to say that both Ian and CM played more consistently and deserved to win, the bastards. This meant the final score line was ICM 13678 / PMDP 245 a 5 -3 victory to ICM.

Notable Events:

JA and Papa both had double semi turns, Papa’s would have been a treble semis but he suffered a bounce out.

Ian and Casablanca both managed a bull semi turn. JA managed a six of something on the left.... 11 or 14 I believe, whichever it was he bloody enjoyed it!

MOST NOTABLE of all.... Was that everyone (and I mean everyone) was pretending to be Papa and ignoring team orders, so much so I think they should have been called team disorders!

Bull Wars: In short supply tonight but the results were, Ian 2, CM 1.

Chart changes: Casablanca Mike pips Pete at the post and moves up to third position.

Top evening, highly competitive and more to come next week!

Game On

Peter x

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Darts – The night of the disappearing leads!

Summer was with us in the Bad Boys Hut. With the aid of the door and windows wide open and the fan on full blast we managed to keep the temperature down to twenty degrees despite having all the spotlights on and the heat generated by the bad boys! Attending were Pete, Steve (Shock Horror!), Casablanca Mike and Ian.

A couple of flips decided that the teams would be Pete and Ian ‘v’ Steve and CM. This was a bit of a reunion pairing for Pete and Ian as we have only been on the same side four times this year prior to tonight which is pretty low out of nineteen occasions when we have both attended.

Steve kicked of the first game with a treble twenty and four eighteens, a nice little earner. There wasn’t much response from me and then CM whacked in a treble twenty and then some. The lads built up a considerable lead, Eventually Ian and I cut the lead down and came quite close to taking the game but Steve and CM deservedly won it.

Strangely this seemed to be a pattern that continued for the rest of the evening with almost all games starting with a massive score for one side or the other and then remarkable catch-up’s taking place. Close and exciting matches all.

None the less there was a definite winning trend and the final score line for the evening was SCM 148 / PI 23567.

Notable events:

All players had some blindingly good darts and some absolutely atrocious ones! Continuity was not the watch word for the evening.

Rushers got a Bull semi combination and I seem to remember that both Steve and CM had some double semi action.

Ian and CM (and I think Steve) all had scoring double treble action.

Bull Wars: Peter 3, Ian 2. Not a high tally, but I will take Bullmeister!

Chart Changes: Casablanca drops one place allowing Peter to move up to third position.

MOTH Competition results: Only one entry from Rushers ‘Man Of The Hour’, he wins the set of Bad Boy flights!

Peds x

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Darts – Papa Fruin, he the boss man.

A nice summers evening, hot air balloons launching nearby and hordes of baby frogs leaping all around the outside of the hut, that has to be a first for the preamble to a Bad Boys evening!

The likely lads who gathered were: Pete, John, Papa, Casablanca, Ian and Doddy. A single flip of the ‘flipometers’ set the teams as Peter, CM and Doddy ‘v’ Eon, Papa and John.

After a short practice we launched straight in to the first game which went to IPJ. The second (a remarkably low scoring game) went to PCMD. The third started looking like an easy win for PCMD but it all went horribly wrong and IPJ took the honours along with the fourth and fifth! Thankfully PMCD managed to take the sixth to look half respectable. Papa had an early start the next day so sadly we never got as far as a seventh.

This made the final score line IPJ 1345 / 26 PCMD a 4- 2 victory to IPJ.

It has to be said that PCM played bloody badly! Not one of us really got to grips with the evening. IPJ had the upper hand and played more consistently.

Notable Events:

Papa claimed he had a bad back because he had been sliding up and down someone’s pole all day! Apparently it wasn’t greased. In any event he had to stop sliding up and down on health and safety grounds; perhaps he would have been better going to work instead.

Despite this ailment he managed to play well enough to be awarded MOTM (or MOTH if you are Ian). If anyone would like to suggest what MOTH stands for the best suggestion will bag a set of Bad Boy flights!

Papa also managed a double bull.

Doddy became our first and now official ‘Blame-meister’ For the first time in Bad Boy history one player said another players turn had cost us a game. Well at least I think it was something to do with another players turn, he said we had lost because Mike had gone down after the first eighteen, oh.....matron!

Bull Wars: Papa 3, Eon 2, CM 1. Making Papa the Bullmeister!

Chart Changes:

RG Rushton goes up to places, which should please him mightily as it is a full recovery from his two place drop last week! Papa is now almost 4% ahead of the pack which it not a bad lead at nearly half way through the season. There is still less than 1% between Ian CM and Peter.

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Darts - Rushton is the Bullmeister!

It was a gorgeously sunny evening at the Bad Boys hut. Outside the Moon was clearly visible like a pale white bull’s eye at the centre of an azure dartboard.... Inside the hut the fan had been running at full blast for an hour in an attempt to cool the venue ready for darts, even with the windows open once the spotlights were on it started to get hot but thankfully not unbearable, certainly acceptable with a little iced beer to cool things down!

Tonight’s gladiators were (as usual in order of arrival), Peter, John, Casablanca Mike and Messerschmitt Rushton. The Flipometers were fully charged and immediately returned teams of Pedro and Humphrey Bogart ‘v’ RG Rushton and Stan Lee.

Pete and Humph took first blood comfortably and then Stan and Ian took the second comfortably! Not for the first time the evening settled in to a pattern that lasted almost the entire evening. Peds and Lauren’s bloke taking the odd numbered games and Rushers and Johnny boy taking the even numbered games, this lasted up until the last even numbered game that fell to Pete and CM, making the final score line PCM 13578 / 246 IJ making a 5- 3 victory to Pete and Mike. It was a bloody good evening and very hotly contended, either team were up for making the extra game at any point!

Notable Events:

John had three semis in one turn! An appropriate certificate will be printed to join the others in the Bad Boys hut hall of fame.

Rushers was bloody Bulltastic! He bagged 3 in the first game alone! I am awarding Rushers MOTM on the basis of his superb bull and semi action for the evening.

Something weird was going on with the games tonight. Pete and Mike got way ahead in several games only to be slaughtered by the opposition nailing bulls and semis like their lives depended on it. At least two games were recovered and won by Bull Man and Bobbin as they hammered them home. Unfortunately I can’t tell you if it was the best bull recovery so far in BB as we don’t record them, however I can’t remember bigger ones so we should at least say they equalled previous efforts.

Bull Wars: Ian 6, John 3, Peter 2 and CM 1.

Chart Changes:

There are some! Casablanca Mike is now in second Place behind Papa. Pete Moves up to third and Ian drops to fourth place (ironic considering he played so well). It should also be noted that Peter is now less than 0.5% behind CM and Ian is marginally more than 0.5% behind Peter. Mike D and John are less than 1% apart..... GAME ON!

Peds x