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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Darts – Jelly Arm Firms Up!

The Bad Boys on the starting blocks this evening were: Peter, Ian, Papa and Mike-D (AKA JA).

A couple of flips sorted the teams as Pete and JA ‘v’ Ian and Papa. We launched in to eight quick fire games that were very hard fought making a tough and exciting evening’s darts.

The final score line was PJA 15678 / IPAPA 234 almost making a classic Bad Boys game of two halves.

All the players had good and bad patches. When they were bad they were very very bad and when they were good they were excellent! I would have to single out JA for starting off a bit rubbery armed in the first game but from then on firming up nicely until he might need renaming ‘Rock Arm’ for my money he was MOTM.

Notable Events:

All players had double semis.

Papa had a bull semi

Ian had a double bull (Once again the treble bull evades us, but it will happen and Rushers could well be the man to do it).

JA had a double treble (scoring).

Papa had a double treble with a single on 17’s (scoring).

And there were some Shanghai’s floating around as well.

Bull Wars: Ian 3, Papa 2, JA 1, Peter 0. Making Ian Bullmeister for the evening.

Chart Changes:

Only one change, JA move up from sixth place to fifth, displacing John. Pete’s % moves up a miniscule 0.17%, Ian drops a shade over half a %, Papa drops a shade over 0.8%. Rock arm takes a whopping 2.01% increase!

At the end of three quarters of the season played things are shaping up as follows:

Peter appears to have quite a decent lead and is going to have to take a good hammering to be dislodged from the top spot over the twelve remaining fixtures (This is still possible in my humble opinion). Ian and CM are going to duke it out for second and third place.

There is hot competition midfield between Papa, Mike-D and John. Dave will be making a re-appearance in early November and could set the cat amongst the pigeons as due to a relatively low attendance record this year a couple of wins under his belt would catapult his % upwards!

The same is true for Steve, who is still within striking distance of Doddy. So as usual it is GAME ON!

Peds x

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Darts – When the going gets tough...

Tonight’s Bad Boys were Peter, Casablanca Mike, Teddy and Doddy.

After a little practice we had a prompt start and set about the games with vengeance.

Ian and I took the first two games, The Mikes bagged the second two. After this there was some frantic ping-ponging, the dust finally settled to reveal a 5 – 3 victory to Ian and Peds. Score Line: PI 12578 / 346 CMD.

Most games were close with one side or another tending to get a good head start and then quite often having the lead stolen in the later stages of the game. Great games though, tough opponents and very exciting / nerve racking to play!

Notable Events:

Teddy had a bull semi finish.

Everyone had at least one scoring Shanghai, although for some reason certain players were referring to it as a ‘Shag-me’.

The losing team romped the bull count.

Bull Wars: CM 3, Doddy 3, Ian 1, Peter 0.

Chart Changes:

None! Pete and Ian’s %s went up a smidgen 0.18% & 0.34% respectively. Amazingly Doddy’s % went up by the smallest amount we normally register 0.01%! CM was the only casualty dropping by modest 0.69%.

There is still plenty to fight over in the rankings, and there may well be a few twists to unfold before the end of the season!

Game On!

Peds x

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Darts – The Night of the Dart Juggler!

The nights are drawing in quite fast; sadly summer is over it seems, even at a quarter to eight as I kick started the hut ready for Bad Boy habitation the ambient light was fading fast. No problem, the hut perimeter lights are up to the job!

First on the scene (after P-resident Petro) was Monsignor Moth followed by Camp-Man, oops sorry I mean Camp-a-van -Man! Soon after; born again Bad Boy Freshwater-Fish-Steve arrived to make up the quorum.

Post flipometer the teams were Peter and Ian ‘v’ Casablanca Mike and Steve which I consider to be a reasonable flip.

The first leg went to Peds and Rushers as did the second and third, I hate to mention it but I must! One of those was a whitewash. Steve and CM fought back and took the fourth, missed the fifth but took the sixth, faded a little as Getitonbangagong and Ian took the seventh and eight games.

This left us with a score line of PI 123578 / W46 CMS. I would be the first to say that although I think Ian and I played the better darts on the night I don’t believe that a 6-2 victory accurately reflects the evening’s play, somewhere nearer to a draw would better reflect Mike and Steve’s performance.

Notable Events:

CM I believe (I think I may have been outside of the hut or distracted) scored a Bull / Semi combo to steal a game.

CM also had a few problems with dart fallout, for some reason tonight quite a few of his darts were not sticking. His first attempts to save the situation involved him skidding up the rubber mat to the board and making athletic grabs at the errant darts, some successful, some not. However his pièce de résistance was running up to the board and grabbing multiple darts as they fell out, he looked like somebody juggling darts!

I think Steve played some excellent darts and as has always been the case MOTM is not just awarded for the best darts of the night but to the player who exceeds their regular playing level on the evening, for me Steve deserves the award for tonight and I might also add that the MOTM chart shows Steve as top dog… It appears that he doesn’t turn up a lot but plays well when he does!

Bull Wars: Peter 2, Ian 2, CM 1. No Bullmeister tonight!

Chart Changes: Not a sausage! However the difference between CM and Ian now drops from last week’s 3.5% to less than 1.5% currently these two are a battle to watch! Doddy returns next week and Steve is his nearest rival, it would be interesting to get these two in the hut on opposite teams.

Game on!

Peter x

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Darts – One of those nights!

I am going to try and keep the report short and sweet.

It was wet and horrible outside the hut tonight but we still managed to muster Pete, Ian, CM and Papa. After a quick practice and a couple of ‘flips’ the teams were: Pete and CM ‘v’ Ian and Papa.

We launched in to the games at a hectic pace managing to comfortably finish eight before 10pm.

Folk’s play throughout the evening was variable and folk’s opinions of their own play were variable and not always the same as other players would have rated them!

Over the evening a pattern started to emerge, bluntly the pattern was that Pete and CM were winning most games, however they had to generate a large lead to secure a win because when the games came to the closing stages both Papa and particularly Ian were belting home the bulls and semis. In many games without the cushion we would have been pipped at the post.

There wasn’t much to choose between the teams in the first few games but in the later contests PCM dominated making a final score line of: PCM 134678 / IPAPA 25

Notable Events:

For the first time ever I think I am posting a ‘scoreboard’ without the final game on, I think MC must have wiped the scores expecting to play a ninth, thankfully it still has the main details included!

Ian and CM had bull – semi finishes.

I think we all had double semi turns!

Quite a lot of trebles, shanghais, the odd rebound and drop out but absolutely no rubbers, hurrah!

Bull Wars: Ian 4, Papa 2, CM 2, Pedros 1.

Chart Changes: None, Pete and CM bunch closer together, only 0.12% between them. Ian and Papa both drop slightly but retain their relative positions. The other major battle going on is at the other end of the scoreboard between Doddy and Steve. I am hoping this will evolve over the next few weeks!

Game on!

Peter x

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Darts – The Return Of The Prodigal Son!

I couldn’t help but feel there were some religious overtones to tonight’s darts gathering. Firstly in the morning I spoke to Papa who told me he was too far away to play tonight, which meant we had lost a bad boy in the wilderness. Then it rained and rained and rained, the water levels were rising and as I stood outside the hut this evening looking at its wooden majesty through even more tumultuous rain I couldn’t help but think it was perhaps a little like Noah’s Ark sat upon the top of the hill waiting to float away.

Next a pair of bad boys entered the ark; Doddy and Rushers. The three of us were just about to set sail to the land of Mickey Mouse when a miracle happened. Another person came scampering up the ladder and collapsed wet, exhausted and dartless. It was Steve, the prodigal son had returned after eleven weeks in the wilderness.

After some inevitable piss taking the teams were ready for action: Pete and Doddy ‘v’ Ian and Steve.

We set off at a fair lick and although the first few games were well contested Peds and the Doddmeister managed to crack off the first three bouts. Ian and Steve had definitely been getting the bit between their collective teeth and although they narrowly missed the third they were bang on for the fourth, they looked like taking the fifth but it went to the opposition.

Mothy and Pikey then took the sixth game and were looking favourites for the seventh but after their early lead Petronius and Mike took the honours.

This produced a final score line of: PD 12357 / 46 IS

Notable Events:

Doddy had a double Bull! Ian and Pete had double Semis. I think there was a bull + semi as well but can’t remember who it was, may even have been me.

There were several Shanghais, Both Ian and Steve had double trebles.

For the first time in a couple of years we found a game anomaly that requires a new ‘local rule’ to be declared. Either Pete or Doddy failed to put a line through a number after they knocked it off. Consequently Steve played for the number thinking it was still live, after a bit of discussion he re-threw the dart that he had thrown at the dead number.

I reckon this is the first time we have had this happen and it not be noticed before throwing, we have had folks fail to put a cross up before but it hasn’t really affected the game. To make sure that it can’t happen again please observe the following...

Local Rule: When checking the scoreboard before your turn take a look at the number of crosses on both sides of a number, if you see six crosses without a line through it is still off as both sides have scored three hits. It is the number of crosses that take precedence not the line.

Bull Wars: Doddy 3, Peter 2, Ian 1, Steve 1. This makes Doddy the bullmeister and after an excellent evening’s darts MOTM.

Chart Changes: Pete gains a half % putting him back in the top spot, which moves CM down to second. Ian drops just under 1% but stays in third place. Doddy jump up 2.5%! Steve drops around 2%, This means that Steve and Doddy swap places, The Doddmeister moving up to eighth place.

A top evening, a pleasure to see Steve in the hut again and that’s about it until next week!

Game On!

Peter x