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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Darts – Pete and Ian do it again!

Peter 62.71% Dave 59.32% Ian 56.52% Doddy 45.26% Fred 44.44%Steve 41.98% Mike D 41.18% Papa 40.28% Colin 32.08% Malc 25.64%

The bad boys assembled. We all had a look at the spiffy new software that runs the bad boys jukebox (Colin was most enamoured). Then we flipped to the ‘pickometer’ which selected Pete and Ian as partners (again) against Steve and Colin.

We sped off in to a night of six matches. At the end of the evening the score line was PI 123456 / 0 SC. Not quite sure how to explain this one. Colin and Steve didn’t play badly at all but Ian and I just had very consistent darts all night and some games we were absolutely spot-on with no gaps in building up crosses and it is hard to fight form like that.

The fifth game was incredibly close, possibly the closest so far. There was only a one point lead and both sides only needed a green bull to finish. Actually I have a vague recollection of a game played months ago where the score was even and a single bull was required (am I imagining this? I think Doddy might have played in it). In which case it is the second closest game in bad boy history!

Bull wars: Colin wins with 2, Pete had 1.

Chart Changes: Remarkably none! However Fred and Doddy are locked in battle % wise as are Mike and Steve, Papa is a gnat’s chuff behind them so expect to see some action there next month.

Speaking of next month I will be chasing folks who haven’t offered up dates. If those who haven’t already contacted me could do so ASAP that would be great.


Peter x

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Darts - Pete and Ian on the soft drinks?

Peter 61.94% Dave 59.32% Ian 55.06% Doddy 45.26% Fred 44.44%
Steve 44.00% Mike D 41.18% Papa 40.28% Colin 34.00% Malc 25.64%

Another fab night at the Bad Boys Club. Wednesday saw Malc, Ian and Doddy join Peter at the oche. A quick click of the pickometer resulted in Peter and Ian teamed against Doddy and Malc.

We set off at a good pace and managed 8 games during the evening. The win sequence went as follows: PI 1234578 / 6 DM. Now this should be a clue to the pun lovers how I chose the title of today’s results? Yes you guessed it *drum roll* Pete and Ian were ‘7UP!’

You know what is coming next don’t you? Well it is true yet again, the losers certainly didn’t deserve to go down 7 – 1. It has to be said that Ian and I played better, but we all reckoned 5 – 3 would have been reasonable. Still that is the way the cookie crumbles so Rushers and I will just have to laugh all the way to the % bank!

Notable events:

Malc hit 3 treble twenties during the evening.

The last game (which was bloody exciting) only lasted 15 minutes and both teams scored over 300. It was down to the wire and Ian stole it with a beautiful 2 dart finish (a double and a treble). That and generally good play through the night bagged him MOTM.

Bull Wars: Peter, Ian and Doddy level pegged on 3 each, Malc abstained.

Chart Changes:

No changes but… Steve and Fred are now in spitting distance of Doddy and Ian is making headway against Dave.

Game On!

Pete x

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Darts – Bad Boys Teams Draw Shock!

Peter 61.21% Dave 59.32% Ian 53.53% Doddy 48.28% Fred 44.44%
Steve 44.00% Mike D 41.18% Papa 40.28% Colin 34.00% Malc 29.03%

After last week’s cancelled fixture it was time to get the Bad Boys show on the road again. Tuesday night rolled around an up rolled Dave, Mike-D and Fred, the pickometer decided that is was to be Mike D and Dave ‘v’ Peter and Fred (yet again, surely some mistake, must check the code!).

We had six matches which resulted in a draw, win order as follows: PF 146/235 DM

Fred and I sneaked a win on the first game and then got soundly hammered on the second; it was a merciful release when the opposition put the final twelve in. Dave and Mike went on to take the third and to be honest Fred and I thought we were on a very slippery slope but eventually the honours were even. According to Dave and Mike I had a stonking last game and they insist I be MOTM. It would be rude to argue so I will accept gracefully.

Notable Events:

One game took over 40 minutes!

Bull Wars: Dave 3, Peter 2, Mike 1.

Chart Changes:

Fred moves up one place back to 5th position, forcing Steve back down to 6th place. There is now less than half a % between them. Dare I say “Game On!”

Peter x

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Darts – ‘Jelly Arm’ Davies fights back!

Peter 61.45% Dave 59.82% Ian 53.53% Doddy 48.28% Steve 44.00%
Fred 43.94% Mike D 40.32% Papa 40.28% Colin 34.00% Malc 29.03%

Firstly Mike-D a.k.a. ‘JA’ has asked me to point out that he arrived on time. Mike, it would have got a mentioned anyway, in the ‘notable events’ section!

So…. We kicked off on time; the pickometer chose Pete and Mike D against Ian and Steve. Ian and Steve took MFD and away we went!

We stormed through seven games, giving a 6 -1 victory to Pete and Mike the score order was PM 124567 / 3 IS. Yet again the score belies the closeness of some games. I don’t think anyone would have argued with a 4 - 3 score line, but that is the way the cookie crumbles.

Ian and Steve split opening duties between bulls and score. Peter and Mike-D swapped around depending on what seemed right at the time. Mike D stuck in a red bull on his first turn in the first two games we played; which was a massive help in securing those games and probably helps explain the final score line.

All players seemed to take a break from scoring now and then, but when folks were hot they were hot!

Notable events:

Steve gifted me a rope of onions and was therefore allowed to use chalk as wastefully as he wished all evening.

Mike has threatened to click on ads during web visits and was therefore allowed to use chalk as wastefully as he wished all evening.

Ian never wastes chalk, fact.

Steve was savage on 10’s and 15’s, Mike and I ended up having to put them high on our hit list.

Both Mike and Steve get MOTM. Both for consistent darts, holding their respective teams together and for their efforts on the previously mentioned savagery and bulltasticness.

Bull Wars: Ian and Mike both scored 3 Reds. Pete managed 1.

Chart Action: Mike D Moves up a place to 7th position, pipping Papa by an infinitesimal 0.02%!

Please Note that the fixture for the 14th has now been cancelled due to lack of bad boy availability.

So that’s (No) Game on!

Peter x

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Darts – Redders Reduced in Rank!

Peter 60.82% Dave 59.82% Ian 55.21% Doddy 48.28% Steve 45.76%
Fred 43.94% Papa 40.28% Mike D 34.55% Colin 34.00% Malc 29.03%

Well we might as well leap straight to the important news…. Well as far as I am concerned anyway… Dave has been knocked off the top spot. Hurrah, I am top of the pile again! Mind you, It might be another of these ‘one night wonders’ as Dave once put it when Ian pipped him. It could have all changed again by tomorrow morning.

The ‘pickometer’ selected Pete and Doddy ‘v’ Papa and Dave, most confusing; both sides of the board said PD! The teams weren’t just matched in initials either there were some tight games. In the end though Pete and Doddy had the edge The final score was 5 - 2 to Pete and Doddy order as follows: P(ete) D(oddy) 12357 / 46 P(apa) D(ave).

Some top darts were played by all concerned. Not a busting lot of bulls, but plenty of treble’s action.

Notable events:

In game 2 Doddy and Pete were 171 points and 3 bulls behind after about 4 rounds…. But we came back and won it!

Papa talked about replacing his radishes, getting fed up with them falling out I think. We suggested he takes then to a scrap metal merchant, the size of those buggers he would get enough cash for several new sets.

Doddy was whacking trebles in everywhere, Papa was whacking trebles in…. the 13’s! I kid you not; I reckon he had half a dozen treble 13’s! In one game I managed 7 18’s in one go and in another shanghai on the 17’s.

Bull Wars - Dave was playing bull starts for most games but we were able to drag him away from them most of the time however he still managed 3 reds in the evening, Doddy and Papa also bagged one, I didn’t get a look in. Remember we need 6 to top Colin’s current record!

Speaking of which the voting ended for the middle for diddle local rule… and if you get a red during MFD it counts towards the evening's ‘Bull Wars’ results.

Chart Changes: Just the one, Dave and I swap places.

Peter x

Monday, 6 August 2007

Darts - Bulls Eye Poll Ended.

Thanks to those who voted. The winning result means that if you score a red in the middle for diddle it *will* count towards your Bull Wars/Meister score for the evening. I believe this makes Colin the current leader with 5 reds in one evening!

Who will be first to 6?

Game On!

Peter X

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Darts – A Night Of Fives.

Dave 61.90% Peter 60.54% Ian 55.21% Doddy 46.25% Steve 45.76%
Fred 43.94% Papa 41.54% Mike D 34.55% Colin 34.00% Malc 29.03%

Well there was plenty of hot stuff on Tuesday night, not least the temperature! I had the hut fan running for an hour or so before players arrived to try and cool things down a bit. Needless to say folks all managed to keep reasonably chilled with the aid of nicely cooled beer and cider.

The ‘Pickometer’ chose Pete and Steve to do battle against Colin and Malcolm. We had three tight games and two not so tight but after all the dust had settled the result line was:

PS 12345 / - CM

What can I say? Yet again we have a result that doesn’t tell the whole story. Yes it was 5 - 0 but the first two games could have gone either way and were down to bull finishes, the third was quite tight as well with C&M catching up on bulls before we managed to finish the game, we were only saved by a decent score buffer.

Vote: I need you guys to vote on the middle for diddle poll on the website (top right-ish). For the second week running we had a bull scored in the middle for diddle! We need to settle this rule.

Speaking of Bulls eyes…. Bullmeister wars has a new contender in fact maybe a new leader, depending on the poll results.

Colin steamed in with 5 bulls! Now it is no secret that Colin isn’t (wasn’t?) a bull man but he stuffed 4 reds in during the evening along with a dead centre on middle for diddle. Mere mortals followed: Steve 2, Malc 1 and Peter 1.

With 5 for an evening that certainly puts Colin in front since we started recording, assuming that diddle bulls are accepted. It certainly earns him MOTM.

Chart Changes: After a 5 in the score line and a 5 in the Bull wars we continue the night of fives theme with 5 people changing position in the doubles chart!

Malc - Drops to 10th position, despite playing well with his brand new darts, it’s a cruel world Malc.

Colin - Drops down to 9th place even though he got 5 bulls eyes! It’s a cruel world Colin.

MikeD - Leaps up two places to 8th without lifting a finger! The worlds a lovely place eh Mike?

Fred - Drops down a place to 6th without lifting a finger! The worlds a *bleep* place eh Fred?

Steve - Moves up to 5th place and tells me he has Doddy firmly in his sights!

Game On

Peter x