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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Darts – Nip and Tuck all the way – Well almost...

Tuesday night's 'baduns' were Peter, John, Ian and Casablanca Mike.

After several flips the teams were decided as Peter and John 'v' Casablanca and Ian.

We managed to get through eight games over the course a highly competitive evening. The majority of the games were close although there were two or three that were runaways. Both sided played well but over time Casablanca and Ian showed they were the better players. And the final score line reflected the play well. ICM 13456 / PJ 278 a 5 - 3 victory to Ian and Mike.

Notable Events:

Various Shanghais and double semis and general treble action. One game was nearly drawn on 53 points until Ian sneaked a bull to add the points need to win.

Bull Wars: CM 3, Ian 1.

Chart Changes: No changes, Peter drops 0.75%, Ian goes up 0.5% CM rockets up 0.02%! and John slumps 11%.

PLEASE LET ME HAVE YOUR JUNE DATES ASAP – This includes you Jelly Foot!

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Darts – Ian Strikes Back.

Bad Boys on duty were Pete, Doddy, Ian and Papa.

A couple of flips produced sides of Pete and Ian v Papa and Doddy.

The first couple of games were hard fought with Doddy playing particularly well, despite this both games went to the opposition.

Several games followed with all players having golden moments and some disastrous turns. Despite the fluctuating fortunes the games tended to go one way leaving the evening with a rather lopsided score line: PI 1234678 / 5 PaD.

Notable events: The usual really, all players managing to miss their target for many darts on the run. Followed by 'I can do no wrong' sequences that racked up scores by around one hundred at a time.

Bull Wars: Peter 2, Ian 2, Papa 1, Doddy 1.

Chart Changes : None, but some hefty % changes. Pete up 2.3%, Ian up 2.2%, Doddy down 2.3% and Papa down 3%.

Ian must be chuffed having made a lot of ground back from last week's defeat.

Despite the loss Doddy found an optimistic side to the defeat "The good thing is it brings Papa down nearer to my score." Just the sort of team spirit we all need eh?

Game on!

Peter x

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Darts – Respect the black board!

Greetings Bad Boys

It was an unusual fixture for me this week as I didn't play! Due to a poorly foot I was hobbling around and although I started a game I was barely a quarter of the way through when I decided to relax on the sidelines and watch Rushers and Casablanca duke it out.

As I wasn't paying attention 100% of the time I decided to ask Mr Rushton to present some of his highlights which go something like this:

Ian's Report:

The flipometer paired Poorly Pete and CM against Ian.

It started well for Ian, Pete played poorly (not his fault) but due to his being poorly with a poorly foot.
He had our sympathy. He retired during the first game leaving me to rack up the win of the first game.

The next 8 games can best be reported under a very general description covering them all. The first part of each game was played against a background of CM cursing his inability to hit the targets he was going for and watching me amass a score of at least 50 and in some games considerably more.

The second part of the game was then played against a background of me cursing my inability to hit the targets I was going for and watching CM wipe out the deficit and amass a lead of at least 50 and often more.

The final part of the game, the bull war, left me always wanting at least 6 to the CM 3, and every time I failed.

I was of course conscious of the entertainment of the crowd and tried desperately hard to break this losing sequence by varying the tactics employed. I tried everything I could think of like highest numbers first, random choice of numbers first, ‘quadrant’ numbers early on, leave CM to score on his chosen number and just go for mine until one of us cracked. No variations helped me to fix my inability to win another game.

We both played some good darts, in our own sections of the games, but in summary Teddy was well and truly stuffed.

Back to Pete:

So as you can tell a bit of a one sided final score line Ian 1 / 23456789 CM.

Notable Events:

I didn't play, bummer, but I have to say it was enjoyable to watch, CM deserved to win but I can't say Rushers should have lost by that margin... But then CM played for a lot of the evening like a man on fire, he really does deserve MOTM.

If you take a look at the picture of the scoreboard you might be able to make out the word mushroom on it. Can you believe CM's brain is now so addled that he has the cheek to use the sacred board as his shopping aid! I hope he forgot to buy them on the way home....

Bull Wars: CM 4, Ian 3. CM=BM.

Chart Changes: No, % changes Yes... Ian drops around 3.5% while CM rises by about 2.5%.

But hey, the year is young, not half way through yet so it is still, Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Darts – The return of the Radish!

Greetings darts aficionados, firstly let me say that when we heard John was playing this evening, Doddy and I mentioned that we might be prepared to throw a game or two (for cash) to bring his score % down. I must make it absolutely clear this was just a joke not a serious offer... I mean we are darts players, not snooker champions!

So tonight was quite special, the first time this year that we had a full house... 6 players.

They were:

Peter, Papa, John, CM, Doddy and Ian. A few flips of the dedicated darts coins produced sides of : Papa, Ian and CM 'v' Peter, John and Doddy. After a bit of practice and (for some) the inevitable chinwag about the woes of Forest Green Rovers we were ready to go!

John won the middle for diddle with a semi, and off we went. PICM crushed us in the first two games, although nothing was said at this point (we agreed later) PJD though that this would continue for the rest of the evening, frankly we felt outclassed...

But something wonderful started to happen, PJD picked up the pace and took the next two games, lost the fifth, took the sixth, lost the seventh and grabbed the eighth. This means the final score line was PICM 1257 / 3468 a 4 – 4 Draw! By the end of the evening I actually felt that is was a just result. Hoorah to everyone!

Notable Events:

Papa turned up with refurbished radishes, courtesy of darts corner he had feather flights on his old 'bombs' and he played pretty well with them as well.

Johnny boy lost some of his magnificent %, although it is still pretty good. He also had a bull semis finish to a game – just when we had to have it.

Generally there were some good scoring combos achieved including bull semis for other players, double trebles and the like.

Mr Dodd played very well and for my money was MOTM for playing above his usual game, keep it up Mr Meister!

I am sure there was other great stuff but I can't recall it at the moment!

Bull Wars: John 2, Papa 1. CM 1, Peter 1.

Chart Changes: NONE! But % have moved! Peter gains 0.11% Whoopee Dooo... Ian drops about 0.5%, Doddy rockets up a tad over 7%! Casablanca drops around 1% and Papa goes up 1.4% courtesy of the radishes!

A great evening's darts and more to come I am sure... Game On!

Peter x