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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Darts - November Dates Required Urgently!


If you haven’t provided me with your November dates yet, they are now urgent. Please let me know as soon as possible!



Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Darts – Does winning really matter?

What a gorgeous evening’s darts!

Some might say the flipometers were cruel, they eventually pitched the current top three players against the 4th, 6th and 7th. But I have to say that didn’t spoil the fun at all, and that is the beauty of the Bad Boys Club, whatever the draw is folks just get on with it, play their best and most importantly have fun!

So, as you can probably tell it was a full house. Pete, Ian and CM ‘V’ Dave, Doddy and Papa. Folks were on good form both darts and humour wise and it was a great evening. Sadly there has to be a losing side and the final score line was: PICM 12346/57 DDP.

The fifth game was a stunner with equal scores on both sides, early two hundreds I think with DDP owning all the bulls and PICM playing catch-up, DDP managed to deliver the killing blow of a score before the opposition gained the final bull, but bloody hell it was a close thing, a very exciting and enjoyable game!

All players had some good patches but I would particularly mention that Doddy was definitely up on his crosses quota for the night and Dave had a real purple patch on the bull.

Notable events:

CM had a double semi in one turn, and I am pretty sure Dave did as well.

Dave had 2 x T 16 in one turn and probably backed it up with a single as well making 7 x 16.

Papa told his darts to ‘Fuck Off’, which was strange because they had already ‘Fucked Off’ his target!

Teddy Rushton’s fleet footedness managed to save him from Papa’s longest rebound so far!

Bull Wars: Dave 3 (Woohooah!), Papa 1, Peter 1, Ian 1 and CM 1.

Chart Changes: None!
Are these the final positions for the year? Could there be some last minute changes before Xmas?

Tune in next time, same bad boy channel and same bad boy time! Holy broken darts bad boy!

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Darts – Our first bookends?

Greetings Bad Boy players, Bad Boy followers and non Bad Boy types who land here searching for porn even though we are only a darts club!

Well, we could have easily been up for a three player night but we must all praise Casablanca Mike who bucked a nasty bout of Man-Flu to attend, now that is dedication!

So, thanks to CM we were four; Pete, CM, Papa and Teddy. The flipometers immediately singled out Mr. Flu, then took a few turns to decide who would partner him, it turned out to be Papa, leaving Pete and Teddy as the opposition.

An earlier swift-ish double eleven (not by Teddy) signalled that practice was over and we decided to let the games begin!

Papa, Papa, Papa! The first game was dominated by Papa Fruin; he was scoring here, there and everywhere! I mentally made a note that he was looking like MOTM. Needless to say Teddy and I went down big time to Mike and Papa’s assault. Rushers and I were swapping looks that said ‘oh fuck, we are in trouble here!’

Then as it does so often the tables turned, a couple of close games followed but Teddy and Pete bagged them.

After this we all got a bit stodgy, however some were stodgier than others! Moth Killer and Pedro took the fourth to seventh (with much grumping from the opposition!). After what looked like a downhill slope Papa and CM graciously agreed to an eighth match... And then blew us away!

So the final score line was: CMP 18 / 234567 PI.

It sounds like a bit of a walkover but that wasn’t the case; a lot of the games were very exciting. I reckon several were lost on a turn where either Rushers or I managed to turn in a good score before we were cut off.

In any event, and I might well be wrong, but I reckon this might be a first for Bad Boys, I can’t remember another fixture where a team ‘bookended’ the evening’s score.

Notable Events:

At least two players scored double semis.

The aforementioned ‘Bookends’.

Bull Wars: CM2, Pedro 1.

Chart Changes: None. What appeared to be a widening gap between Ian and CM has now more than halved! Is Teddy back on the path to Goldilocks house?

Papa and Doddy are now within the length of a gnat’s cock of each other, we can only look forward to them battling over the girth of it next week!

Game On!

Peter x

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Darts – Pete and Casablanca go streaking!

A top evening’s darts. We managed eight games, the evening ended up being a bit one sided but I have to say three of the games were bloody exciting and were fought for tooth and nail by both sides.

Speaking of sides the flipometers eventually decided the teams were Pete and CM ‘V’ Doddy, Mike D and Steve. The final score line was PCM 123467 / 58 DMDS.

Notable Events:

(Cough) Peter finished the first four games on a bull.

Bull Wars: Pete 5, CM 2, Mike D 1.

Chart Changes: Not a sausage!

It’s a funny old game. When you look at the results over a period of time you can see all sorts of patterns emerging. The cumulative chart shows them all (click on it for a bigger version), everyone’s ups and downs over the year, players who’s score remains fairly consistent across the season... But it also shows runs of what can only probably be described as good or bad luck!

I say luck because when you look at some of the stats you can’t help but think it must play some part, sure we all have patches of good or bad form, but usually these just last at most for a few weeks then the pendulum swings the other way.

I can’t help but think poor old Joan, OOPS! Poor old Mike D has had a bad run recently he has spent the first half of the year around the late 40%, early 50% mark and has crashed and burned in the last few weeks, now in the mid 30%’s. There has to be some bad luck in there!

I have been blessed with a few decent wins in the last few weeks and CM has been having a pretty good time of it as well, look at his bloody graph! Anyway there are still a dozen matches to be played before the end of the season, depending on your frequency of play that’s anywhere between 2 and 12 matches to go, so good Luck!

Game On!

Peter x

Oh! The upshot of the ‘which graph do you want?’ poll was a draw... So I have changed the spreadsheet to generate both each week.