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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Darts – A new season: another week: a new leader!

The world of bad boys is a hard and swiftly moving place to be at the start of a new season, scream if you want to go faster!

Attending were Pete, Casablanca, Johnny Boy, Papa and Jelly Arm. A couple of flicks of the club coins sorted the teams as Mike and Stan ‘v’ Pedro, Papa and JA.

Pretty even teams you would have thought? I did, but for the second week on the trot one side delivered the other a good pasting. It pains me to tell you I was on the receiving end again!

CM and John took us to the cleaners with a seven 7 – 0 drubbing which of course looks like this: JCM 1234567 / W PPJA.

Notable Events:

In truth I can’t think of any, on the whole Mike and John played a reasonable game and were consistent throughout the evening earning them victory. Papa, Mike and (particularly) I were very patchy and below regular standards.

Both John and CM were quick on the bulls along with having a good number of trebles, often closing off several numbers before we could get a look in. None the less we all had a good evening and there was some good natured banter evident throughout proceedings. CM & J definitely deserved their win.

Bull Wars: CM 4, John 2, Papa 1 (Someone was keen enough to point out Papa’s bull while I was photographing the scoreboard!)

Chart Changes: Carnage and it is only the second week... Casablanca and John take equal first place with an unbeatable 100%, Forcing Ian down to third place with a mere 87.5%, Peter drops two places and after two matches has dropped to just over 6.5%! Papa and JA bring up the rear with 0%.

Well lads (my team) I hope we all fare better on our next outing!

Game On!

Peds x

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Darts – Bad Boys 2010 gets started at last!

WooHoo! After two weeks of being snowed off we were finally able to get an evening’s darts in and what a top evening it was, particularly if you go by any of the following nick-names: Rushers, Mr Mush, Val, Moth-man or Foggy.

We had a quick flip of the flipometers and the result was that the teams were Pete and Doddy ‘V’ Ian. It was a three man evening; hombre on hombre and hombre, ‘oh er missus’.

Rushers took the honours right from the start almost whitewashing us on the night, yes folks Foggy took seven games before Doddy and I finally beat him in to submission on the last game of the evening. The final score line being Ian 1234567 / PD 8.

Notable Events:

In all the games that Ian won (bar one) Pete and Doddy Started off by taking a good lead often in excess of 100. We thrashed through the high numbers taking our score, however it seemed our game fell apart once we got to 16 and below. It was here that Rushers did all the damage that clinched his victories.

Rushers was bull-tastic for evening even managing to finish a game with a double bullseye. Talk of certificates and the like were quickly thwarted when it was pointed out this was good but certainly not a first. Now three bullseyes, that would get the whole shooting match, cheers, hi-fives, certificates, we are not worthy’s and the lot. Perhaps someone will finally do it this year?

Ian had a well deserved win and also bags MOTM.

Bull Wars: Ian 6, Peter 1. This makes Ian the first bull-meister of the year.

Chart Changes: The first chart shows Ian leading with a massive 87.5% this is the highest opening score since the beginning of the 2006 season.

It could take some time before anyone gets close to that top spot. Last year it took us several months to topple Papa from the lead position.

Game On!

Peds x