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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Darts – March Dates Please Gents!

Tonight was the last February game so if you haven’t given me your March dates (check the fixtures list here), then please let me have them ASAP.

Tonight’s boys braving the cold to visit the hut were: Peter, Casablanca Mike, Rushers and Papa Fruin.

A quick flip pitched Ian and Peter (first time on the same team this year) against Papa and CM.

We managed to zip through eight games in the evening most being well contested. I can however announce there were clear winners for the evening with the final score line being PI 135678 / 24 PCM.

Notable Events:

A Couple of bull-semi turns.

Two storming catch-up games (one for each side) where the bull count to win each time was large around 10/11 – 3. Both times the trailing teams got within one or two semis before being cruelly beaten!

CM tried a new throwing technique, darts one and two - throw as normal, dart three - hurl at the board in disgust because you don’t like where one and two went... It could catch on!

Bull Wars: ‘Hurler’ 3, Peter 2, Ian 2, Papa 1.

Chart Changes:

Ian takes second place pushing CM down to third. Papa goes up one to sixth place knocking Doddy down to seventh position. Doddy will I am sure take comfort from still being ahead of ‘Jelly-leg’ Davies.

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Darts - The Ghost Of Peter Past?

Tuesday night’s match was a three handed affair, I had hoped for four but trying to tie down Steve is more difficult than catching steam in a fishing net. The likely lads who put in an appearance were Peter, Dave and Ian.

After a couple of flips of the ‘flipometers’ the teams were decided as Peter ‘v’ Ian Dave. This was clearly a game that could go either way, but after my performance so far this season I wasn’t betting on a win for myself.

After the middle for diddle Pedros galloped away in the first game laying waste to a mightily surprised opposition. Actually Peds was pretty surprised himself. After that the second went the same way but not as dramatically as the first.

The third game was rather remarkable in that Dave and Ian started massacring Pierre from the start and were some 200 points ahead when it came to the bull shoot-out meaning that there was an 11 – 3 bull mountain to climb.

When Ian stuffed the final dart in the board to claim victory it was 1 – 1, another of those legendary catch-ups that we see now and then at Bad Boys.

After that Pete took the fourth and fifth, Dave and Ian the sixth and seventh leaving us with the possibility of a draw on the eighth. The final score line was P 12458 / 367 ID a 5 – 3 victory to Pedros.

Notable Events:

The major catch-up, already noted.

I believe all players had bull-semi turns if not all having bull-semi finishes.

Peter gained the second (Steve has the first) OTT: Order of the triple treble by hitting three treble thirteens in a turn, which all happened to be scoring.

Trebles all around, some dry patches for all however, Peds gets MOTM.

Bull Wars: Peter 6, Dave 5, Ian 1. Making Peds the Bullmeister for the evening despite the fact he had twice as many goes as the other players!

Chart Changes: Pete and Ian go up one place each and Dave goes down one.

Last week Dave was a little dismayed that the chart was originally published showing his position on the grid incorrectly. Don’t worry Dave I have double checked it this week and it definitely shows you in the correct place (behind Ian again).

I am so relieved to have won a few bloody games as you can probably tell!

Next week, Pete, Papa, Ian, CM and John.... Can John stay at 100%?

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Redbond Special!

There's always one who isn't happy.... Corrected chart as well now!

Darts Results 09 Feb 2010

A short and sweet report...

Attending bad boys were CM, Ian, Peter and Papa. A couple of flips teamed up Peter and Papa ‘v’ Ian and Casablanca.

The final score line was ICM 123578 / 46 PPA so a 6 – 2 victory to Mike and Val.

After a slow start all players managed to put in some good performances including Bull/Semi finishes for both teams, also a good amount of treble action was in evidence.

There was a fair amount of wit flying as well. Several players were seen to be laughing too much to throw their darts properly (well that was the excuse used anyway).

Bull Wars: CM 3, Peter 3, Ian 1, Papa - Conscientious Objector.

Chart Changes: None....

But the good news... Papa and my %s went up!

Ian and CM %s went down!

Game On!

Peter x
STOP PRESS: There was a change..... Ian drops below Dave.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Darts – Everyone’s A Winner!

OK pop pickers despite the title of this week’s report it isn’t being written from the back seat of a Cadillac... Attending Bad Boys were Peter, Dave, CM, Doddy and Ian. We had a prompt start only requiring one flip of the flipping ometers.

Despite nonstop darts action we only managed to pack in six games before ten o’ clock. Possibly because there were quite a few rounds where few crosses were gained? Having said that there were periods of blinding darts where folks didn’t seem able to go wrong!

Anyway, the teams were Pete and Doddy (2nd pairing in 3 fixtures) ‘v’ Dave, Ian and CM. It was another one sided score line DICM 13456 / 2 PD. Although I will concede that DICM played better than us I reckon 2 – 4 would have been a fairer reflection of the night’s play.

In any event it was a good evening with plenty of banter and laughs. To be honest I can’t remember the details of standout darting events but certainly we all had a few and in particular CM and Doddy who take joint MOTM.

Bull Wars: Ian 2, Dave 1, CM 1, Pete 1, Doddy 1. Making Wushers Bullmeister for the evening.

Chart Changes: Dave rockets in to fourth place with 83.33%! WooHoo! This of course pushes Doddy and I down to fifth and sixth place respectively. Having said that both Doddy and my %’s went up this week WooHoo! Although Ian and CM drop a little they are still at the top end of the chart Woohoo! John wasn’t able to make it this week and consequently stayed at 100% Woohoo!

Papa is back on next week, will his % reach escape velocity? Can I persuade Steve to turn up?

Game On!

Peter x