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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Darts – A new Bad Boys record!

Greetings missile throwers.

I hate to sound too over enthusiastic but we had a bloody brilliant evening's darts on Tuesday.

The line up was Pete, Casablanca and Ian. A flip decided that Pete an Ian would do battle against the Champ (of Casablanca).

Usually I would like to say that all the games were closely fought but in fact only two were, the rest were very one sided, almost walks in the park for the victor. However even though on many occasions the scores weren’t close the score line was!

PI 13579-10 / 2468 CM a 6-4 victory to Pedros and Val.

Until the last game Pete and Ian took all the odd numbered games and CM the even numbers. The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that for the first time I have had to introduce a hyphen to the score line to show that a double digit game was played.

Yup we managed 10 games in the evening without any time extension; hot darts were the order of the night to get ten games in – a new Bad Boys record

Notable Events: 10 Games! Several double semis, double trebles, double doubles and a few Shanghais to boot!

I have to say that both the victors felt the result didn't quite reflect the evening's darts, both teams played well and a 5 – 5 would have reflected the efforts better. But at the end of the day Ian and I both said fuck it and gratefully accepted the uplift!

Bull Wars: Honours even at three bulls a piece.

Chart Changes: None... Although the gap between Ian and CM is closing rapidly, Ian gains a tad over 1.5% While CM dives by around 2.5% leaving a difference of only 3.5%. Peter gains about 1% and continues his limp back towards the 50% mark.

Next week..... John Returns!

We all want a chunk of his massive %, is he going to give it away or fight to the death?

Game On!

Peds x

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Darts – State of the Nation.

A top evening's darts, many closely fought matches but despite that one team consistently took the honours. Well played Ian and CM who beat Peter and Papa in 6-3 victory. The final score line was ICM 134678 / 259 PePa.

Notable Events:

The usual smattering of good trebles, doubles semis etc. It is unusual to report a poor dart here but it was suggested I should... Somebody went outside the treble ring while aiming for bulls, I am not going to say who, ian case you all start rushin about making rude comments on Thursday.

Bull Wars: CM 3, Ian 2, Papa 2, Peter 1. This makes CM the Bullmeister for the evening!

Chart Changes: No moves and mo massive gains or losses, Pete -1.25%, Ian +1.12%, CM +0.43%. Papa -1.0%

State of the nation:

We are around one third of the way through this season and the year is certainly shaping up to be different to previous seasons.

Attendance so far this year is somewhat fragmented. High attendees have (so far) been Peter, Ian and CM all showing over 10 visits. Papa in the middle ground with 7 visits Moving down to the lower end with Doddy, Dave, John, Mike D and Steve under 5 visits. There are good reasons for most of the low attendance numbers and I hope some can be caught up through the rest of the year.

I am fairly sure that you all know but I will state it again for the record:

I reserve the right to discount a player's score from the final yearly standings if he has attended less that twelve times and I consider his current score disproportionate because of this. At the moment John is probably the only player who would fall foul of this rule because the bugger still has 92.86% after 2 visits. Come on Johnny boy we are all waiting to grab a few percentage points from you! :-)

MOTM: Doddy currently holds the highest MOTM % (measured against attendance).

Who is your money on to win this year? If I had to bet at the moment I would put my money on CM and Ian taking first and second place and after that it is guess work.

Still.... Plenty of time to go yet so, Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Darts – Steady as she goes!

Darts – Steady as she goes!

It was all hands on deck as the good ship Bad Boy set of for Dart Bay.

Crewing the ship were Pete, Ian, Doddy and Casablanca Mike. A quick flip of the golden doubloons ended up with Ian and Peter to port 'v' Doddy and CM to starboard.

Pete and Ian pulled out of the harbour first but handed the controls over for the next leg of the voyage, the captain of the rig changed several times during the evening but eventually the ship manifest showed: PI 13467 / CMD 25 a 5 -2 salute to Captain Rushton and first mate Pedros.

Casablanca Mike and Doddy played in a ship shape fashion for the evening but didn’t quite manage to hoist the main sail as far as the other salty dogs!

Notable Events:

Rushers had a bull-semi finish.
CM had Shanghai.
All had some good treble action.
Both sides managed to give the opposition a severe drubbing at one point or another.

Bull Wars: CM 2, Peter 1, Ian 1 = CM is Bullmeister for the evening.

Sea Chart Changes:

No changes. Going on shore leave: Peter +2%, Ian +1.5%, Doddy +3.5%! Walking the plank: CM -4%.

Next week. Pirate papa returns and there is a rumour on the high seas that next month might see the return of Long John Davies.... If not he might be Keelhauled!

Game on m' hearties!

Cap'n Pete x

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Darts – Papa, the only way is up!

Greetings Bad Boys and darts fans. On Tuesday evening it was Pete, CM, Papa and Ian in the hut. After several flips Papa no mates was teamed with Casablanca Mike 'v' Peter and Ian.

Some competitive darts were played with both teams throwing some good arrows but Papa and Casablanca had the edge and emerged victorious.

The final score line was PCM 12467 / 358 PI. A 5 – 3 victory to Fruin and Weaver! Although the boys beat us fair and square it was very nearly a draw, one game went to the wire on a single semi. How fickle fate is!

Notable events:

Papa and maybe Mike (can't remember for sure) had Shanghai on the 20's

There were some double semis. Peter managed three treble elevens scoring a handy 99 in one game.

Bull Wars:

Papa 3, Ian 2, CM 1, Peter 1. Papa was the bullmeister and MOTM for some excellent darting all evening.

Chart Changes:

None, Peter drops around 1%, Ian 2%, CM 0.5% and Papa goes up 4.%!

Game on!

Peter x