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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Darts – Teddy Rushton “The less turns I have the better”.

Greetings those of the darting persuasion!

A full house at Nailsworth’s premier darts club, the hut was heaving with 6 bad boys raring to fling arrows.

Several flips of the ‘ometers’ were required to decide the night’s teams; in the end it was Peter, Papa and CM ‘V’ Dave, Ian and Doddy. You would have thought that was going to be a fairly even night’s honours, but once again lady luck smiled on some and shat on others.

The first game was stunningly close with the game decided on one semi either way, eventually going to PPCM. Four more games followed all were close at one time or another, had the lead swapped or changed hands near the end, however something they all had in common was that PPCM won the buggers. We were looking like having a clean sweep until the sixth game when DID got their act together and commanded the game from the start, we tried hard to catch up, but never made it.

So the final score line was PPCM 12345 / DID 6.

It has to be said DID were not happy with their performance but remained cheerful (well mostly) and very sporting throughout the evening. At one point however Ian felt totally underwhelmed by his performance and offered to the rest of us “The less turns I have the better”, followed by much sympathy and jocularity from the opposition of course.

Notable Events:

Dave got three of the same treble in one turn; sadly it wasn’t a scoring one....

PPCM had two Bull/Semi finishes.

Doddy didn’t break wind.

Papa was ‘on team’! and playing well, At least two treble 17’s I seem to remember.

Bull Wars: CM 2, Pete 2, Dave 1, Doddy 1.

Chart Changes: Papa and Doddy swap places moving Papa up to 6th place and Doddy down to 7th.

The gap between CM and Teddy has widened to 3%; competition between Mike and Ian for the rest of this season will be crucial and may well be in the lap of the flipometer. Ian must also consider Dave who isn’t that far behind him! Steve now has Papa close behind and of course Doddy who will be itching for revenge.

Both Doddy and Mike D are playing next week so there are more possible upsets afoot.

So - Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Darts – Getitonbangagong!

On many occasions when reporting matches here I have mentioned, alluded to, joked about and discussed psychic interference during our darts matches. Well, I now have to consider if one of our players seriously is psychic!

Should I be renaming Casablanca Mike Psychic Mike? I mean sometimes when he has hurled his darts on the floor I have thought about maybe Psycho Miko... Well, I now think Psychic Mike or the ‘Honda who sees beyonder’ might be more appropriate, hopefully the reason for this will become clear as you read on!

So, it’s early Tuesday evening and I get a call from CM who says he is sorry but he can’t make it tonight, No problem say I. After a couple of calls to see if there are any other bad boys who can pick up the slack I have turned up a blank. That’s ok Ian, Steve and I can flip and have a two ‘v’ one game.

The three of us gather at eight have a quick practice, enough double eleven’s are hit so that we feel ready to start. We flip the flippy things and it turns out that the teams are Peter ‘v’ Ian and Steve, a decent flip I reckon.

Let the game begin! Well readers please bear in mind that I am not usually one to blow my own ‘dart’ trumpet but on this occasion I have to! I was on bloody fire, playing out of my skin, wham bam thank you mam-ing it everywhere!

I walked the first three games with 200 leads and was cut to a 100 lead in the fourth, Ian and Steve controlled the fifth and I failed to give them much of a fight. I was thinking that the table had turned but managed take the sixth with a healthy lead, took the back seat again on the seventh and rallied to take the eighth leaving a final score line was P 123468 / 57 IS

Notable Events:

Trebles everywhere (for me), If Colin was still playing he would have said ‘How can you play against that!’

Pete scored 2 x treble 20 – twice.

Bulls were in abundance! Nearly as many as semis, 10 bulls between 3 players is damn good going.

Bull Wars: Ian 4, Peter 4, Steve 2

Chart Changes: OMG! Some of you will remember that last week I told you that Ian was denying CM second place by just over 0.5%? Unfortunately (for Ian) tonight’s results see him drop by about 1.00% meaning that CM has his first taste of the second position slot!

Now just tell me folks, doesn’t that sound psychic to you? Psycho Miko doesn’t turn up and lands second place! Steve has been trying that one for months and only gone down. Speaking of Steve, he drops about 1.75% but doesn’t change position; but Doddy is definitely chewing his arse at less than a percent behind.

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Darts – Is it f***ing Random?

Greetings Bad Boys, darts fans and all those folks who land on the BBDC blog expecting to findporn rather than the results service of a Gloucestershire darts club!

‘Twas a grand evening (for some) on Tuesday night. The evening kicked off with five bad boys handling a one flip of the flipometers to determine teams. They were Pete and Casablanca Mike  ‘v’ Mike-D, Papa and Ian. We knew Doddy would be a few minutes late so we started with the Big D joining Pete and CM after the first few rounds.

Now, you would have thought that the evening would be very close, well matched teams, veterans on both sides; however it was not to be, yes my humble readers it hurts me to tell you it was a whitewash (hurts as in my fingers got jammed in the keyboard stabbing our victory stats in to excel)!

On a serious note folks I have to say that the final score line was PCMD 123456 / W JAPI

This (certainly for me) was totally unexpected, why did it happen? Well randomness is a wonderful thing and sometimes a complete bitch. The bottom line was that Ian, Papa and JA just didn’t play their best darts and all happened to be on the same team.

JA mentioned that after this evening his recent tally was only one game won in the last 18 played. Now I reckon that truly is bad luck, mostly because the last three results that he played in have definitely had clear winners, but fear not!

A quick look at the cumulative chart will show you that this isn’t an unusual phenomenon. This year’s chart shows that you can have good or bad patches running from weeks to months!

A Prime example is Dave, who is traditionally a top three player and has often made second and first place, however this year he appears to have started on a high, dropped and not recovered (so far).

Doddy started the year well, nosedived and looked like he would stay there, but is now well on the way to recovery. Papa also had a bad start to the year but recently (tonight excluded) has been finding form again.

Basically look at any player on the graph and you will see peaks and troughs. You should also always remember that the more times you play the less drastic the ups and downs will be as they are an average of all games played. This means that Ian’s and my lines look less lumpy as time goes on because the more games we play the less our averages tend to move.

Notable events:

Bull Finishes were almost the order of the day. Semi finishes were out of fashion tonight. Bull / Semi finishes also had a showing.

Loads of trebles! Doddy had a hatful of them, some were unkind enough to suggest they were random, but by the third T20 nothing more was said, particularly when teamed with a T18 (MOTM goes to Doddy for the second week running)!

Papa was having some trouble with his first darts hitting targets, but never his third! Several times after chucking a couple without a result he would throw the third at another target and bang it straight in the treble!

Ian didn’t kill anything that wasn’t on the board.

Bull Wars: CM 3, Pete 2, Doddy 1, Ian 1 JA 1.

Chart Changes: Fares Please!

Doddy moves up two places between Steve and Papa. Casablanca Mike leaps up nearly 3% overtaking Dave and challenging Ian with only a sliver over 0.5% between them!

Game On!


Peter x


Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Darts - Snapshot Graph.


The cumulative chart is great for seeing how your score is progressing (up or down), but may not always be 100% clear where folks stand on a given night. Above is an example of a graph I could post instead, which do you prefer?

Whichever proves most popular I would still publish the other periodically? Please vote in the poll and email me if you can’t find a suitable answer there.


Pedro x

Darts – Mad Man Murders Moth!

Peter 61.60% Ian 54.38% Dave 50.40% CM 49.49% Steve 45.24%Papa 41.67% Mike D 39.51% Doddy 39.45% Colin 34.78% Malc 33.33%

A top evening’s darts in the hut, with a full house on board. Teams flipped were Pete, Doddy and Dave ‘V’ CM, Malc and Ian.

The boys zoomed straight in to the games with PDD taking the first and second. MCMI took the third and narrowly lost the fourth, they then went on to marmalise PDD in the fifth. They took the next game bringing the score to a three all draw. We decided on a decider, which was duly won by PDD making the evening a 4 -3 Victory to PDD, final score line PDD 1247 / 356 MCMI.

Doddy and Malc are both awarded MOTM for playing above their normal level, there were some excellent darts thrown!

Notable events:

Casablanca Mike hurled his darts at the floor. I am gonna get that SOAB filling in the holes if he keeps that up!

Malc Hurled a dart at the golf board and went out of bounds hitting the wall. I am gonna get that SOAB plastering the walls if he keeps that up.

Teddy Rushton hurled his hand at a moth on the ceiling and splattered it spectacularly. I am gonna get that SOAB reported to the RSPCM if he keeps that up.

Doddy had a bull, semi finish. No farting this week either, which was nice.

Several Shanghai’s were scored and a double treble.

‘Killer’ Rushton finished game six with a first dart bull, having cockily predicted that he was going to do it!

Bull Wars: Doddy 2, Ian 1 (plus a moth), CM 1, Pete 1.

Chart Changes: No Change... But just feel the heat! Malc only needs another decent game to overtake Colin. Doddy and Mike D are 0.06% apart. Casablanca Mike and Dave are still less than 1% apart.

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Darts – Sometimes lady luck is a bitch!

Peter 61.73% Ian 54.76% Dave 50.00% CM 50.00% Steve 45.24%Papa 41.67% Mike D 39.51% Doddy 38.24% Colin 34.78% Malc 31.71%

Yo brothers and fellow Nailsworth darters. The hut was heaving to full capacity this Tuesday with six bad boys on the oche. We had a couple of flips of the flipometers and the teams panned out as Teddy R, Papa and Mike D (J.A.) ‘V’ Pedro, Dave and Casablanca Mike.

I’m going to make the report short this week, not drag out the agony, not keep folks guessing what the result was, wondering who took a whooping and who didn’t, no opening wounds that might be starting to heal, no ritual humiliation of the losers, no smug one-upmanship!

So straight on with the results, Teddy’s Toreadors team got whooped 5 – 1 by Pedro’s portfolio of pooftas. Yes indeed! Score Line IPMD 1 / 23456 PDCM.

Enough of this tomfoolery, actually it was a great evening’s darts. I have to say one of the most competitive and focused that we have had for many months. Everyone was out to win and the concentration of all the players was palpable.

Yet again the results don’t even tell half the story. Rushers team played far too well to only win one game, all the games but one were close with bull finishes required, however PDCM seemed to clinch them. Certainly 2 – 4 would have been a more accurate result and a tie was never out of the question in terms of performance. But them’s the breaks and we must all take what lady luck dishes out.

Notable events: In one game PDCM were 8 bulls behind and managed a phenomenal comeback to snatch the game, the whole team got stuck in but Dave scoring three in one turn certainly made it a lot easier. Commiserations to IPMD, it should have been their win.

Bull Wars: Ian 2, MD 1, Pedro 1, Dave 1.

Chart Changes: Remarkably no one changes places! However Dave and Casablanca Mike are now in equal third place as they are both on exactly 50%. Both have risen around 2 % and Ian has dropped 1% to close the gap to less than 5%. Papa and Mike D also drop, Papa around 1% and Mike D about 1.5% Mike gets the worst hit as he has a lower attendance record, although a big win would see it shoot up faster as well, so swings and roundabouts.

Please let me have your OCTOBER Dates...


Pedro x