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Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Darts – Enter the Blip!

Dave 61.76% Peter 60.00% Ian 52.70% Steve 48.57% Mike D 47.06%
Papa 43.59% Colin 34.78% Doddy 33.33% Malc 21.43% Fred 0.0%

Six bad boys gathered all looking to dish out ‘neutralization’ to the opposition and by god it was a seriously exciting event! After several flurries on the ‘flipometeres’ Pete, Mike and Malc were ready to do battle with Steve, Ian and Dave. It turned out to be a battle of epic proportions!

There wasn’t a single walkover, all games were hotly contested, some were nail biters, one in particular (probably) has to be the most fiercely contested game in 'bad boys’ history and that is saying something with over 630 games under out belts!

The final score line was SID 1346 / 257 PMM

There were some stunning darts thrown, everybody had at least one good patch and many played consistently well all night. Mike played very well for our team but without a shadow of a doubt Dave has to be man of the match, his play was streets ahead of everybody else when the whole evening is taken in to account.

Game five was phenomenal, the lead must have changed hands seven or eight times before the finish. SID were holding bulls and scoring on them while PMM needed two semis to finish, however PMM still had 15s, 13s and 12’s open. Dave kept whacking in semis; scoring 25s 50s and even 75s at a time but miraculously PMM managed to keep up by hitting several treble 15s among other goodies. Eventually we managed to shut of the bulls leaving Dave’s team requiring 2 x 15,13 and 12 to win, a very tall order, he closed the 15’s and one of the other numbers; fortunately this still left us with room to make the winning score.

However as exciting as it was and as pleased as we were to win it, let’s not forget that SID won the match!

The other great news is that Malc had broken his duck! He is no longer mister ‘flat line’, he is now a considerable blip... Long may it continue :-)

Notable Events: Dave gained another O3B (three semis in one turn), well done Dave.

Bull Wars: Dave 4, Ian 3, Malc 1

Chart Changes: Steve moves up one position to 4th place, forcing JA down to 5th Position.

Future position battles appear to be Dave and Pete <2% between them, Mike and Steve also <2% and Doddy and Colin who are <1.5% apart. Game On!

Peter x

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Darts - Dates Required Urgently!

April is nearly upon us! Please can you let me have your dates as soon as possible. And yes that means you as well Jelly Arm!

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Darts – Bull’s-eyes Count!

Dave 62.96% Peter 61.64% Ian 52.24% Mike D 48.15% Steve 46.43%
Papa 43.59% Colin 34.78% Doddy 33.33% Malc 0.00% Fred N/A

A good evening’s darts! Pete and Colin took on Papa and Ian. We only managed five games but all were closely contended. The final score line was PC 12/345 IP delivering a well deserved 3 -2 victory to Ian and Papa.

Colin and I got off to a good start managing to bag the first two games, sadly we couldn’t keep the pace up and Ian and Papa gained the upper hand. I suspect that had there been a sixth match played it would have been another victory for them, thankfully Colin has been taking master classes from Steve and announced he had an early start and wasn’t able to stay for another. Virtually all the games finished with one team or the other chasing a large score deficit on bulls and in many cases the gaps were closed considerably!

Bull Wars: Ian 3, Peter 2, Papa 1.

Chart changes: All players’ graphs take an upward flick except Peter’s which dips down and consequently moves down one position to second leaving Dave in first place. Colin moves up from his equal position with Doddy.

It’s unusual for the Doddmeister to be this end of the table so I am expecting a fight back over the next few weeks.... Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Darts – Pitched Battle In The Hut!

Peter 63.24% Dave 62.96% Ian 51.61% Mike D 48.15% Steve 46.43%
Papa 41.18% Colin 33.33% Doddy 33.33% Malc 0.00% Fred N/A

Tuesday night was very competitive, five bad boys itching to walk away with a victory under their belts... It was very nearly a full house with Pete, Ian, Steve, Dave and Mike all in the clubhouse and ready to rock by 8.00pm. A few flips of the ‘ometers’ revealed the teams would be Pete, Dave and Mike ‘V’ Ian and Steve.

PDM had a slow start in game one but none the less notched up first blood. Ian and Steve fought back and secured the second game which spurred PDM on enough to take the third. Following this Ian and Steve had a great run bagging three games on the trot, the opposition thought it was all over. Thankfully PDM came back on form and snaffled the last two games making the evening a draw! The score line finished as PDM 1378/2456 IS.

Notable events:

Ian and Steve settled nicely into a good tactic. Ian going for the big numbers and chasing when needed, Steve going early for the 10-15 11-14 double targets. This paid off well for them with one or the other tending to bring in a good early high score in each game. A good example of a team using their best areas of the board to complement each other and gain an advantage!

Bull Wars: Ian 2, Steve 1 Pete 0, Dave 0, Mike 0.

Chart Changes: Well it might have been a draw but there was a chart change! Although Dave and Peters %’s both went down Dave’s went down further meaning that he dropped to second place while Pete takes first place.

Other %’s, Ian drops slightly while both Steve and Mike take an upward turn, This is beginning to cause a mid field bump, because of the way the %/attendance average work this means that if Mike, Steve or Doddy get a couple of good results in they may well find themselves challenging Ian for third place! Mind you I can’t see Ian taking that lying down so as they say...

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Darts – Hmmm... That’s a nice shade of white.

Dave 68.42% Peter 65.00% Ian 51.85% Mike D 47.37% Steve 45.00%
Papa 41.18% Colin 33.33% Doddy 33.33% Malc 0.00%

The flipometers drew Ian and Peter against Doddy and Papa. A pitched battle of 8 games followed resulting in a 5 – 3 victory to Ian and Peter. The final score line was IP 12457 / 368(W) DP. It was a great evening’sdarts, very competitive! The majority of games were close, a couple being down to first man to the bull. Ian and I did manage to to sneak one whitewash much to Papa and Doddy’s dismay, thus the (w) in the score line. I know they wouldn’t want me to leave it unmentioned!

Notable Events:

Papa nearly got three treble 20’s thankfully it was during the warm up!

Pete, Ian and Doddy all threw a ‘Robin Hood’ resulting in three shaft fatalities for the evening.

Chart Changes: Doddy gains 1 % and is now equal 7th with Colin. Ian increases by nearly 2%, Papa drops by 1% and Peter drops by half 1%.

Bull Wars: Ian 3, Papa 2, Peter 2, Doddy 1.

Pete X