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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Shame on you!

Shame on you nitpickers for not noticing that I am still showing 2008 in results up to the end of January 2009!

Darts – A Bulltastic Evening!

Tuesday rolled around again and four bad boys rolled up for a serious head to head evening. The warriors hefting the mini spears were: Pedro, Eon, Mike Casa-Belcher and a first season outing for ‘Jelly Arm Davies’.

It was an AB-FAB evening of darts with some stunning play by all (more of this in notable events) and some incredibly close matches with the odd runaway success. I think that all the players would agree that almost up to the last game the night’s outcome was debatable, if you wanted to see some seriously competitive darts then last night the hut was the place to be!

Firstly I would like to say what a pleasure it was to see Mike-D (AKA –JA) in ‘da’ hut! First time this year and I was very happy to be partnering him.

Actually it was almost a foregone conclusion that I would be partnering him! You want to know why? Because both Ian and Belcher prepared their darts for practice and then they both scored double eleven with their first dart. They were like some freaky blood brother voodoo thing; thank god ‘JA’ and I were teamed to represent the high moral ground by getting fuck all in practice! The ‘flipometers’ had mystically done their work once again.

The first game got off to a good start and was claimed by JA and Pete, mighty happy we were to. The second was a close affair but pipped by JAP. The honours for games three through to six went to the missile team (ICBM).... Ian, Casablanca (Belcher) Mike. The JAP’s managed to take the seventh game but the burpers repeated on the eighth. Making the final score line:

JAP127 / 34568 ICBM

I can say (hand on my heart) that the result could have gone either way it was a brilliant evening, the competition was incredibly close. Out of the eight games played two of them only had a one point difference in the score, one game didn’t even have that, the scores were drawn and the finish was either a complete draw (our first?) or ICBM would win, whoever got the next semi, ICBM triumphed. Both teams had a runaway success each.

So, stunningly close, however I don’t want to take away the glory from ICBM they definitely deserved to win but it was one hell of a fight!

Notable Events:

Despite the belching top honours must go to Casablanca Mike who I believe is the second (correct me if I am wrong) Bad Boy to achieve a ‘triple treble’ (not to be confused with three semis!), his chosen number was sixteen, freakily one under the first ‘triple treble’ of seventeen scored by Steve Morgan. Who will be third? Who will be first to take the highest possible accolade of three red bulls?

CM is awarded MOTM for a cooly executed TT.

Several players (possibly all except me) managed a Shang-Hi

A couple of players (one from each team I think) managed two semis in a turn.

I think it is also fair to say that we had the most stunning end to a game that I can remember since we started Bad Boys. In this particular game it had been nip and tuck and Ian took to the oche on behalf of ICBM and planted a bull and semi, putting his team in the driving seat, by the time Pedro’s turn came around for JAP the only possibility of winning the game was to emulate Ian and plant another bull and semi.

Mike-D and Pete joked about zen-ning up and then, yet again it was proved that on occasion the game is as much psychological as physical when Pete seriously zoned and managed to get a semi, followed by a bull to take the game... Dave, I know you will appreciate that!

Bull Wars: Wahoa! CM 4, Peter 4, Ian 3, JA 2.

Pretty good I reckon, not that I have counted (although the data is on the blog) but 13 is pretty good for one evening!

Chart Changes:

John remains top of the pile; this of course might well change on his next visit. Ian drops a place to third which puts Papa in second place. This puts Peter and CM level pegging in equal fourth place at 50%.

Mike-D has had his first showing which immediately pushes him up to sixth place 37.5% ahead of Dave, Doddy, Steve and Malc.

I guess this means that the number one spot this year is shaping up to be anyone’s and that in turn must means for every other position it is GAME ON!

Peds x

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Darts – A New Year A New Leader Board!

Tuesday brought a full house to the Bad Boys Hut. Pete, Papa, Dave, Doddy, Ian and Casablanca Mike. After several flips the teams were: PDADO ‘V‘ ICMPAP.

Double elevens and Middle for diddle were despatched in short order with ICMPAP taking the MFD, this turned out to be an ominous sign of the way the evening would go for PDADO!

Ian, Mike and Papa took the first five games! There were about three of those that were properly contested, but none the less all but one were deserved victories. Thankfully (for PDADO) they managed to steal the sixth game to avoid a whitewash, however the seventh also went ICMPAP.

Bringing the final score line to: ICMPAP 123457 / 6 PDADO.

Firstly it has to be said that Ian, Papa and Mike deserved the victory they played excellently. Secondly Pete, Dave and Doddy really never managed to shine for more than the odd turn during the evening they probably deserved to win one of the other games but that was it. On the night they were outclassed by the opposition.

Notable Events:

Oodles of Trebles for Papa and Ian

Oodles of Semis for Papa

CM managed 2 x T20 and wasn’t too far off making it a hat trick.

Papa led the pack for most of the evening, but Ian also played very well, yet again I find myself awarding MOTM to both of them. This is quite worrying, Ian has played three times this season and Papa twice, on all occasions played they have both been MOTM!

Several players managed double semis.

Bull Wars: Papa 1, Peter 1. (not a bull-tastic evening).

Chart Changes:

Wow, the year might be shaping up very differently!

John remains in pole position, Ian is second, Papa third, Pete is demoted to mid table along with Casablanca Mike. A double hit for Dave and Doddy sees them in joint sixth Place with Steve and Malc biting at their heels.

As I said last week it is still early days but I definitely think this year is shaping up to be more competitive and reckon that the final scores for all will be crunched nearer to the 50% mark.

I predict that I won’t take the top position this year, time for some other bugger to rule the roost after all 2006, 2007 and 2008 is long enough for anyone.... Lets ‘ave it!

Game on!

Pedro x

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Darts – Is John really Gary Glitter?

As last week’s cold snap was over, the Bad Boys managed to walk rather than slide up to the hut... For the second week of the new season it was another full house. Peter, Ian, Malc, Casablanca Mike, Stan the Man and Steve.

I broke out the flipometers without my usual silly question of what colour do you want (they are two sided, red and green) only to find that Teddy Boy Rushton complained that he had the wrong colour, I suppose it’s my fault for spoiling him! After we flipped out the teams were Peter, Ian and John ‘V’ Casablanca, Steve and Malc.

We launched straight in to the games, despite what you will see shortly as the final score line the games were a mixed bag, one or two were substantial wins, most were close and a couple saw the lead swap at least once, however the final score line didn’t really reflect the efforts of the losing team.

Score Line PIJ 123467 / 5 CSM

As always (well nearly as always) all players had some purple patches, particularly in evidence was Mr Rushton and Mr Morgan who both take MOTM for the evening. I am particularly pleased about this as both these guys dipped towards the end of last year, so back on form!

Notable Events:

John has taken the top spot on his first outing of 2009. Is he really the leader of the gang? Only time will tell!

Malc didn’t have his best game tonight but he sure as hell guaranteed his team their only win in game five with the deadest centre bull seen for months.... Go Malc Go!

As previously mentioned Ian and Steve were throwing some excellent darts. Ian even threw some when it wasn’t his turn, mind you Steve quickly pointed out that they wouldn’t count.

John had some new darts with flights so small that if they had been girl’s knickers he would have been arrested. Hmmm... I expect he will have traditional bloomers on next time he chucks them. Oops... on the darts I mean!

Malc is AW(O)L for the next 8 weeks, so please try to take up the slack in your Feb and March bookings... I said slack!

Bull Wars: CM 2, Ian 2, John 2, Malc 1 (but what a one!), Pete and Steve SFA.

Chart Changes:

It has to be said that things are very volatile in the charts for the first few weeks, so maybe there isn’t a lot of point analysing trends yet. However, clearly having the new boy in the number one spot isn’t a trend the rest of us like the look of, any of you know how to cut the brake lines on Mercs?

If it is any consolation to other players I can guarantee that bottom three will move up and the top three will move down over the next couple of months, so it is as I normally say.....


Peter x

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Darts - Captain Birdseye?

Yo Bad Boys!

It was Tuesday, it was freezing cold, it was the first Tuesday of the new year, all the stats were reset to ZERO, no one was ahead, no one was behind it was ground zero for BAD BOYS 2009!

The first fixture of the year saw Pete, Dave, CM, Papa, Ian and Doddy ascend the frosty stairs to the hallowed hut for the first match of the New Year, Hurrah!

It turned out to be a bizarre evening’s darts score wise, probably only one game was close all the others were fairly decisive, this is what went down....

First things first... We had probably the most amazing flip of the flipometers so far!

Ian, Pete and Papa were stood one side of the hut, Dave, Doddy and CM the other.... I handed out the flipometers and we all used them only to find that D,D,CM were on one team ‘V’ I,P,P on the other, now that really is psychic something or other!

PEIPA Took the first and second games and were beginning to think the entire evening might go their way. But in usual bad boy style, no such thing! DDCM locked horns (oohhh er missus) and took games three and four.

After much gnashing of teeth PEIPA took the fifth and sixth! This gave a final score line of PEIPA 1256 / 34 DDCM.

In truth there was nothing remarkable about any of the games as a whole, what was remarkable was that every player had an excellent purple patch at one point or another. As far as MOTM went, Papa stole the show early but Captain Birdseye did well later and therefore shares MOTM with Papa!

Notable Events:

Ian looked very nautical and was variously named Captain Haddock, Captain Pugwash (via email from Dave) and Captain Birds Eye.... Say no More!

Anyway, Captain Dodgy managed 2 x T20 in one turn & T x T (something else high scoring) in one turn in the same game, stunning!

Papa was having it off with treble 2 x T17 and millions of others, special mentions for his T15 work!

Dave had 2 x T20

CM had shanghi’s

Doddy had a bit of everything and was very hot, looking good for 2009 methinks

Peter managed a double semi.

Bull Wars: Doddy took the first bull of the year and Peter followed, that was it!

Chart Changes: The 3 winners ahead of the rest, followed by those yet to play....

Game On !

Peter x