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Thursday, 29 November 2007

Darts – Dave tells a Jackanory?

Peter 63.07% Ian 57.20% Dave 57.14% Doddy 46.92% Mike D 44.44%
Steve 43.45% Papa 39.80% Fred 38.53% Malc 31.37% Colin 30.41%

Well, it was bound to be a needle match wasn’t it? Dave and Ian were very close in the league and this game could be decisive unless of course like my prediction of yesterday they ended up on the same team... Which they did!

The flipometers selected Ian and Dave ‘v’ Peter and Doddy. We played through eight matches and the score line was as follows: ID 13568 / 247 PD. It has to be said most of the matches could have gone either way which made things very exciting It came close to being a four all draw but in the end Ian and Dave deserved the win. I would also like to thank them for their sportsmanship by not quitting when they were 4 – 2 ahead. A special thanks to Doddy for offering his salami around... And yes folks it was a sliced one!

Notable events:

Doddy had two semis in one turn.

Rushers had two bulls in one turn.

Dave hit the rubber.

Speaking of which; Dave hit the Rubber and then told us all that it was the first time in a year and a half of darts he has ever hit the rubber! Do you believe that... I am a little bit sceptical as he managed the same rare event once again the next turn! Jackanory... Jackanory.. Jackanory.

Bull Wars: Ian 3, Dave 2 (Same as his rubber count for the night), Peter 1, Doddy 1

Chart changes: None

Ian is 0.06% ahead of Dave. Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Darts – An odd night?

Peter 63.59% Ian 57.02% Dave 56.83% Doddy 47.54% Mike D 44.44%
Steve 43.45% Papa 39.80% Fred 38.53% Malc 31.37% Colin 30.41%

We had a first at the bad boys darts club last night, we played a league game with 5 players. In preparation for next year’s 4 >6 player nights we trialled what could have been the more difficult combination 3 on one side and two on the other.

It went extremely well, everyone managed to remember the correct playing order sequence, as I suspected all you have to do is remember who the last guy was that threw on your team rather than who you follow on the other team.

The ‘flipometer’ count has been upgraded to 6 to accommodate the new team numbers, we gave 5 of them an outing last night resulting in Mike D and Papa ‘v’ Pete, Steve and Malc.

It was nearly a game of two halves but not quite! Papa and Mike steamed ahead they took the first two games convincingly and then stole the third. The three musketeers finished waking up and took the fourth were denied the fifth by one semi and then bagged the sixth with room to spare. By this time we were cooking on gas but sadly no one could stick around to eat the meal!

So a final score line was PM 1235 / 46 PSM. Papa and Mike thoroughly deserved their victory, both of them played exceptionally well. Papa was even seen to be cooperating on numbers with Mike!

Notable events:

More evidence of Double trebles!

Pete has a grand turn getting T16, T18, T19.

Malc may now be referred to as our little semi-god, having achieved a very healthy rate of stabbing the outer bull for most of the night.

Bull Wars: Mike 2, Steve 1, Pete 1, Malc 1.

Chart Changes: Papa and Mike rise one place to 5th and 7th position respectively, While Steve and Fred drop one place each to 6th and 8th place respectively.

Wednesday sees a regular 4 man game played by the current table toppers, the match will be most crucial to Dave and Ian as they are exceptionally close, mind you they might end up on the same team, if this happens it is an instant advantage to Dave providing they win because his number of attendances is lower than Ian’s thus his %’s are affected to a greater degree. Of course if they are teamed together the best result for Ian is that they lose!

It’s a funny old – Game On!

Peter X

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Darts – Three Way Action.

Sadly Steve forgot he was playing and couldn’t be reached... So Fred, Colin and Pete played a couple of Head to Head to Head games. Both were great fun, but of course the scores don’t count for the league.

The three of us stomped up and down on Steve’s newly printed certificate and then ripped it to shreds, while shouting “Morgan, where are you”?

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Darts – What day of the week it is?

Peter 64.06% Ian 57.02% Dave 56.83% Doddy 47.54% Steve 43.83% Mike D 43.01% Fred 38.53% Papa 38.04% Malc 31.11% Colin 30.41%

There I was sat minding my own business when Dave appeared in the house with a cheery hello and wondering why I wasn’t in the hut. “It is darts tonight isn’t it?” “I don’t think so, but I had better check!” said I. For the first time in nearly a year I had forgotten which Wednesday was ‘on’! Very embarrassing, luckily it only took about 30 seconds to wander up to the clubhouse and throw the power switches.

Speaking of the clubhouse, there have been some changes (for those who haven’t already seen), I have moved the PC and table out and rearranged other stuff to create a much larger more open area in preparation for ‘BAD Boys 2008’. The plan for next year is to dump the Wednesday fixtures and play 4 - 6 players on Tuesdays. There are a few finer details to iron out but it is looking pretty good. There is certainly enough room now for space not to be a big problem. I also think that having teams of 2 - 3 on each side will help to narrow the % gap we are seeing this year, making for more chart position changes and closer competition.

Final point on the clubhouse, I want to say a big thanks to Dave for gifting us some coat hooks, many folks have been wishing we had some! Now these aren’t any ordinary coat hooks, oh no... They are oversized metal darts that screw in to the wall and you then hang your coat over the flight! Nice one Dave, much appreciated.

On to the game:

Pete and Dave were drawn to play against Mike D and Fred. Top notch darts were played (when we weren’t busy not scoring). We packed in 6 games and Pete and Dave took the final honours but not without some serious opposition. The Final Score line was PD 1245 /36 MF. Most games were quite close, 2 very close; one it has to be said was a whitewash.

Notable Events:

Mike - D got two bull centres in one turn

Mike -D and Fred were left holding decorators brushes at the end of one game.

Yet again some ‘double’ trebles were in evidence again; these are definitely cropping up more frequently.

Fred had 2 bulls and one of the aforementioned DT’s, his play is definitely improving, more practice Fred!

Bull Wars: Mike D 3, Dave 2, Fred 2, Peter 0

Chart changes:

None but just check how close certain pairs are: Ian/Dave, Steve/Mike D, Fred/Papa, Malc/Colin. There is still plenty to play for up to the end of 2007. Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Darts - Arise (again) Sir Steve!

Peter 64.02% Ian 57.02% Dave 56.39% Doddy 47.54% Steve 43.83%
Mike D 43.68% Fred 38.83% Papa 38.04% Malc 31.11% Colin 30.41%

A splendid evening’s darts. The teams were Peter and Steve ‘V’ Ian and Papa.

We started off with an extremely close and high scoring tussle all four players where whacking scores in and clearing the opposition. Considering this the final score of 236 /235 was exceptional and of course came down to a first team to the semi finish!

Ian and Papa nabbed it with a sigh of relief. Things then took an even larger turn for the worse for P&S as we lost the next two games to I&P. Looking 3 - 0 in the face was not encouraging but we dug deep and snatched the fourth game, then the fifth and the sixth!

So there we were three games apiece so a decider was required. Papa and Ian took the final game to seal a well earned win for the evening. Score Line IP 1237/456 PS

Notable events:

All players getting plenty of trebles.

All players getting 2 x trebles in a turn.

Pete had 2 x Bull centres in one turn.

Something very special happened, an award was won! Steve became our first player to hit three trebles in one turn. He machine gunned three darts straight in to the treble 17. Congratulations Steve!

Bull Wars: Peter 2, Ian 1, Papa 1, Steve1,

Chart changes: Nobody moves but some gaps have narrowed.

Peter X

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Darts - The boys were B.A.D!

Peter 64.42% Ian 57.02% Dave 56.39% Doddy 47.54% Steve 43.87%
Mike D 43.68% Fred 38.83% Papa 36.47% Malc 31.11% Colin 30.41%

Straight results on the first flip of the ‘flipometers’. Peter and Doddy (thanks for standing in for Steve) ‘V’ Ian and Colin.

I don’t know why, maybe it was the beer, maybe it was the darts or maybe it was both but in any event all the contestants were in a lively and humorous mood, even Ian was happy. We set about five fairly raucous games of doubles leaving us with a score line of CI 14 / PD 235.

Game one was crazy, Colin and Ian didn’t bother with anything other than trebles. Within a couple of rounds they were over 100 up on us and by the time it was down to bulls they were over 200 up. Doddy and I had a run on bulls and it came down to first man to get a semi and Ian landed it just in time, it was a really exciting game!

Colin played very well, far more consistently, his darts are definitely improving there was no hesitation in awarding him MOTM.

Bull Wars: Pete 3, Doddy 1.

Chart Changes: None but look at how close some folks are, it is definitely Game On!

Peter X

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Darts – Malc Motors!

Peter 64.48% Ian 57.39% Dave 56.39% Doddy 47.01% Steve 43.87%
Mike D 43.68% Fred 38.83% Papa 36.47% Malc 31.11% Colin 30.07%

Another fun darts evening! The flipometer did its work in one round again selecting Peter and Malcolm ‘V’ Mike D and Fred.

Fred and Mike stole the lead early on in the first game with plenty of treble shenanigans, by the end of the first round they were 100 ahead. Malc and I made our best efforts to catch up but in the end they still retained that initial 100 lead.

Pete and Malc snaffled the second game drawing level, only to be beaten in the third game! Undaunted we equalised again by taking the fourth. We decided on a decider (quite difficult to say that) and Pete and Malc bagged it, then Fred decided we really ought to have a sixth game, we could hardly deny the opposition a chance to draw so off we went…

Brmmm… Brmmmm… Bradbury suddenly decided to push the pedal to the metal and start scoring trebles and semis all over the place! The game was over in 5 minutes and we were 4 – 2 up, we offered the lads another game but this time Fred thought it might not be a good idea :-)

So the final score order was: FM 13 / 2456 PM

Notable Events:

Treble twenties from Fred

Two semis in one turn from Malc

Malc also hit the wall! That isn’t the Rubber wall, but the bloomin’ plaster wall!

Bull Wars: Jelly Arm Davies 3. Peter 2

Chart Changes:

Mike D drops one place to 6th Position allowing Steve to Rise to 5th Place.

Malc vacates the bottom of the leader board moving up one place to 9th position, pushing Colin down to 10th spot.

Bearing in mind both Steve and Colin are playing next week… Game On!

Peter x