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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Darts – Bad Backed Boys Darts... Nurse!

The bad boys started arriving and as they clambered up the steps to the hut I couldn’t help but notice a couple of them were hobbling. Yes folks, half the world might be being struck down by Mexican Swine Flu, but here in Nailsworth the Bad Boys Darts Club is being laid low by bad backs!

Both Doddy and Papa were suffering and going ‘oooh’ and ‘ahhh’ so I decided we would have a new spin on team selection for the night, Each team would comprise of one bad backed player and two (allegedly) healthy players. Thus, after some flips the teams were: Papa, CM and Inspector Nutting ‘v’ Doddy, Peter and Dave.

Pete, Dave and Doddy managed to take first blood but then Bad Papa, B&B Mike and Stan the Man romped the second game and took the third. A shocked and awed PDD took the fourth, however the fifth went to CMJP. PDD managed to equalise on the sixth, the decider was a clear victory to CMJP.

Both teams had a couple of decisive victories, but the rest were very close. One game was close to being a total draw, with both teams on the same score and a good chance of parity on the bulls.

The evening was immensely enjoyable, every bad boy trying their hardest to play the darts that would turn the tide on the opposition, highly competitive and fun.

Notable events: Mr Fruin really is turning in to Bad Papa, after my nailing of the bullseye he announced that I ‘could offer him a pink one’. I was very worried, it sounded like he would accept!

Bull Wars: plenty of bull action tonight, 13 in total! Papa 3, Peter 3, CM 2, Dave 2, Doddy 2, John 1

Chart Changes: John goes up one place to fourth position, pushing yours truly down to fifth spot.

Despite having a win Papa dropped by 0.05% so no headway towards Ian was made, on the other hand the gap hasn’t really widened either! John raised his score by just over 0.5% Peter dropped 0.5% Dave dropped 0.09% Success for Doddy, he gains a smidgen under 2% even with a bad back!

May promises to be exciting darts with more changes possible... Game on!

Peter x

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Darts – Teddy was Terrible!

It was a five man evening, it should have been six but Doddy was struck down with a nasty bout of man-flu ( We can only hope he will be recovered enough for boule on Thursday and the piss up (oops sorry wine tasting) on Saturday. Have a hot Toddy Doddy.

Those that made the hut were: Peter, Ian, Dave, Casablanca Mike and ‘Jelly Arm’ Davies. The flipometers were stuck on red, requiring three flips to even show a green! When they did though the teams were picked as Pete, Ian and Casablanca ‘v’ Mike D and John.

We set about the first game and Jelly Arm and Inspector Nutting galloped ahead to victory. Worried looks from the other team were lightened as PICM took the second, however they were soon back when MDJ took the third. Another flip saw PICM take the fourth followed by a flop that gave MDJ the fifth... Then disaster MDJ decided to bag the sixth even though it was an even numbered game! Thankfully the trailing side managed to pull back a little by taking the seventh, making the final score line MDJ 1356 / 247 PICM.

A couple of the games were close but generally whoever won, won by a mile. Both John and Mike-D played very well, it has to be said Mike-D played brilliantly, everyone agreed it was his best ever outing at Bad Boys, he definitely deserves and gets the award of MOTM.

For the losing team it was a very different story, they all played very averagely. Pete and CM both had flashes of decent darting, but surprisingly enough Teddy Rushton couldn’t even manage a decent flash! In fact he thought it was his worst night ever ad Bad Boys and asked me to document it as such. Mike and I weren’t able to argue with him.... OK was that bad enough Rushers? We all agreed that the opposition probably deserved to win 5 – 2, hell how generous are we?

Notable Events: Good double and treble action from John. Ridiculously good double and treble action from Jelly arm!

Bull Wars: CM 2, Ian 1, MD 1, John 1.

Chart Changes: Due to his excellent efforts this evening JA moves up a position to seventh place, moving Steve down to eighth. There is plenty of competition in the offing... Papa is now only just over 1% behind our current leader Teddy Rushton. John is snapping at Peter’s heels at just one quarter % behind. JA is also less than 1% behind Dave...

Game On!

Peds X

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Darts – What a load of Bull!

Five bad boys gathered to play: Peter, Dave, John, Mike and Papa. It should have been six, but as it all too often the case Steve didn’t turn up or bother to let anyone know he wasn’t coming. Mr Unreliable!

I feel better now. We had a quick practice and then flipped the ‘ometers’. The eventual ‘flipping’ teams were Pete, ‘Butter Flippers’ Weaver and ‘Inspector’ Nutting ‘v’ Dave and Papa.

We zoomed in to the first game and PCMJ took a quick lead and took the leg, not to be outdone though, Dave and Papa fought back and commanded the second game right through to the finish.

Then PCMJ took the third and fourth, one of these was incredibly close with one team scoring on numbers and the other on bulls to determine the winner.

Dave and Papa took the fifth game whitewashing the opposition in the process. We took the sixth, they the seventh and us the eighth.

So it was all pretty competitive but at the end of the evening the score line stood at: PCMJ 134W68 / 257 DP Providing the winners with a 5-3 victory.

There were some great darts all round and very clear periods where one team or the other were definitely ruling the board. Yet again we see how psychological this game can be.

Notable Events: As is often the case now, people’s darts are of a high standard so there is less to stand out, but there were a lot off bulls scored tonight! Speaking of which....

Bull Wars: Papa 5, Dave 4, John 3, CM 2, Peter 1. 15 is a fair old haul for one evening, Papa was of course the Bullmeister with one third of all bulls scored.

Chart Changes: Just one, Papa slips to second place, making Ian the king of the castle, However There isn’t much in it and it could easily turn again over the next couple of weeks.

We are still only a third of the way in to this year’s season, so anything could still happen..... so it is GAME ON!

Peter x

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Darts – Prince Albert in the Hut?

Tonight’s most enjoyable festivities were participated in by: Pete, Dave, Doddy and JA.

We started off with a quick practice; although this soon ground to a halt when JA announced that he had been perusing a Prince Albert piercing while on holiday! Apparently JA (and his wife) had been playing boule in a naturist area. It seems one of his opponents had some scrap metal through his nob, and it quite put JA off his game. Still I suppose it gives you somewhere to hang your boule between throws.

I did notice rather a glint in JA’s eyes and wondered if he had been to see the local ironmonger himself while out there, particularly after he mentioned something to me about ‘blowing it out and shutting it tight’, although he reckoned that was dart talk. I will leave you to be the judge of that.

After Doddy, Dave and I had flipped our flipometers and JA had flicked his Prince we decided the teams were Pete and Dave ‘v’ Doddy and Prince Jelly Arm.

We ended up playing seven games, of those five were very close and three were bull fights. As is often the case this isn’t always reflected in the results. The final score line was PD 123457/W6 DJA. I have to say that a 2-5 or 3-4 result would have reflected the play more reasonably but of course Dave and I are grateful to receive a 6-1 win!

Notable Events:

JA did some excellent Bull/Semi work along with quite a few trebles.

Doddy had some excellent treble throws and (if I remember correctly) in one turn had two trebles and a semi.

Dave also partook of some treble action but also cranked out some great three singles at a time darts just when they were needed, spot on!

Pete was doing ok on semis and managed a bull semi finish in the last game.

Bull Wars: JA 3, Pete 2, Dave 1. Making JA the Bullmeister for the night.

Chart Changes:

Pete’s score increases by about 2.5% which moves him up a slot to fourth place. Dave’s score ramps up by nearly 6% which elevates him two positions to sixth place. Doddy’s score drops by about 3% however he doesn’t change position; JA takes a whopping 11.9% drop which moves him down the ladder by four places to eighth place.

It is worth mentioning that JA was hit harder by his loss because of a relatively low attendance rating. Because everybody’s % is based on the number of games they have played that they have won the more often you play the less dramatic the effect is. Fewer games played but won can mean an astronomic climb but a loss will also produce a dramatic plummet. Play more for more accurate results!

JA is due to play again shortly so hopefully he will be on the winning side and recover his losses!

Following this week we have another highly competitive outing next week: Pete, Papa, Dave, Steve CM and John. Again, I would expect a close result but you just can’t tell, so it is GAME ON!

Peter x

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Bad Boys Darts Club Trophy - 2009

Here it is folks. The BAD BOYS 2009 Winner’s Trophy. By the end of the year one of you will be sitting back to quaff a pint from this most prestigious glass – Good luck!!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Darts - Papa’s back on top of the BAD BOYS!

Hello Players, followers and undoubtedly disappointed porn searchers... You have arrived at the latest weekly report of Nailsworth’s BAD BOYS DARTS CLUB.

All of the fixture’s players were on site in good time (particularly Dave, who made it to the hut before me, although I had already powered the beauty up!) Mike-D couldn’t make it this evening due to back damage from over exerting himself in the sand dunes while on holiday in exotic places. But he is forgiven as he has rescheduled for next week which will fill the gap in that fixture.

The evening was exciting and (taking nothing away from it) a typical Bad Boys evening!

More often than not the night looks to be going one way or another and the result looks a foregone conclusion and then it is turned on its head.

The Flipometers were flipped and for one team there must have had a feeling of déjà-Vu as Ian and Dave were selected to oppose Peter, CM and Papa.

We launched in to the first game and DI trounced PCMP and then repeated the effort in the second... One of these games (I think the second) was concluded by Dave scoring a double bull finish.

In the third game things were a lot closer and this year’s star (so far) Papa planted two bulls and a semi in one turn to win the game and stop the whitewash!

Needless to say Ian and Dave took exception to that and won the fourth game!

Then something remarkable happened... The sleepers awoke (Papa’s bulls excluded) PCMP who had been in truth generally playing badly awoke and started fighting back.

The new found confidence resulted in PCMP taking the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth games, these were tight games, but somehow PCMP had managed to kick their finishing buts in to gear and dominated the bull’s eye when needed.

The final score line was: ID 124 / 35678 PCMP

Notable events:

Massive bull action, multi semis, double bulls, bull semis, double bull semis, brilliant. Papa is awarded MOTM for his double bull semi. A photo of which will replace Dave’s equal throw from some time back. Someday we will get the Triple Bull!

Bull Wars: Dave 2, Peter 2 and Papa 2.

Chart Changes:

Papa reclaims the top spot with Ian dropping half a % behind. Peter manages to move up a spot while knocking John down a position.

The 2009 Bad Boys Darts Club Trophy has been ordered and should arrive in the next couple of days. Who will win it? Papa, Ian, Dave, Casablanca Mike, New boy John? The result is still wide open anyone (attending 12 times in the year ) is eligible. Believe it or not it will be my great pleasure to present it to this year’s winner.

Game On!

Peter x