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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Darts – “This game is all about trebles”

Peter 63.64% Ian 57.41% Dave 56.86% Doddy 48.25% Steve 42.86%
Mike D 41.51% Fred 38.53% Papa 37.14% Malc 31.37% Colin 30.41%

What a smashing evening’s darts, finishing off the 2007 season very nicely!

Dave had to drop out of the final fixture but thankfully Doddy was kind enough to step in and fill the gap.

The ‘flipometers’ picked Pete and Doddy ‘v’ Ian and Steve. We hammered our way through seven games with Pete and Doddy being rewarded with a 5 – 2 victory. The game results order was PD 13456 / 27 SI. A stunning number of trebles were scored by both sides, possibly a record number?

Despite not getting the highest number of bulls Steve was named bullmeister and man of the match due to the incredible regularity with which he was pumping in the semis. I would like to thank Doddy and myself for building up sufficient scores that Steve had the opportunity to show this skill ;-)

Notable events:

Steve scored two semis and a bull in one turn and later in the evening had a two semi turn.

We were one dart away from our first ever draw! Both sides had the same score, Doddy and I required one semi to add a winning 25 score and Ian and Steve required one semi to close the bulls. We got there first. Hmmm... I wonder how I would account for a draw on the spreadsheet; either a win or lose for both teams I suppose?

Chart Changes: No change in the final week! The song remains the same as Led Zeppelin would say!

Bull Wars: Ian 3, Peter 1, Steve 1 (and oodles of semis).

That is it for 2007 folks, thanks to everyone for playing it’s been great fun. Have a good Xmas and the new season starts on the 8th Jan 2008. If you haven’t checked or confirmed your January dates yet PLEASE DO IT NOW!

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Darts – No rest for the wicked!

Peter 63.50% Ian 58.17% Dave 56.86% Doddy 47.06% Steve 43.45%
Mike D 41.51% Fred 38.53% Papa 37.14% Malc 31.37% Colin 30.41%

It seems that several bad boys will be jostling for final positions right up to the wire this year!

The teams for Tuesday night were Pete and Ian ‘v’ Papa and MikeD. Both teams threw some great darts, doubles, trebles and shanghais galore. This makes it even harder (honest!) to report there was a whitewash... The final score line was IP 1234567 / 0 PM.

As much as we appreciated the points both Ian and I agreed that it was rough justice that the opposition didn’t bag a single game. On any other evening the performance put up by Papa and Mike would probably have seen them as the victors, but Ian and I were on fire so it just didn’t go that way! As a mark of our distress at this result I have decided to make both Ian and I MOTM :-)

Chart Changes:

Mike D has now dropped below Steve, there is now a 2% gap separating them. There is a chance that these positions could reverse again next week as Steve is playing on the 18th. However he will need to be on the end of a severe thrashing to lose 2%.

Papa slips one position, bringing Fred back up to 7th place. It has to be said that Papa’s chart position has not reflected his level of play this year. I am sure he will put that right next year!

Bull wars: Peter 2, Ian 1, Mike 1.

Next week is the final fixture for 2007 and with both Ian and Dave playing the fight for second position will finally be settled. Dave is still in with a shot at 1.31% behind Ian. And Steve needs to battle to retain 5th place and stay in the top half of the leader board.

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Darts - Rushers and Redders, the battle goes on!

Peter 62.87% Ian 57.03% Dave 56.86% Doddy 47.06% Mike D 44.44%Steve 43.45% Papa 39.80% Fred 38.53% Malc 31.37% Colin 30.41%

Another great evenings darts; 6 games played, 4 were nail biters. This week the flipometers selected Peter and Dave ‘v’ Ian and Doddy. The final result was a 3 - 3 draw. The win sequence was a very balanced PD 135 / ID 246.

Generally I think I&D’s performance was slightly better than mine and Dave’s. Although in one game Dave and I found ourselves 170+ behind the opposition when we all turned to bulls, some good bull play reduced the deficit to a point where it was first to the semi for a win, sadly Doddy pipped us to the post.

The upshot of the matches is that the gap between Ian and Dave has lengthened to 0.17%. This means that second place is still well and truly open and will be contested again before Xmas.

Speaking of Xmas, if you look at the fixtures list you will see that we have a two week break before the start of next season, I doubt we would have any takers for xmas and new year’s day so the first 2008 fixture will be the 8th January.

All 2008 games will be played on Tuesdays. I have dropped Wednesday fixtures; to compensate for less available fixtures I will be booking larger teams on Tuesdays! We will run with between 4 and 6 players each evening. Hopefully this will make life easier for me booking games and more flexible for players. I reckon that playing with teams of three is likely to close the top and bottom player % over the year which should make things more exciting.

So feel free to start booking January game slots!

Chart Changes: None! But there are still chances for some before the end of the year.

Bull Wars: Peter 2, Dave 2, Doddy 2, Ian 0

Game on!

Peter x

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Darts – Dave tells a Jackanory?

Peter 63.07% Ian 57.20% Dave 57.14% Doddy 46.92% Mike D 44.44%
Steve 43.45% Papa 39.80% Fred 38.53% Malc 31.37% Colin 30.41%

Well, it was bound to be a needle match wasn’t it? Dave and Ian were very close in the league and this game could be decisive unless of course like my prediction of yesterday they ended up on the same team... Which they did!

The flipometers selected Ian and Dave ‘v’ Peter and Doddy. We played through eight matches and the score line was as follows: ID 13568 / 247 PD. It has to be said most of the matches could have gone either way which made things very exciting It came close to being a four all draw but in the end Ian and Dave deserved the win. I would also like to thank them for their sportsmanship by not quitting when they were 4 – 2 ahead. A special thanks to Doddy for offering his salami around... And yes folks it was a sliced one!

Notable events:

Doddy had two semis in one turn.

Rushers had two bulls in one turn.

Dave hit the rubber.

Speaking of which; Dave hit the Rubber and then told us all that it was the first time in a year and a half of darts he has ever hit the rubber! Do you believe that... I am a little bit sceptical as he managed the same rare event once again the next turn! Jackanory... Jackanory.. Jackanory.

Bull Wars: Ian 3, Dave 2 (Same as his rubber count for the night), Peter 1, Doddy 1

Chart changes: None

Ian is 0.06% ahead of Dave. Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Darts – An odd night?

Peter 63.59% Ian 57.02% Dave 56.83% Doddy 47.54% Mike D 44.44%
Steve 43.45% Papa 39.80% Fred 38.53% Malc 31.37% Colin 30.41%

We had a first at the bad boys darts club last night, we played a league game with 5 players. In preparation for next year’s 4 >6 player nights we trialled what could have been the more difficult combination 3 on one side and two on the other.

It went extremely well, everyone managed to remember the correct playing order sequence, as I suspected all you have to do is remember who the last guy was that threw on your team rather than who you follow on the other team.

The ‘flipometer’ count has been upgraded to 6 to accommodate the new team numbers, we gave 5 of them an outing last night resulting in Mike D and Papa ‘v’ Pete, Steve and Malc.

It was nearly a game of two halves but not quite! Papa and Mike steamed ahead they took the first two games convincingly and then stole the third. The three musketeers finished waking up and took the fourth were denied the fifth by one semi and then bagged the sixth with room to spare. By this time we were cooking on gas but sadly no one could stick around to eat the meal!

So a final score line was PM 1235 / 46 PSM. Papa and Mike thoroughly deserved their victory, both of them played exceptionally well. Papa was even seen to be cooperating on numbers with Mike!

Notable events:

More evidence of Double trebles!

Pete has a grand turn getting T16, T18, T19.

Malc may now be referred to as our little semi-god, having achieved a very healthy rate of stabbing the outer bull for most of the night.

Bull Wars: Mike 2, Steve 1, Pete 1, Malc 1.

Chart Changes: Papa and Mike rise one place to 5th and 7th position respectively, While Steve and Fred drop one place each to 6th and 8th place respectively.

Wednesday sees a regular 4 man game played by the current table toppers, the match will be most crucial to Dave and Ian as they are exceptionally close, mind you they might end up on the same team, if this happens it is an instant advantage to Dave providing they win because his number of attendances is lower than Ian’s thus his %’s are affected to a greater degree. Of course if they are teamed together the best result for Ian is that they lose!

It’s a funny old – Game On!

Peter X

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Darts – Three Way Action.

Sadly Steve forgot he was playing and couldn’t be reached... So Fred, Colin and Pete played a couple of Head to Head to Head games. Both were great fun, but of course the scores don’t count for the league.

The three of us stomped up and down on Steve’s newly printed certificate and then ripped it to shreds, while shouting “Morgan, where are you”?

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Darts – What day of the week it is?

Peter 64.06% Ian 57.02% Dave 56.83% Doddy 47.54% Steve 43.83% Mike D 43.01% Fred 38.53% Papa 38.04% Malc 31.11% Colin 30.41%

There I was sat minding my own business when Dave appeared in the house with a cheery hello and wondering why I wasn’t in the hut. “It is darts tonight isn’t it?” “I don’t think so, but I had better check!” said I. For the first time in nearly a year I had forgotten which Wednesday was ‘on’! Very embarrassing, luckily it only took about 30 seconds to wander up to the clubhouse and throw the power switches.

Speaking of the clubhouse, there have been some changes (for those who haven’t already seen), I have moved the PC and table out and rearranged other stuff to create a much larger more open area in preparation for ‘BAD Boys 2008’. The plan for next year is to dump the Wednesday fixtures and play 4 - 6 players on Tuesdays. There are a few finer details to iron out but it is looking pretty good. There is certainly enough room now for space not to be a big problem. I also think that having teams of 2 - 3 on each side will help to narrow the % gap we are seeing this year, making for more chart position changes and closer competition.

Final point on the clubhouse, I want to say a big thanks to Dave for gifting us some coat hooks, many folks have been wishing we had some! Now these aren’t any ordinary coat hooks, oh no... They are oversized metal darts that screw in to the wall and you then hang your coat over the flight! Nice one Dave, much appreciated.

On to the game:

Pete and Dave were drawn to play against Mike D and Fred. Top notch darts were played (when we weren’t busy not scoring). We packed in 6 games and Pete and Dave took the final honours but not without some serious opposition. The Final Score line was PD 1245 /36 MF. Most games were quite close, 2 very close; one it has to be said was a whitewash.

Notable Events:

Mike - D got two bull centres in one turn

Mike -D and Fred were left holding decorators brushes at the end of one game.

Yet again some ‘double’ trebles were in evidence again; these are definitely cropping up more frequently.

Fred had 2 bulls and one of the aforementioned DT’s, his play is definitely improving, more practice Fred!

Bull Wars: Mike D 3, Dave 2, Fred 2, Peter 0

Chart changes:

None but just check how close certain pairs are: Ian/Dave, Steve/Mike D, Fred/Papa, Malc/Colin. There is still plenty to play for up to the end of 2007. Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Darts - Arise (again) Sir Steve!

Peter 64.02% Ian 57.02% Dave 56.39% Doddy 47.54% Steve 43.83%
Mike D 43.68% Fred 38.83% Papa 38.04% Malc 31.11% Colin 30.41%

A splendid evening’s darts. The teams were Peter and Steve ‘V’ Ian and Papa.

We started off with an extremely close and high scoring tussle all four players where whacking scores in and clearing the opposition. Considering this the final score of 236 /235 was exceptional and of course came down to a first team to the semi finish!

Ian and Papa nabbed it with a sigh of relief. Things then took an even larger turn for the worse for P&S as we lost the next two games to I&P. Looking 3 - 0 in the face was not encouraging but we dug deep and snatched the fourth game, then the fifth and the sixth!

So there we were three games apiece so a decider was required. Papa and Ian took the final game to seal a well earned win for the evening. Score Line IP 1237/456 PS

Notable events:

All players getting plenty of trebles.

All players getting 2 x trebles in a turn.

Pete had 2 x Bull centres in one turn.

Something very special happened, an award was won! Steve became our first player to hit three trebles in one turn. He machine gunned three darts straight in to the treble 17. Congratulations Steve!

Bull Wars: Peter 2, Ian 1, Papa 1, Steve1,

Chart changes: Nobody moves but some gaps have narrowed.

Peter X

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Darts - The boys were B.A.D!

Peter 64.42% Ian 57.02% Dave 56.39% Doddy 47.54% Steve 43.87%
Mike D 43.68% Fred 38.83% Papa 36.47% Malc 31.11% Colin 30.41%

Straight results on the first flip of the ‘flipometers’. Peter and Doddy (thanks for standing in for Steve) ‘V’ Ian and Colin.

I don’t know why, maybe it was the beer, maybe it was the darts or maybe it was both but in any event all the contestants were in a lively and humorous mood, even Ian was happy. We set about five fairly raucous games of doubles leaving us with a score line of CI 14 / PD 235.

Game one was crazy, Colin and Ian didn’t bother with anything other than trebles. Within a couple of rounds they were over 100 up on us and by the time it was down to bulls they were over 200 up. Doddy and I had a run on bulls and it came down to first man to get a semi and Ian landed it just in time, it was a really exciting game!

Colin played very well, far more consistently, his darts are definitely improving there was no hesitation in awarding him MOTM.

Bull Wars: Pete 3, Doddy 1.

Chart Changes: None but look at how close some folks are, it is definitely Game On!

Peter X

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Darts – Malc Motors!

Peter 64.48% Ian 57.39% Dave 56.39% Doddy 47.01% Steve 43.87%
Mike D 43.68% Fred 38.83% Papa 36.47% Malc 31.11% Colin 30.07%

Another fun darts evening! The flipometer did its work in one round again selecting Peter and Malcolm ‘V’ Mike D and Fred.

Fred and Mike stole the lead early on in the first game with plenty of treble shenanigans, by the end of the first round they were 100 ahead. Malc and I made our best efforts to catch up but in the end they still retained that initial 100 lead.

Pete and Malc snaffled the second game drawing level, only to be beaten in the third game! Undaunted we equalised again by taking the fourth. We decided on a decider (quite difficult to say that) and Pete and Malc bagged it, then Fred decided we really ought to have a sixth game, we could hardly deny the opposition a chance to draw so off we went…

Brmmm… Brmmmm… Bradbury suddenly decided to push the pedal to the metal and start scoring trebles and semis all over the place! The game was over in 5 minutes and we were 4 – 2 up, we offered the lads another game but this time Fred thought it might not be a good idea :-)

So the final score order was: FM 13 / 2456 PM

Notable Events:

Treble twenties from Fred

Two semis in one turn from Malc

Malc also hit the wall! That isn’t the Rubber wall, but the bloomin’ plaster wall!

Bull Wars: Jelly Arm Davies 3. Peter 2

Chart Changes:

Mike D drops one place to 6th Position allowing Steve to Rise to 5th Place.

Malc vacates the bottom of the leader board moving up one place to 9th position, pushing Colin down to 10th spot.

Bearing in mind both Steve and Colin are playing next week… Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Darts - Papa Refuses to Radish Shock!

Peter 64.44% Ian 57.39% Dave 56.39% Doddy 47.01% Mike D 44.44%
Steve 43.87% Fred 39.18% Papa 36.47% Colin 30.07% Malc 25.64%

Firstly I want to thank Ian for standing in at short notice for Dave who couldn’t attend (bloody lightweight!)

The Flipometer did its work in one round, selecting Pete and Doddy ‘v’ Ian and Papa. Seven lacklustre games ensued. I better explain that, it’s not that we didn’t enjoy ourselves just that with the exception of Papa none of us were particularly on form. There were plenty of cries of ‘BLEEP, that’s 9 darts without a score!’ and the like, very frustrating!

The final score was as follows: PD 12347 / IP 56. Mr Dodd and I were most pleased with this, well except for the small matter of the two games we lost. One of these games was particularly harrowing for Doddy and I as we were way behind and managed to pull back to make it a first semi to win and of course the other side got it!

Papa had a couple of games where he was absolutely stonking it, trebles and shanghais everywhere, all of this achieved without throwing a radish, he insisted on using his silver darts for the night. Papa was unanimously awarded MOTM, which has stormed him up MOTM chart. No other chart changes however!

Ian remains in second place, resolutely exactly 1% ahead of Dave. Doddy takes a healthy upward kick away from the pack improving by just over 1.5%. Sadly, despite MOTM status Papa dropped nearly 0.75%.

Bull Wars: Ian 3, Peter 1, Doddy 1

Peter x

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Darts – A full moon?

Peter 64.31% Ian 58.30% Dave 56.39% Doddy 45.45% Mike D 44.44%
Steve 43.87% Fred 39.18% Papa 37.18% Colin 30.07% Malc 25.64%

A top evening’s darts, yet again I have to say the results don’t tell the full story! Five games were played, three of those were bull finishes that could have gone the other way. A highly competitive night with Peter and Ian ‘v’ Steve and Colin.

Steve and Colin both liked the flipometers but for some strange reason Steve thought they all got thrown in the air together then you chose which one you wanted (I’ll have a pint of whatever Steve’s drinking).

Despite some nail biting finishes the final score line was PI 12345 / - SC

Trucker Colin departed about 10 as he had a 5.00am start. The three remaining bad boys had a singles match, followed by Pete and Ian settling in for four singles games fuelled by G&T. Somehow I bagged the lot.

Notable Events:

Colin had a bull + semi in one turn.

Ian’s novelty beer bottles behave the same at darts as they do at boule, ‘Mmmmeeeeeel!’

Steve and Colin agreed that whenever they meet they always see a full moon. That’s either freaky or obscene, I am not sure which.

Chart Changes: Steve’s hair’s breadth challenge to the Doddmeister would appear to be over as tonight’s results see him dropping a place behind Mike D. Ian has cemented his second place position. Dave now needs to step up to the plate if he wants to hit the top spot (or second place) by the end of the year.

Having said that next week is a two game week and with Dave, Doddy and Mike D all playing it could be all change again! This of course means it is… Game On!

Bull Wars: Peter 5, Ian 2, Colin 1, Steve 1

Peter X

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Darts – Psychic Interference?

Peter 63.79% Ian 57.34% Dave 56.39% Doddy 45.45% Steve 45.33%
Mike D 44.44% Fred 39.18% Papa 37.18% Colin 31.16% Malc 25.64%

On the dot of 8.00pm Dave, Doddy and Mike D tumbled through the hut door all looking very keen to do battle. We gave the ‘flipometers’ their second outing and once again they met with approval. I am beginning to feel there really was some technophobia about my beloved ‘pickometer’!

As we flipped the flipometers I noticed that Dave was staring intently at them and waving his free hand in a sort Obi-Wan Kenobi “These aren’t the droids you are looking for” kind of way. I wondered for a moment if he was trying to influence the outcome of the random draw.

The outcome (interfered with or not) was Peter and MikeD ‘V’ Dave and Doddy. We set out on a seven match rollercoaster which was chocker block with changes of lead, trebles galore, bull finishes, players taking themselves out of the hut for a good talking to and some contestants claiming ‘special abilities’ (more on this later).

Despite the fierce competition clear winners emerged in the form of Pete and Mike, the final score line was PM 12467 / DD 35. Great darts were played by everyone, top match.

Notable Events:

During one of Doddy’s turns he scored a bullseye on the last dart, Dave immediately piped up “ I knew that was going in I could feel it, in fact I may even have made it go in!” I reckon we are going to have to rename Dave ‘Darth Dave’ after all this psychic interference!

One game saw the 20’s, 19’s 18’S and 17’s wiped out for little or no score by the beginning of the third round, the competition was tighter than a gnat’s chuff.

Bull Wars: Mike D 3, Doddy 2, Pete 2, Darth Dave 1.

Chart Changes:

It seems my predictions of yesterday were not unfounded! Dave drops one place to 3rd leaving him a smidge under 1% behind Ian. Doddy retains 4th position but has Steve breathing down his neck, just 0.12% behind him. Game on!

Peter x

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Darts – Enter the ‘Flipometer’

Peter 63.64% Dave 57.94% Ian 57.34% Doddy 46.60% Steve 45.33%
Mike D 41.89% Fred 39.18% Papa 37.18% Colin 31.16% Malc 25.64%

We now have a low-tech alternative to the ‘pickometer’ called the ‘flipometer’, we gave these ‘devices’ a test run on Tuesday evening and all concerned seemed able to operate them and approve of their use. So they may well become the regular team picking kit.

Colin wasn’t able to make it due to unforeseen circumstances so Fred kindly stepped in. The ‘flipometer’ selected Fred and Papa v Peter and Ian.

We played some exciting games, but the final score line was PI 123456 / - PF. Once again a 6 – 0 evening where the losers really did deserve a game or two under their belts. PI had to chase PF on a couple of games that ended up as close calls. Both Papa and Fred played well, it has to be said (modesty aside) Pete and Ian were on fire.

Notable events:

Pete - Shanghai on 20’s.

Ian - 2 x Treble 20 in the same turn.

Pete - 2 x bulls eyes in the same turn

Bull Wars: Pete 3, Papa 2, Fred 1, Ian 1

Chart Changes:

No changes, but some folks are now VERY close to others. Ian is now 0.6% behind Dave and Steve is still less than 1.5% behind Doddy.

As both Dave and Doddy are playing tonight (along with Mike D) there is a possibility of some shock changes to the leader board!

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Darts - Morgan Rising!

Peter 62.99% Dave 57.94% Ian 56.13% Doddy 46.60% Steve 45.33%
Mike D 41.89% Fred 41.76% Papa 40.28% Colin 31.16% Malc 25.64%
Some might say the pickometer was a little cruel, some say it is fixed, but it certainly picked a different pairing than usual this week. It usually teams Fred and me whenever he attends but it was not to be! The teams were Pete and Steve ‘V’ Colin and Fred.

We steamed in to 6 games and alas for Colin and Fred we also steamed in to a 6 game victory.

PS 123456 / - CF

Despite not winning a game Colin and Fred did pretty well it what has to be said was a tough pairing for them. Out of the 6 games one was very close and another that C&F lost they should have won! They had a brilliant start and maintained it pretty much right through causing Steve and I to chase them. Their downfall was twelve’s and thirteen’s where Steve and I managed hammer in a couple of hundred points to snitch the game on score. A bloody exciting game!

Pete and Steve then had a game of singles which Pete won.

Notable events:

Stunning start by C & F in the first two rounds they took something like T20, T18, T14, T16.

Steve got 2 bulls in one turn!

Bull Wars: Steve 7, Fred 2, Colin 0, Peter 0. I think Steve’s 7 is a record since we started recording Bull Was. Which earns him MOTM.

Chart Changes: Fred Drops to 7th Place and Steve Rises to 5th. Steve is now pretty much on Doddy’s tail, just 1.3% in it, could be fun! There is now less than 2% between Papa, Fred and Mike D. Game on!


Malc is due to play on the 16th but due to unforeseen circumstances would prefer to play on either the 23rd, 30th or 31st. If you are able to swap with Malc for 16th or want to get an extra game in and can take his place then please let me know ASAP!

Peter x

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Darts - Christmas Comes Early

Peter 62.31% Dave 57.94% Ian 56.13% Doddy 46.60% Fred 44.71%
Steve 43.06% Mike D 41.89% Papa 40.28% Colin 32.58% Malc 25.64%

Dave and I felt like Xmas Turkeys… We got stuffed.

Well that is probably a bit of an exaggeration. Ian and Mike won the evening’s entertainment 5 – 3. The score line was as follows: PD 178 / ID 23456.

It has to be said that despite losing it was a cracking evening with some excellent darts played. I have permission from the opposing team to report that the games that Dave and I won were significant wins while theirs were grasped from close matches. Still 5 close ones is still better than 3 strollers!

Notable events:

Ian and Doddy beat Pete and Dave (sniggers).

Doddy kept trying to bounce darts off my back while I was chalking up.

Bull Wars: Ian 3, Pete 2, Dave 1, Doddy 0

Chart changes: None but Doddy’s line takes an upward flick leaving more space between him and Fred/Steve. With Dave coming down slightly and Ian going up there is definitely a possibility that they will be in close competition before the end of the year.

Finally I would like to say Doddy played extremely well all night and the rest of use weren’t really a patch on him – There, that’s the fantasy narrative bit done with.

Game On!

Peter X

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Darts – Anarchy breaks out!

Peter 62.93 Dave 59.32 Ian 55.88 Doddy 45.26 Fred 44.71
Steve 43.06 Mike D 41.89 Papa 40.28 Colin 32.58 Malc 25.64

What an exciting evening of darts. Mind you I am not sure about Mr Cook and Mr Morgan, what were they up to?

On the last few outings Ian and I have given Colin and Steve a bit of a thrashing, so much so neither of them wanted to take the chance of being paired together again! Anarchy broke out and Colin was pounding the ‘pickometer’ until it came up with a teaming that suited him. I eventually got the mouse back and we all agreed that the next combination would stand. So Pete and Steve took on Ian and Colin.

We played seven games, five out of the seven were close, several included next man to get a bull finishes. Despite all the excitement the score ended up a lopsided looking 6 - 1 to Pete and Steve.

The score order was IC 1 / 234567 PS, I must say IC deserved more than one win!

Bull Wars: Colin 5! Ian 3 Steve 3 Peter 0

Chart changes: Steve goes up one place to 7th place causing Mike D to go down to 6th position.

I will be hassling you all for October dates very shortly!

Game On!

Peter X

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Darts – A game of two halves.

Peter 62.42% Dave 59.32% Ian 57.36% Doddy 45.26% Fred 44.71%
Mike D 41.89% Steve 40.88% Papa 40.28% Colin 33.60% Malc 25.64%

We had a last minute line up change on Tuesday as Steve couldn’t make it; thankfully Fred was able to step up to the plate. And so it was that Ian and Colin beat Pete and Fred in a seven game marathon.

The score order was IC 1234/ 567 PF.

I have to say that once Fred and I were four games down I really thought we might end up being whitewashed. Thankfully we were able to up our game ending in a respectable 4 - 3 loss. All the matches were close. I reckon if there had been an eighth game we would have seen a draw ;-)

Chart changes: All positions remain the same

Bull Wars: Ian confirmed his title as bullmeister with 4 crosses, Colin scored one as well.

Peter x

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Darts – Morgan feels the fear!

Peter 62.87% Dave 59.32% Ian 57.37% Doddy 45.26% Fred 44.87%
Mike D 41.89% Steve 40.88% Papa 40.28% Colin 32.20% Malc 25.64%

8.00 O’ Clock. Time to Rock!

The ‘pickometer’ decreed that Peter and Ian would challenge Steve and Colin again!

‘Ah time to get our revenge’ they said. Well, actions speak louder than words, and those boys were silenced! The final score line was PI 13456 / SC 2.

The majority of the games were close. Ian and I had the edge, but Steve and Colin could have had another one or two depending on how the darts fell.

Notable events:

We finished playing about 9.45 because Steve had lost the will to live. Colin was sporting enough to be up for another game but his partner only had percentages on his mind!

After Steve slipped away in to the night nursing his percentages Ian Colin and I played a head to head to head which Ian won, it has to be said Colin threw some magnificent darts in the H2H2H match and at one point looked like he would steal the victory from Ian.

Bull Wars: Ian 5, Pete 3, Steve 2, Colin 1.

Chart Action: Steve drops one place to 7th position bringing Jelly Arm up to 6th. The difference between Steve and JA is only 1/100th of a %. Perversely had Steve played another game and won he wouldn’t have gone down!

Game On!

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Darts – Dad’s Army Special

Peter 62.46% Dave 59.32% Ian 56.52% Doddy 45.26% Fred 44.87%
Steve 41.98% Mike D 41.89% Papa 40.28% Colin 33.04% Malc 25.64%

Peter, Colin and Fred gathered to do battle, but we had to wait for reinforcements before we could start; eventually John le Mesurier, sorry I mean Sergeant Wilson, sorry I mean Mike Davies sauntered along and apologised for being late (again) with some excuse about having had to nip back to Walmington-on-Sea because he had forgotten his darts, stupid boy.

We all stood to attention in front of the pickometer which barked out “Moreland, Hartles, Left! Davies, Cook, Right! After a long campaign of 6 games with neither side willing to surrender to the enemy we finished up in no man's land with a 3 - 3 draw.

Bull Wars: two direct hits behind enemy lines for Mike, 1 scud missile attack for Peter. Colin and Fred’s targeting systems were knocked out in the first round so they failed to fire.

War Table Action:

No changes, but Fred is now less than a bayonet’s length behind Doddy. Only 0.09% now separates Mike and Steve, which must be less than the width of the pea in an air raid warden’s whistle!

Captain Mainwaring X

Darts - 3 in a bed

Tuesday night was a Head to Head to Head match as we were short a player. However Peter, Ian and Doddy all had a good time. It was Doddy’d first H2H2H but he seemed to enjoy it, the only real downer is that those matches don’t count towards the doubles tally, they do of course count towards the H2H2H, all matches and average wins per attendance that appear in the weekly charts section of the spreadsheet (if you signed up for it, you still can just shout).

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Darts – Pete and Ian do it again!

Peter 62.71% Dave 59.32% Ian 56.52% Doddy 45.26% Fred 44.44%Steve 41.98% Mike D 41.18% Papa 40.28% Colin 32.08% Malc 25.64%

The bad boys assembled. We all had a look at the spiffy new software that runs the bad boys jukebox (Colin was most enamoured). Then we flipped to the ‘pickometer’ which selected Pete and Ian as partners (again) against Steve and Colin.

We sped off in to a night of six matches. At the end of the evening the score line was PI 123456 / 0 SC. Not quite sure how to explain this one. Colin and Steve didn’t play badly at all but Ian and I just had very consistent darts all night and some games we were absolutely spot-on with no gaps in building up crosses and it is hard to fight form like that.

The fifth game was incredibly close, possibly the closest so far. There was only a one point lead and both sides only needed a green bull to finish. Actually I have a vague recollection of a game played months ago where the score was even and a single bull was required (am I imagining this? I think Doddy might have played in it). In which case it is the second closest game in bad boy history!

Bull wars: Colin wins with 2, Pete had 1.

Chart Changes: Remarkably none! However Fred and Doddy are locked in battle % wise as are Mike and Steve, Papa is a gnat’s chuff behind them so expect to see some action there next month.

Speaking of next month I will be chasing folks who haven’t offered up dates. If those who haven’t already contacted me could do so ASAP that would be great.


Peter x

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Darts - Pete and Ian on the soft drinks?

Peter 61.94% Dave 59.32% Ian 55.06% Doddy 45.26% Fred 44.44%
Steve 44.00% Mike D 41.18% Papa 40.28% Colin 34.00% Malc 25.64%

Another fab night at the Bad Boys Club. Wednesday saw Malc, Ian and Doddy join Peter at the oche. A quick click of the pickometer resulted in Peter and Ian teamed against Doddy and Malc.

We set off at a good pace and managed 8 games during the evening. The win sequence went as follows: PI 1234578 / 6 DM. Now this should be a clue to the pun lovers how I chose the title of today’s results? Yes you guessed it *drum roll* Pete and Ian were ‘7UP!’

You know what is coming next don’t you? Well it is true yet again, the losers certainly didn’t deserve to go down 7 – 1. It has to be said that Ian and I played better, but we all reckoned 5 – 3 would have been reasonable. Still that is the way the cookie crumbles so Rushers and I will just have to laugh all the way to the % bank!

Notable events:

Malc hit 3 treble twenties during the evening.

The last game (which was bloody exciting) only lasted 15 minutes and both teams scored over 300. It was down to the wire and Ian stole it with a beautiful 2 dart finish (a double and a treble). That and generally good play through the night bagged him MOTM.

Bull Wars: Peter, Ian and Doddy level pegged on 3 each, Malc abstained.

Chart Changes:

No changes but… Steve and Fred are now in spitting distance of Doddy and Ian is making headway against Dave.

Game On!

Pete x

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Darts – Bad Boys Teams Draw Shock!

Peter 61.21% Dave 59.32% Ian 53.53% Doddy 48.28% Fred 44.44%
Steve 44.00% Mike D 41.18% Papa 40.28% Colin 34.00% Malc 29.03%

After last week’s cancelled fixture it was time to get the Bad Boys show on the road again. Tuesday night rolled around an up rolled Dave, Mike-D and Fred, the pickometer decided that is was to be Mike D and Dave ‘v’ Peter and Fred (yet again, surely some mistake, must check the code!).

We had six matches which resulted in a draw, win order as follows: PF 146/235 DM

Fred and I sneaked a win on the first game and then got soundly hammered on the second; it was a merciful release when the opposition put the final twelve in. Dave and Mike went on to take the third and to be honest Fred and I thought we were on a very slippery slope but eventually the honours were even. According to Dave and Mike I had a stonking last game and they insist I be MOTM. It would be rude to argue so I will accept gracefully.

Notable Events:

One game took over 40 minutes!

Bull Wars: Dave 3, Peter 2, Mike 1.

Chart Changes:

Fred moves up one place back to 5th position, forcing Steve back down to 6th place. There is now less than half a % between them. Dare I say “Game On!”

Peter x

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Darts – ‘Jelly Arm’ Davies fights back!

Peter 61.45% Dave 59.82% Ian 53.53% Doddy 48.28% Steve 44.00%
Fred 43.94% Mike D 40.32% Papa 40.28% Colin 34.00% Malc 29.03%

Firstly Mike-D a.k.a. ‘JA’ has asked me to point out that he arrived on time. Mike, it would have got a mentioned anyway, in the ‘notable events’ section!

So…. We kicked off on time; the pickometer chose Pete and Mike D against Ian and Steve. Ian and Steve took MFD and away we went!

We stormed through seven games, giving a 6 -1 victory to Pete and Mike the score order was PM 124567 / 3 IS. Yet again the score belies the closeness of some games. I don’t think anyone would have argued with a 4 - 3 score line, but that is the way the cookie crumbles.

Ian and Steve split opening duties between bulls and score. Peter and Mike-D swapped around depending on what seemed right at the time. Mike D stuck in a red bull on his first turn in the first two games we played; which was a massive help in securing those games and probably helps explain the final score line.

All players seemed to take a break from scoring now and then, but when folks were hot they were hot!

Notable events:

Steve gifted me a rope of onions and was therefore allowed to use chalk as wastefully as he wished all evening.

Mike has threatened to click on ads during web visits and was therefore allowed to use chalk as wastefully as he wished all evening.

Ian never wastes chalk, fact.

Steve was savage on 10’s and 15’s, Mike and I ended up having to put them high on our hit list.

Both Mike and Steve get MOTM. Both for consistent darts, holding their respective teams together and for their efforts on the previously mentioned savagery and bulltasticness.

Bull Wars: Ian and Mike both scored 3 Reds. Pete managed 1.

Chart Action: Mike D Moves up a place to 7th position, pipping Papa by an infinitesimal 0.02%!

Please Note that the fixture for the 14th has now been cancelled due to lack of bad boy availability.

So that’s (No) Game on!

Peter x

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Darts – Redders Reduced in Rank!

Peter 60.82% Dave 59.82% Ian 55.21% Doddy 48.28% Steve 45.76%
Fred 43.94% Papa 40.28% Mike D 34.55% Colin 34.00% Malc 29.03%

Well we might as well leap straight to the important news…. Well as far as I am concerned anyway… Dave has been knocked off the top spot. Hurrah, I am top of the pile again! Mind you, It might be another of these ‘one night wonders’ as Dave once put it when Ian pipped him. It could have all changed again by tomorrow morning.

The ‘pickometer’ selected Pete and Doddy ‘v’ Papa and Dave, most confusing; both sides of the board said PD! The teams weren’t just matched in initials either there were some tight games. In the end though Pete and Doddy had the edge The final score was 5 - 2 to Pete and Doddy order as follows: P(ete) D(oddy) 12357 / 46 P(apa) D(ave).

Some top darts were played by all concerned. Not a busting lot of bulls, but plenty of treble’s action.

Notable events:

In game 2 Doddy and Pete were 171 points and 3 bulls behind after about 4 rounds…. But we came back and won it!

Papa talked about replacing his radishes, getting fed up with them falling out I think. We suggested he takes then to a scrap metal merchant, the size of those buggers he would get enough cash for several new sets.

Doddy was whacking trebles in everywhere, Papa was whacking trebles in…. the 13’s! I kid you not; I reckon he had half a dozen treble 13’s! In one game I managed 7 18’s in one go and in another shanghai on the 17’s.

Bull Wars - Dave was playing bull starts for most games but we were able to drag him away from them most of the time however he still managed 3 reds in the evening, Doddy and Papa also bagged one, I didn’t get a look in. Remember we need 6 to top Colin’s current record!

Speaking of which the voting ended for the middle for diddle local rule… and if you get a red during MFD it counts towards the evening's ‘Bull Wars’ results.

Chart Changes: Just the one, Dave and I swap places.

Peter x

Monday, 6 August 2007

Darts - Bulls Eye Poll Ended.

Thanks to those who voted. The winning result means that if you score a red in the middle for diddle it *will* count towards your Bull Wars/Meister score for the evening. I believe this makes Colin the current leader with 5 reds in one evening!

Who will be first to 6?

Game On!

Peter X

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Darts – A Night Of Fives.

Dave 61.90% Peter 60.54% Ian 55.21% Doddy 46.25% Steve 45.76%
Fred 43.94% Papa 41.54% Mike D 34.55% Colin 34.00% Malc 29.03%

Well there was plenty of hot stuff on Tuesday night, not least the temperature! I had the hut fan running for an hour or so before players arrived to try and cool things down a bit. Needless to say folks all managed to keep reasonably chilled with the aid of nicely cooled beer and cider.

The ‘Pickometer’ chose Pete and Steve to do battle against Colin and Malcolm. We had three tight games and two not so tight but after all the dust had settled the result line was:

PS 12345 / - CM

What can I say? Yet again we have a result that doesn’t tell the whole story. Yes it was 5 - 0 but the first two games could have gone either way and were down to bull finishes, the third was quite tight as well with C&M catching up on bulls before we managed to finish the game, we were only saved by a decent score buffer.

Vote: I need you guys to vote on the middle for diddle poll on the website (top right-ish). For the second week running we had a bull scored in the middle for diddle! We need to settle this rule.

Speaking of Bulls eyes…. Bullmeister wars has a new contender in fact maybe a new leader, depending on the poll results.

Colin steamed in with 5 bulls! Now it is no secret that Colin isn’t (wasn’t?) a bull man but he stuffed 4 reds in during the evening along with a dead centre on middle for diddle. Mere mortals followed: Steve 2, Malc 1 and Peter 1.

With 5 for an evening that certainly puts Colin in front since we started recording, assuming that diddle bulls are accepted. It certainly earns him MOTM.

Chart Changes: After a 5 in the score line and a 5 in the Bull wars we continue the night of fives theme with 5 people changing position in the doubles chart!

Malc - Drops to 10th position, despite playing well with his brand new darts, it’s a cruel world Malc.

Colin - Drops down to 9th place even though he got 5 bulls eyes! It’s a cruel world Colin.

MikeD - Leaps up two places to 8th without lifting a finger! The worlds a lovely place eh Mike?

Fred - Drops down a place to 6th without lifting a finger! The worlds a *bleep* place eh Fred?

Steve - Moves up to 5th place and tells me he has Doddy firmly in his sights!

Game On

Peter x

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Darts - Where have all the bulls eyes gone?

Dave 61.90% Peter 59.77% Ian 55.21% Doddy 46.25% Fred 43.94%
Steve 43.36% Papa 41.54% Colin 35.79% Malc 34.62% Mike D 34.55%

We had a great evening’s darts, very close and all that. However the early games played like treacle!

The first one was a nightmare, it lasted about half an hour; none of us could hit the bulls! Fortunately they started to speed up after that but we still only managed five games by 10.30pm

The ‘pickometer’ decided that Fred and I should play together again (is it broken?) and teamed Doddy and Colin against us. Pete and Fred won the aforementioned excruciatingly slow first game; a cheer from the opposition as they lost tells you just how painful it was!

After that honours for each game alternated, giving a final score line of 3 - 2 to Pete and Fred. PF 135 / 24 DC.

Notable events:

Diddle for middle produced a bulls eye and semi! This makes it all the worse that it took ages to finish the first game….

A collateral red bull was scored by the Doddmeister

Colin bounced out of the centre at least once (for some reason we ALL laughed).

Doddy ‘Robin Hooded’ his darts twice, prompting a full stem change.

Freddie was asked nicely by me to finish a game by sticking a centre bull in and he obliged!

Chart Changes:

Fred gains 0.3% on Steve. Taking Fred back to 4th Place and moving Steve down to 5th.

Bull Wars: Doddy 3, Peter 2 (includes diddle bull), Colin 1, Fred 1.

Only one match left this month, so I will be chasing folks for dates shortly.

Peter x

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Darts - Who needs water!

Dave 61.90% Peter 59.76% Ian 55.21% Doddy 46.67% Steve 43.36%
Fred 42.62% Papa 41.54% Colin 35.56% Malc 34.62% Mike D 34.55%

Despite recent flooding and water cuts… The Bad boys were in town once again!

Steve, Dave, Pete and Papa gathered at the clubhouse and discussed the impending water cuts… and decided it wasn’t a problem as we would drink beer and wine until it was turned back on. We then consulted the ‘pickometer’. The teams were Steve and Dave (who haven’t been paired for a long time) against Pete and Papa (who played together very recently!).

The first couple of games were walkovers for Dave and Steve, they were literally ‘on fire’ and sadly due to the water shortage we were unable to put them out (neither Papa or I wanted to waste beer!). However we gave them a run for their money and all remaining games were close. There were various points when Pete was incendiary and Papa was saluted with ‘Fear the Radish’.

It might have been better if we had shouted ‘Fear the nuclear Radish!’ as Papa seemed to have an awful lot of ‘fallout’, despite the radioactivity Papa was still formidable. Fred, you may not hold the record any more….

The final score line was 4 - 2 to Steve and Dave. SD 1234 / 56 PP. Sadly there wasn’t time for a seventh… but hey… we all know if there had been P&P would have taken it!

Bull wars…. Dave was ‘Cock-on’ with bulls tonight scoring 3 Reds and Papa was in there with one as well.

I think MOTM has to go to Steve, despite the fact that both he and Dave played well, Steve was thumping in trebles left, right and well… left and right… Dave did centre. A well earned MOTM Steve.

Chart changes:

Steve Moves up two places to 5th position. Papa drops down one to 7th. As a result Fred moves down one to 6th. Fred will have a chance to reply tomorrow (Wednesday night).

Steve moves up to 4th place in the MOTM chart.

Wednesday night looks like it could be fun… Bad boys attending are: Pete, Doddy, Colin and Fred.

Game on!

Peter X

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Darts - Fear The Radish!

Click for a larger image

Dave 61.62% Peter 60.41% Ian 55.21% Doddy 46.67% Fred 42.62%
Papa 42.37% Steve 42.06% Colin 35.56% Malc 34.62% Mike D 34.55%

Four likely lads gathered at eight of the clock (take note again ‘jelly arm’). After a little socializing we repaired to the clubhouse and offered ourselves up to the ‘pickometer’. The big P dictated that P&P should play I&C.

After the ‘middle for diddle’(taken by Papa’s radish) it was Papa and Pete that set the pace taking the first game, but it didn’t last long as Colin and Ian equalised with the second match. The buggers then rubbed our noses in it by taking the third! That was painful enough to set the two P’s on a path to glory… Pete and Papa managed to take the fourth, fifth and sixth for a 4 - 2 victory; which of course in the now obligatory result format is: PP 1456 / 23 IC.

The games were quite unusual, a mixture of bull and traditional starts and ends. A couple were close but both teams took a couple of games each very comfortably. It was probably a product of the teams going for their own targets for the majority of the time and waiting until the end to chase the opposition.

Bull-wars: Ian 3 reds, Peter 2, Papa 1.

Papa was MOTM, it has to be said Colin continued to play his current higher standard of darts notably taking two or three semis.

Even more notable was our first ‘dart dropping’, (sounds disgusting doesn’t it?). Colin, having sunk a semi looked at the dart and decided another hit anywhere on the board might dislodge it, so dropped the other two straight on the deck!

The sad thing is that it was close to the end of the game and both teams still needed another semi… and you guessed it… after Colin took his darts out of the board (and the floor) Papa heaved one straight in to clinch the game. ‘Sods Law’ eh Colin?

Chart Changes:

In the doubles chart Papa moves up one swapping places with Steve, taking 6th place. In the MOTM chart Papa moves up one place swapping with Pete making me last!

Rushers is AWOL for the rest of the month which means it is open season for the rest of you to try and grab the bullmeister title.

Game On!

Peter X

Friday, 13 July 2007

Darts - Middle for Diddle Poll

The Poll has closed and the results show that 66% of players who voted are in favour of "If your dart falls out or knocks another dart out during Middle for Diddle it is just tough luck."

So that is the rule we will be playing from now on, thanks for voting.

Peter X

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Darts - Another fun evening at Bad Boys!

Click image for larger version.

Dave 61.62% Peter 60.25% Ian 56.05% Doddy 46.67% Fred 42.62%
Steve 42.06% Papa 39.62% Colin 35.71% Malc 34.62% Mike D 34.55%

Steve, Colin and Fred arrived a few minutes early so we sat around and had a chat, then we realised that the four of us were there and we were not waiting for Jelly Arm! So we dived in the hut, cranked up the ‘pickometer’ and were instructed to play Pete and Colin ‘v’ Steve and Fred.

Pete and Colin took the honours with a 4 - 2 win, the score order was PC 1245 / 36 SF.

Three of the games were walkovers, Steve and Fred did the walking on two of them, Colin and Pete on the other one. One of Steve and Fred’s was extremely convincing by the time they had both had their first round they scored a treble 20, treble 18 and racked up around 100 in score. Sadly Colin and I didn’t have any snappy replies and we were up against it from the start.

We all played reasonably but none of us were outstanding; although it has to be said that Steve turned out some consistently workman type darts on the 10 / 15’s all night; making Colin and I have to regularly leave our targets to try and sort them out.

Notable events:

As Ian wasn’t in residence virtually all the games reverted to high score rather than bull starts. Perhaps we should call this the ‘Rushton effect’?

*Adopts Churchillian voice* “Never in the field of Bad Boys conflict has one player changed the tactics of so many!”

Fred scored a treble 20 with his first dart in the opening turn of 2 games.

The OUF ‘Order of the…’ was nearly won by two different players!

Chart Changes:

Yay for Colin! He moves up two places from bottom position to 8th Place. That is now two consecutive outings that he has upped his game in; is this the start of a new trend?

Bullmeister Wars:

Having said only last night that we would start keeping records of bulls (reds only) scored in an evening, tonight was immediately hotly contested! Both Steve and I had four reds apiece, not bad going!

However just to juice things up a bit I think I am right in saying (and I am open to correction by those with better memories) I think I just might have set a Bad Boys record… I managed 2 x Red and 1 x Green in the same turn. So lads, to beat that some bugger is going to have to get the full monty.. 3 x Red. This of course would earn you the Bad Boys - OBE!


Peter X

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Darts – Stunning Stuff (Tuesday Night)

Dave 61.62% Peter 60.09% Ian 56.05% Doddy 46.67% Fred 43.64%
Steve 42.57% Papa 39.62% Malc 34.62% Mike D 34.55% Colin 33.33%

There were some fabulous darts thrown on Tuesday evening. Winners and losers alike agreed the all round player performance was one of the best if not the best so far.

So, a top evening. It started a little late; one player was a tad tardy but claimed not to be late. This led to Dave cheekily enquiring if the hands on his watch were made from jelly!

We still managed to blister through seven games. The ‘pickometer’ teamed up Pete and Dave ‘v’ Ian and Mike D (AKA J.A.) The evening was snaffled by Pete and Dave with a 6 – 1 victory, games as follows IM 1 / 234567 PD.

I have said it before and need to say it again, that score line in no way reflects the battles that were fought! Only one game was a walk over all the others were highly contested. Most games changed hands several times before the end and there were plenty of pressure shots in the closing stages.

There were some interesting tactics played, although all games started on bulls there were two distinct team styles:

Ian and Mike generally played Ian on bulls while Mike D started up 10/15s + 11/14s.

Pete and Dave alternated with one going for bulls and the other opening 20’s + 18’s

This led to some very scary games; at times you couldn’t help but get dragged away from your goal for defensive throws.

In one game two low numbers were left open; twelve and thirteen (I seem to remember). Each team was scoring on one of them and also required 1 semi to finish. Lead position changed about 4 or 5 times before the game ended because each team would poke some darts in their scoring number to take the lead before trying to close off the opposition and go for bull. The pressure was immense on all players, bloody exciting!

Player Performance:

Ian - Great form, Bulls galore

Mike D - Excellent, a massive number of trebles.

Pete - Officially on fire, bulls Trebles and 18’s

Dave – Officially on fire, Trebles and Bulls (two reds in one throw)!

There must have been over a dozen red bullseyes thrown last night, in fact there was far more scored on centres than semis during the night.

Chart Action:

The top three remain unchanged, Sadly Mike D drops down one position. This is a real shame as with the performance he put in he deserves to have gone up rather than down, but that is the way the %’s crumble.

Pete X

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Darts - Middle for Diddle Poll....

It looks like the result will be overwhelmingly in favour of 'If it drops out- tough luck'. If you haven't voted get in quick, only two days to go..... No voting twice now!

Darts – Bull-tastic stats!

Following Tuesday night's bull-tastic achievements (report to follow on Wednesday) I think that we should start logging the night's / team's bullseyes (reds only), just for a bit of fun…. So, on the scoreboard at the bottom in the unused ‘bed’ section we will mark up any reds scored on an evening and I will attempt to remember to report them every fixture. Could be fun eh?

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Darts – Charts are now Doubles, Doubles, Doubles!

Dave 59.78% Peter 59.29% Ian 58.00% Doddy 46.67% Fred 43.64% Steve 42.57% Papa 39.62% Mike D 37.50% Malc 34.62% Colin 33.33%

It turned out that I was able to find a relatively easy way of altering the spreadsheet so that the cumulative chart now only shows doubles results and not all games.

So from now on when you see that chart it is ONLY DOUBLES! You will probably note as well that Redders is at the number one spot. We better see if Ian or I can fix that over the next couple of weeks ;-)

3 players are now on the list for the spreadsheet mailing, shout if you want to be added.

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Darts - Q: What's Cook-ing? A: Colin is Cook-ing!

Click for bigger versions...

Surprisingly after all the rain yesterday the evening was dry! So no players arrived soaked like last week! The mighty ‘P’ did its random stuff and spat the teams out as Peter and Colin V Ian and Steve. We settled down for a fairly fast paced 6 games, the final score was 5 – 1 to Peter and Colin, the order of wins was PC 13456 / 2 IS.

Performance: Ian was just a tad off his normal game but still racking up bulls and semis, Steve and Pete played consistently useful darts. Young Mr Cook had a superb evening playing above his normal level thus earning a well deserved MOTM. Colin we want to see that every week now!

There were some close games but thankfully for Colin and I we just had the edge. As far as I can remember all games started on bulls (as now seems to have become standard) and so finished on low numbers 10’, 12’s and 13’s. There was also a fair smattering of trebles not to mention 5’s and 6's of a kind from both Steve and Colin.

Chart Changes:

No changes on the cumulative chart, which I have to say is a shame for Colin; after a good evening I was expecting him to jump up from last position. Maybe next time!

Doubles chart, Dave retains first spot, I have climbed back to second (half a % behind Dave) and Ian takes 3rd place.

Future changes to chart system:

Ian has maintained for some time that the doubles chart is a more accurate representation of our personal performance than the current mixture of doubles, singles & H2H2H.

I had a look to see what % of games played were doubles as opposed to all types. Last year; June to December 75% of games played were doubles. So far this year 95% of all games played have been doubles. The difference in the %s is made up mostly by H2H2H games (2 this year, 16 last). This is probably due to the fact we have a slightly larger pool of folks this year so are less likely to be a man short and we haven’t had any ‘no shows’, triggering H2H2H matches.

Although I have been happy that all results good or bad for any type of game affect our ratings one thing has been nagging at me; singles matches have nearly always been me against another player. This just seems a little out of step, so I am going to go with Ian on this one.

For next season (Jan) assuming we are still firing on all cylinders I will be promoting the ‘doubles’ results to the main graphics chart and the ‘all games played’ will only be a weekly bar-chart. I don’t think it is practical to do it before then as I would have to rebuild the chart about 40 times, starting with fresh data would be much better.

Finally (hears sighs of relief), I had to make a quick local rule last night, but it’s open to negotiation. Colin had a dart bounce out during the ‘middle for diddle’ and I said he should take it again. This is in line with BDO (British Darts Organisation) tiebreaker and ADO (US) game start rules. Albeit for BDO they are talking about X01 games and we are playing Mickey Mouse (nearer to US Cr**ket).

BDO “If a dart rebounds from the board, or falls out of the board during a throw, then the players shall throw a further dart, or darts, until one remains in the board”.

ADO “The dart must remain the in the board in order to count. Additional throws may be made, until the player’s dart remains in the board. Should the 2nd thrower dislodge the dart of the 1st, a re-throw will be made with the 2nd thrower now throwing first”.

We can either decide on re-throws or if it falls out or you knock another players dart out it's tough luck! Please cast your vote on the Poll on the right hand side of the screen (just above fixtures).


Peter X

Saturday, 30 June 2007

Darts - Is Papa a ‘Darts Dark Horse’?

Gentlemen, the question has to be asked, why?

Papa is not top of the league for sure, but in FOUR months he has doubled his win percentage! No one else would appear to have bettered this (I stand to be corrected by those that follow the stats closer than I). Already some players ‘Fear the radish’. Speaking of Papa’s radishes, He has told me of how much better they are with feather flights; alas he can’t get them… I have been foolish enough to supply the Fruin with a web link that could supply the desired items… Will I and you pay the price over the next few weeks? If so I can only apologise!

Peter X

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Darts - Redbond Retaliates!

Click the picture for a larger version.

We had all guessed that Wednesday evening might be a bit supercharged after Tuesday night’s results. Dave and Ian are now locked in mortal combat for the top spot… Game On!

As now seems traditional when Doddy plays we started with a bit of a cider tasting, one was particularly gorgeous and apparently is award winning aiming juice! Sadly he kept the majority of it for himself which probably accounts for the great darts he played last night, earning MOTM.

Not only did he play excellently but partnered with Dave managed to secure a 5 - 2 win over Peter and Steve. There were some bloody close games mind you, very exciting with lots of lead changing etc. But at the end of the day Steve and I had a slow start and just couldn’t catch up. The games went as follow MD 1-2-3-5-7 / 4-6 SP.


It appears we may all have turned to the dark side, all four players started games in the same fashion that Darth Rushton has been playing for the last couple of months. Everybody played bull-tastically but Doddy was hitting REDS like they were going out of style, if my memory serves me correctly at least 4 and that’s without the semis.

Steve also had a nice bull flurry with a red and green in the same turn. Mind you this was attributed to the fact that after the third game Steve made a phone call, it is believed he phoned a premium rate darts advice line. The advice given? ‘Walk back in and plant a bull and semi straight in for your first go. Sadly he couldn’t afford any more advice at five pounds a minute.

Anyway, back to the battle between Dave and Ian… Cumulative Chart Action, Dave advances back up to second place and Ian retreats to third place. Doddy Holds firm in fourth place and Steve drops one below Fred.

I can already feel Ian jumping up and down and shouting ‘But what about the bloody doubles chart!” No comfort there I am afraid. I have dropped to third position (lucky I favour the cumulative charts *winks*), Rushers sits a nat’s dick behind Dave, who is in pole position.

So I guess Dave is probably ok to start poking his stick through the bars to Ian’s cage again. Come to think of it he started last night, referring to Ian’s elevated status as ‘A one night wonder’.

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Peter X

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Darts - Rushton Rushes in Shock!

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Welcome to the Bad Boys Blog…

Here are the results from Nailsworth… (26.6.07)

Well, what a fantastic evening’s darts!

Depending on which side you were on of course…

The rain let up, the combatants arrived, opened a beer or two and the ‘pickometer’ was pressed in to action, resulting in Pete being paired with Fred and Ian playing with Mike D (aka Jelly Arm, JA).

Pete and Fred were well and truly THRASHED just managing to avoid a whitewash with a final score line of 6 – 1 to Ian and Mike D. The winners took the first three games, the losers took the forth then it was all downhill to the seventh…. Thankfully there wasn’t time for an eighth!

Player Performance:

Peter: Played about average, nothing special

Ian (aka Bullmeister): Played well but thumped the bulls less than on his hot nights.

Fred: I don’t think Fred will mind me saying it wasn’t a good night for him, apart from a few gratefully received trebles he didn’t get in to his stride.

Mike D: JA played very well; he started ok and just got better and better as the evening went on. He was awarded MOTM.

Cumulative Chat Changes:

Mayhem has broken out this week…

Ian moves up to second place, dropping Dave down to third. This is the first time David has dropped below second place since January. Well Done Ian. I am sure Dave will come out fighting tonight!

Fred drops a couple places to sixth position. Mike D jumps from bottom position to eighth place.

The Rise of Rushton: Not only has Ian taken second place in the cumulative chart but I am honour bound to report that he has taken first place in the doubles only table by one tenth of one percent! It can only be a matter of time before Ian takes overall pole position.

It will be interesting to see what changes (if any) Wednesday night’s results will make:

Pete, Dave, Steve and Doddy….. GAME ON!

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Peter X

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Darts - Mike D has his ring (tone) slapped


I say, I say I say….

Bernard Manning died this week, his condition is described as ‘satisfactory’. (C) Peter Cook

It’s results time!

Firstly the best result of the evening:

Pete, Ian, Colin and Mike D ‘ V’ Half full crop circle beer barrel

The Beer never stood a chance. Mind you it didn’t start that way, at the beginning of the evening the barrel was 20+ pints up on 4 thirsty lads. The team put a great effort in and by half time it was hovering around the dozen pints mark. At the end of play the barrel thought it had won and sat laughing with the best part of 3 pints left in it. However one final push (while sitting and leaning on various walls) saw the last drops shared out to the victors! Final score Bad Boys 20+ Barrel 0.

All joking aside, we are indebted to the Doddmeister for suggesting that we take the residue of ‘Boule Competition Day Academy HR Sponsored Beer ( )’ and whoop its arse. Cheers Doddy.

Ok, Down to business… or phone calls depending on who you are…..
The pickometer selected Peter and Ian to play Colin and Mike D. We had 6 games, all good fun and 3 very close, but when the whistle went (or was that the ring tone?) the final score was 6 - 0 to Ian and Pete.

Chart Changes: Colin moves up one, Jelly Arm moves down.

As regular visitors will know Steve often gets a bit of stick for his phone going off in the middle of matches and finding daughters requesting lifts home etc. God know we feel sympathy for the lad as it’s just not cri**et when a bloke is in the middle of a game. Anyway Steve, fear not, you have serious competition in the form of Mike Davies!

Mike’s phone went off during a match and he wandered around the garden for 5 minutes while we twiddled our thumbs and thought ‘Cant be offspring wanting a lift, they all drive.. Maybe its legal stuff, must be important.’ Anyway Mike finished the call with ‘Let me think about it and I will call you back’. We finished that game and then Mike said he had to make a call. Well an eternity later he came off the phone only to announce that phone interruptions in fact absolutely were cri**et!

The bastard was holding up our darts match (twice) so he could discuss friggin’ cri**et teams with a buddy! Be warned Davies this behaviour will not be tolerated in future!

Anyway great games and good fun, I was voted MOTM for a change, hurrah for me!

Finally I would like to draw your attention to Mr Rushton. Since the middle of April Ian has been employing his ‘Bulls First’ strategy with a great degree of success. During that period his % wins has risen from 49.37% to 57.33% making it the fastest and most consistent % rise this year (Congratulations Ian). He is obviously on to a tactic that works for him! What are you going to do about it lads?

Game On!

Peter X