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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Darts – “This game is all about trebles”

Peter 63.64% Ian 57.41% Dave 56.86% Doddy 48.25% Steve 42.86%
Mike D 41.51% Fred 38.53% Papa 37.14% Malc 31.37% Colin 30.41%

What a smashing evening’s darts, finishing off the 2007 season very nicely!

Dave had to drop out of the final fixture but thankfully Doddy was kind enough to step in and fill the gap.

The ‘flipometers’ picked Pete and Doddy ‘v’ Ian and Steve. We hammered our way through seven games with Pete and Doddy being rewarded with a 5 – 2 victory. The game results order was PD 13456 / 27 SI. A stunning number of trebles were scored by both sides, possibly a record number?

Despite not getting the highest number of bulls Steve was named bullmeister and man of the match due to the incredible regularity with which he was pumping in the semis. I would like to thank Doddy and myself for building up sufficient scores that Steve had the opportunity to show this skill ;-)

Notable events:

Steve scored two semis and a bull in one turn and later in the evening had a two semi turn.

We were one dart away from our first ever draw! Both sides had the same score, Doddy and I required one semi to add a winning 25 score and Ian and Steve required one semi to close the bulls. We got there first. Hmmm... I wonder how I would account for a draw on the spreadsheet; either a win or lose for both teams I suppose?

Chart Changes: No change in the final week! The song remains the same as Led Zeppelin would say!

Bull Wars: Ian 3, Peter 1, Steve 1 (and oodles of semis).

That is it for 2007 folks, thanks to everyone for playing it’s been great fun. Have a good Xmas and the new season starts on the 8th Jan 2008. If you haven’t checked or confirmed your January dates yet PLEASE DO IT NOW!

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Darts – No rest for the wicked!

Peter 63.50% Ian 58.17% Dave 56.86% Doddy 47.06% Steve 43.45%
Mike D 41.51% Fred 38.53% Papa 37.14% Malc 31.37% Colin 30.41%

It seems that several bad boys will be jostling for final positions right up to the wire this year!

The teams for Tuesday night were Pete and Ian ‘v’ Papa and MikeD. Both teams threw some great darts, doubles, trebles and shanghais galore. This makes it even harder (honest!) to report there was a whitewash... The final score line was IP 1234567 / 0 PM.

As much as we appreciated the points both Ian and I agreed that it was rough justice that the opposition didn’t bag a single game. On any other evening the performance put up by Papa and Mike would probably have seen them as the victors, but Ian and I were on fire so it just didn’t go that way! As a mark of our distress at this result I have decided to make both Ian and I MOTM :-)

Chart Changes:

Mike D has now dropped below Steve, there is now a 2% gap separating them. There is a chance that these positions could reverse again next week as Steve is playing on the 18th. However he will need to be on the end of a severe thrashing to lose 2%.

Papa slips one position, bringing Fred back up to 7th place. It has to be said that Papa’s chart position has not reflected his level of play this year. I am sure he will put that right next year!

Bull wars: Peter 2, Ian 1, Mike 1.

Next week is the final fixture for 2007 and with both Ian and Dave playing the fight for second position will finally be settled. Dave is still in with a shot at 1.31% behind Ian. And Steve needs to battle to retain 5th place and stay in the top half of the leader board.

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Darts - Rushers and Redders, the battle goes on!

Peter 62.87% Ian 57.03% Dave 56.86% Doddy 47.06% Mike D 44.44%Steve 43.45% Papa 39.80% Fred 38.53% Malc 31.37% Colin 30.41%

Another great evenings darts; 6 games played, 4 were nail biters. This week the flipometers selected Peter and Dave ‘v’ Ian and Doddy. The final result was a 3 - 3 draw. The win sequence was a very balanced PD 135 / ID 246.

Generally I think I&D’s performance was slightly better than mine and Dave’s. Although in one game Dave and I found ourselves 170+ behind the opposition when we all turned to bulls, some good bull play reduced the deficit to a point where it was first to the semi for a win, sadly Doddy pipped us to the post.

The upshot of the matches is that the gap between Ian and Dave has lengthened to 0.17%. This means that second place is still well and truly open and will be contested again before Xmas.

Speaking of Xmas, if you look at the fixtures list you will see that we have a two week break before the start of next season, I doubt we would have any takers for xmas and new year’s day so the first 2008 fixture will be the 8th January.

All 2008 games will be played on Tuesdays. I have dropped Wednesday fixtures; to compensate for less available fixtures I will be booking larger teams on Tuesdays! We will run with between 4 and 6 players each evening. Hopefully this will make life easier for me booking games and more flexible for players. I reckon that playing with teams of three is likely to close the top and bottom player % over the year which should make things more exciting.

So feel free to start booking January game slots!

Chart Changes: None! But there are still chances for some before the end of the year.

Bull Wars: Peter 2, Dave 2, Doddy 2, Ian 0

Game on!

Peter x