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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Darts – Casablanca Invades Nailsworth!

I am going to keep this short and sweet, because I all know you don't want me to start weeping over the keyboard.

Tuesday evening was a two man affair (please don't take that literally). Just Pedro and Casablanca Mike.

Game one Mike game me a hammering, game two I gave mike a hammering, game three mike hammered me again, game four I hammered Mike again..... And so it looked set for the evening but alas (for me) Mike wasn't content with just the odd numbered games and started nicking my odd numbered games!

Hard fought games followed, but the only victories were for CM; leaving the final score line: CM 135678 / 24P A whopping 6 -2 win.

Notable Events: Some savagely good and bad darts by both players.

Bull Wars: CM3, Peter 1 – CM is Bullmeister for the evening.

Chart Changes: None.

Dates: If you haven’t already told me - PLEASE LET ME HAVE YOUR APRIL DATES ASAP!

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Darts – A game of Four Quarters.

It was three man outing on Tuesday evening, the teams were decided on the first flip. Pete and Papa 'v' Ian.

Without any messing about we launched in to an eight game evening. Rushers thrashed the arse off Papa and I in the first game. Mightily miffed we moved on to the second to lose that one as well; albeit by a much reduced margin.

Then thankfully (at least for me and Papa) something wonderful happened... We took the next game and the next and.... Yes it was a game of four quarters and three of them were Pedros and Papa's.

Which of course means the final score line was: Ian 12 / 345678 PP.

Notable Events:

Not many to be honest, plenty of trebles, some double semis and the odd double scoring treble; but this is getting a quite regular occurrence. All concerned played well, if pressed I would say that it was bull action that cost Ian a winning evening, which is strange as he was cock on for the first two games.

None of this stopped the fun or banter and I have to say the games were immensely enjoyable and very competitive.

Bull Wars: Peter 4, Papa 3, Ian 1. Making Pedros bullmeister for the evening.

Chart Changes:

No actual changes, Peter gains around 3% finally climbing from a starting position this year of 12.5% to 50%. Ian drops about 4.5% to 56.25% and Papa grabs himself a massive 10% boost taking him up to 35%.

Next week is currently set to be another three man game: Pete, CM and Doddy if anyone fancies making it a four man then shout up.

Game On!

Pedros x

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Darts – Dave Demonstrates 'Fo(u)rplay'

Greetings followers of the dark art of bad boy darting. Try saying that with your teeth in while sucking the wrong end of a donut!

It was a cool but clear evening; the hut was warmed to a perfect (in my humble opinion) 15-18 degrees. Tonight's talent was Pete, Dave, Mr 100% and Doddy. A quick flip of ye olde bespoke darts flippers decided that the teams would be Pete and John 'v' Dave and Doddy.

John took the middle for diddle with a semi, and we were off! Readers, I have to tell you that the evening scores were a little one-sided, but not completely. The final score line was PJ 123457 / 6 DD. Making a rather convincing 6 – 1 win to Mr (almost) 100% and Peter.

I don't think either Dave or Doddy will be offended if I say that they just couldn't get in to their full stride for the evening whereas Pete and John (particularly John) were firing on all cylinders, John was MOTM.

Notable events:

John lost a game...

There was the usual flurry of doubles and trebles for most folks, but more regularly for the eventual winners.

A game was stolen on bulls.

Either Dave or John managed a double scoring treble turn

The number of bulls for the evening were very light, only four in total.

Dave showed us what darts fourplay is: chuck a dart a couple of feet in front of you then grab it and throw again.... thus four darts, four-play! Anyone trying for five-play will be asked to leave the hut.

Despite the one sided score the games were fun and a good evening was had win or lose.

Bull Wars: Dave 1, Doddy 1, Peter 1, John 1. No Bullmeister this week!

Chart Changes: Peter goes up (with a 5% gain) to fourth place, bumping Dave down a spot; sadly Dave takes a massive -15% hit. John retains top spot but drops from 100% to 92.86%. Remarkably Doddy's percentage remains unchanged at 14.29%

Next week looks like a three man game between Pete Ian and Papa, so if anyone can pull an extra game to make up the numbers please shout ASAP.... Steve, put that phone down.... you have to turn up to make up the numbers!

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Darts - Hectic In The Hut

There were four Mickey-nauts assembled on Tuesday evening: Bad boy Pete, Head-banger Rushton, Casablanca Mike and Papa. That’s just plain old Papa, not the ‘Bad Papa’ all the porn searchers come here to find!

After a little practice we embarked on an extended tossing session. That’s ‘Flipometer’ tossing, not the energetic stuff all the porn searchers come here to do.

The eventual result of the flips was that Pedros and HB were teamed against CM and Papa. We launched in to rapid game mode and managed to polish off nine games before 10.00pm.

The score line was PI 12467 / 3589 PCM making a 5 - 4 victory to Peter and Ian

Notable Events:

Ian finished the opening game on his first attempt as bulls parking a bull plus semi, gobsmacking. He then went on to do similarly in the next game.

Normally something like that would earn you man of the match but everyone played well! Papa whacked in several bulls, CM took plenty of semis and Pete managed a bull plus 2 semis for one turn.

Papa scoring on Shanghais, a couple of players planting scoring double trebles. Trebles galore, solid play from all.

Bull Wars: Papa 4, Ian 3, Peter 2, CM 1. Making Papa the evening’s Bullmeister!

Chart Changes:

None, but some % movements: Peter up 2%, Ian down 1%, CM Down 6% and Papa up 7.5%!

Next Week: John is in da hut! What will happen to his 100% score? Will Dave remember to come?

Stay tuned for more bad boy darts action, Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Darts – Of Foxes and Lions!

Ian Pete and CM gathered at the appointed time to chuck some ‘arras’. While we began waiting for Dave to turn up (Which never happened, naughty boy Dave, were you out with Steve?), we looked out of the hut window to the side steps only to see a cheeky fox performing balancing tricks on the wall capping. The bold bugger then did a run-by past the stairs up to the hut. Maybe we should rename ourselves the Bad Boys Cub?

The three of us all had a quick flick and the flipometers decreed it was to be Casablanca Mike and Pete ‘v’ Val Rushton (for it was he festooned in a cardy). We banged straight in to a nine game set. The score line was as follows: PCM 1234579 / 68 VR being a 7 - 2 victory to Pete and Cassy.

I have to say that we all played pretty well, with some great darts all around, indeed we were like three lions, although not all playing on the same team! But we did all shake hands unlike some of our football bretherin.

In the post match round up all players agreed that a fairer score might have been 5 - 4, but ‘them’s the breaks’ as they say, PCM just had the edge for the evening and it showed strongly in the results.

A couple of the games followed in the recent tradition of massive catch-up efforts, always a thrilling end to a game! In game Eight Rushers took Mike and I apart, suddenly he was on fire and unstoppable, luckily we put him out by pissing on him in game nine. So if next time you see Ian he is still smouldering, you know why.

All joking apart Ian – well played – You would have had MOTM except Mike and I weren’t slouchy either.

Notable Events:

Foxes, double semis, bull semis, shanghais, some remarkable large scoring throws on both sides. Bloody good night.

Bull Wars:

Ian 4, Mike 3, Peter 0! Making Mothman the Bullmeister for the evening.

Chart Changes:

Ian takes a 10% which drops him to third place allowing Mike to regain second place with plus 2%. Peter remains in fifth place but does gain a healthy 7.5%

More fun, games and maybe foxes next week.

Game on!

Peter x

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