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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Darts – September Dates Please!

Combatants: Peter, Ian, CM.

The teams were Ian and Casablanca ‘v’ Peter

Score Line: ICM 1369-10 / 24578 P Being a 5 all draw

A hard fought fast paced evenings darts, all players having sweet and sour moments!

Notable events:

On the middle for diddle Casablanca and Pete both got semis, CM was nearer the bull though…

A Bull Semi finish for Rushers.

A heightened level of swearing from Casablanca!

Bull Wars: Pete 3, Ian 2. Peter is Bullmeister.

Chart Changes: None, but all players drop a little!

Game On!

Peter x

September dates please ASAP please…

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Darts – Super Fast Report!

Combatants: Peter, Ian, Doddy, CM.

Score Line: DCM 134589 / 267 PI

A fun evenings darts, although as is mostly usual someone has to take a hit! This evening is was Pete and Rushers. We rarely seemed to raise our play above average while CM and the Doddmeister seemed to play well for most of the evening. In fact I feel they should be awarded joint MOTM.

Notable events:

Doddy was well in to the middle scoring plenty of 25s and bulls, some even when we wasn’t aiming for them!

CM was a pain in the arse on treble 19’s, reducing Ian and I to tears on several occasions… I mean when the enemy score 2 x T19 (several times) you can feel the blood start to boil!

Ian had some good darts including some double semis and some treble action.

Peter managed a treble semi, although one wasn’t required!

Bull Wars: CM 4, Doddy 3, Ian 3, Pete 1. CM is Bullmeister.

Chart Changes: Doddy is the big winner with a stunning 6% increase putting him is close contention with Papa! Pete, Ian and mike all move around under 1%. Casablanca is beginning to look like this years winner!

Gane On!

Peter x

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Darts – Another game of two halves?

Combatants: Peter, Ian and CM. (JA was due to play but sadly was feeling under the weather, we wish him a speedy recovery).

The teams were flipped as Ian and Casablanca ‘v’ Pedros.

An exciting evenings darts with a final score line of: ICM 12359 / 4678-10 P, being a 5 all draw!

Notable events:

Some very close games. All players having some severe treble action and some hot runs on the middle as well.

All players had there hot and cold periods with little in the middle, folks were either on them or not!

Bull wars: Peter 8, Ian 4, CM 3.

Chart Changes: None, however in a cruel stroke of fate due to the fact that all players % ‘s were greater than 50% everyone goes down a bit due to the draw!

Still all to play for, Game on!

Peter x