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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Darts – It is never over until the fat lady sings!

Peter 61.64% Ian 54.14% Dave 51.61% Mike D 46.43% Steve 46.03%
Papa 44.05% CM 37.50% Doddy 35.29% Colin 34.78% Malc 27.27%

Another Tuesday rolls around and Nailsworth was once again hosting another Bad Boys Darts match. The five players wondering what lady luck had in store for them were: Ian, Mike, Steve, Papa and Pete. The flipometers sorted out the teams in short order; Ian and Papa ‘v’ Peter Steve and Mike.

Now it has to be said that the three handed mob started off pretty poorly, thus Ian and Papa took the first, second and third games; leaving PSM feeling pretty despondent. We then had a stroke of luck and took the fourth, celebrating wildly that we had avoided what seemed like an inevitable white wash, in truth Papa and Ian were catching us fast and we only took the fourth by the skin of our teeth!

The fifth game got started and once again Ian and Papa marched to victory. The only question in PSM’s heads were ‘How many more are we going to go down by tonight?’ Then miracles seemed to happen (for PSM), suddenly our game came together and we barrelled through the next three games to pull proceedings to a draw.

Unfortunately we ran out of time for a decider; however this is probably no bad thing as a draw was probably the right result. I have to admit no one on my team thought that we would get to stalemate by the end of the evening, so we were mightily pleased.

The final score line was IP 1235 / 4678 PSM

Notable events:

Mike (JA) got Shang-Hi on the 18’s

Papa got a hatful of 16’s

Ian got a hatful of something else but I can’t remember what it was for the life of me.

Ian and Papa also did rather well on the centre of the board with Ian getting plenty of bulls and 25’s, Papa was also hitting the green regularly. Between them they put plenty of pricks in the middle of the board! They were as Dave would say ‘Cock on!’

Bull Wars Ian 3, Papa 1, Pete 1, Mike 1.

Chart Changes: Zilch, Nowt, None, Nada.... not a sausage!
The gap between Mike and Steve has narrowed still further, remarkably they no longer seem to be concerned with beating each other; apparently they both feel they now have Dave in their sites!

Dave’s ears must have been burning, when I got back from the hut I found an email from him booking a further two June dates, giving him three outings in the coming month.

So it looks like it will be strong competition in June... Game On!

Peter x

June Dates!


If you haven’t provided me with your June dates yet, they are now urgent. Please let me know as soon as possible!



Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Darts - Bad Boys, a big welcome to ‘Casablanca Mike’.

Peter 62.32% Ian 54.40% Dave 51.61% Mike D 45.83% Steve 45.45%
Papa 43.42% CM 37.50% Doddy 35.29% Colin 34.78% Malc 27.27%

The Bad Boys Darts Club gained another member this week, ‘Casablanca Mike’, probably to be abbreviated to ‘CM’ (Just to keep JA company). For those who attend Teddy Ruston’s boule evenings you will already know Mike as ‘Mike the Measure’.

Sadly Malc couldn’t make it this week (but we hope to see you soon). This meant the player pool was Peter, Ian, Doddy, Dave and Casablanca Mike. A couple of flips of the flipometers resulted in Ian & Pete ‘v’ the others!

It was very nearly an evening of two halves; Ian and Pete managed to grab the first four games, the first two of these it has to be said were substantial wins but the second two were much closer! CMDD bagged the 5th game and then PI took the 6th. At this stage we were hoping that game 5 had just been a blip but alas it was the shape of things to come and we also lost the 7th & 8th games.

Even so this still gave Pete and Ian a welcome 5 – 3 victory with the final score line PI 12346 / 578 CMDD.

We all have our good and bad patches and Dave seems to have had a couple of weeks recently that have been under his usual very high standard. I have to say that this is definitely being reflected in the % results. Ian’s minute (0.15%) lead from last week has now widened to far more considerable 2.09%.

Doddy’s % crept up by 0.29%, however this was not enough to stop him being (marginally) eclipsed by Casablanca Mike storming in with a first outing % of 37.5%. This also bumps CM ahead of Colin and Malc!

Notable events, nothing particularly outrageous this week, although PI did seem to be very heavy on the trebles!

Also Teddy got a Shang-Hi-de your face on 6’s!

Bull Wars Peter 3, CM 2, Ian 1, Doddy 1.

Bookings: June dates are starting to fill up, please take a look and let me know when you can play.

Game On!

Peter X

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Darts – A Malc by any other name....

Peter 62.31% Ian 53.85% Dave 53.70% Mike D 45.83% Steve 45.45%
Papa 43.42% Doddy 35.00% Colin 34.78% Malc 27.27% Fred 00.00%

Nailsworth’s finest gathered at the club house for another great evening’s darts. Everyone chose their favourite colour flipometer and we started flipping, after two rounds of flips the teams were set as Ian and Papa ‘v’ Peter and Malc.

Papa and Ian raced in to a two game start; the first was a walk over the second pretty close. Game three saw Malc and Pete fighting back and bagging our first victory of the evening! The next went to Ian and Papa, and then Pete and Malc took the fifth. Papa and Ian won the sixth and seventh and then fancied their chances for a final game, unfortunately for Papa and Ian we snatched it, leaving the evenings toll at 5-3 to Ian and Papa; score order being PI 12467/358 MP.

I think this was a fair result, but I have to say that most of the games were very close.

Notable Events:

Malcolm has had several nicknames at Bad Boys, ‘Random Malc’, ‘Flat liner’, ‘The Blip’ and ‘My little cup cake’ (hmmm; actually maybe it is just me that calls him that). Well tonight he was very nearly the bullmeister with 4 of the buggers (well done Malc)! In the end he shared the honours with Papa.

Speaking of Papa, Papa the spear chucker that is... He is fairly legendry for bouncing darts out of the bull and landing them near the score board; tonight Papa’s rebound finally made contact with another player, I have a very neat little hole in the back of my leg! So remember folks if you are throwing before Papa, don’t spend too long adding up and chalking your score – Run!

Teddy Rushton managed another O3B ( I think this might be his third?) while finishing a game; the final semi wasn’t even required (flash git).

Bull Wars: Papa 4, Malc 4, Ian 2, Pete 1.

Chart Changes:

Ian and Dave swap places... Ian is now in second place, leading Dave by a mighty 0.15%! No other position changes but both Malc and Papa’s graphs both take a decent up turn!

Dave and Ian may face each other next week, Game on!

Peter x

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Darts - Doddmeister is the new Bullmeister

Peter 63.93% Dave 53.70% Ian 53.21% Mike D 45.83% Steve 45.45%
Papa 41.18% Doddy 35.00% Colin 34.78% Malc 21.43% Fred 0.00%

Tuesday night in Nailsworth saw another gathering at the bad boys darts club. Pete, Steve, Doddy, Dave and Ian arrived all tooled up at 8.00pm. After a swift practice the flipometers were flipped; resulting in Pete and Doddy ‘v’ Steve, Ian and Dave.

The first game got underway and it was quickly obvious that Doddy and Pete were on pretty good form and the opposition were having a little trouble getting in to gear, game one was a bit of a walk over. Game two was a lot closer but Doddy and Pete were still in command at the end

Games three and four were a different story SID forged ahead in both leaving Pete and Doddy 100/150 behind by the time bulls came in to play. Happily (for Doddy and Pete) they managed to hammer the middle of the board and steal them both. Sadly the same trick failed for game five. But by the time that game six came along Doddy and Pete were ready for another sprint start and gave SID a final whooping, leaving the final score line as PD 12346/5 SID.

Now the above might sound a bit of a gloat but nothing is further from the truth, just a statement of fact. Pete and Doddy played very well and it has to be said that Steve, Ian and Dave just didn’t. In fact Dave’s analysis of his teams play for the evening was ‘We were shite tonight’!

Notable events:

Doddy and Pete had a bull-tastic evening, there were three of four double semi turns a whole raft of single semis and Doddy crowned all that lot off with plenty of reds. This won us the majority of the games. Doddy was definitely MOTM!

Bull Wars: Doddy 3, Ian 1, Peter 1.

Chart Changes:

Steve and Mike change places again putting Steve back to 5th position, Mike rises to 4th place. Doddy gets a healthy 5%+ boost allowing him to overtake Colin and gain 7th place.

There are some mighty close players at the moment. Ian is now less than 0.5% behind David. Steve is even closer to Mike and Colin is closer still to Doddy.

So it is definitely.... GAME ON!

Peter x