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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Darts - Mike goes Monster.

Combatants: Pete, Ian and CM

Teams: it took about five flips to get teams as we all kept getting the same colour!

Score Line PI 1 / 2345678 CM, a 7 – 1 victory to CM.

Notable Events:

Casablanca was on top form, easily MOTM. He was getting trebles virtually every turn, if not double trebles or Shanghais! Pete and Ian played fairly poorly and the combination of (Mike’s) good and (our) bad play meant we never really got a look in except for the first game.

There were a couple that were close but, Mike still took them, he really was unstoppable. A deserved monster win.

Bull Wars: CM 5, Peter 2, Ian 1. So CM was Bulmeister as well!

Chart Changes: None, but of course Mike is now building a significant lead. Is it too late for any of us to catch him?

Game On!

Pete x

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Darts – Jelly Arm Returns (and holds his own)!

Combatants: Pete, Ian, Papa and Mike-D (AKA JA).

Teams: A couple of flips produced the pairings of Peter and Ian ‘v’ Papa and Jelly Arm.

Score Line: JA Papa W / 1234567 PI, Making a 7 – 0 victory to Peter and Ian.

Notable Events:

Jelly Arm was back in da house! It was a real pleasure to see Mike back at darts; there were no signs of rust even after a six month layoff. Sadly despite putting up a great return effort he wasn’t rewarded with a game win meaning that he maintains his 0% standing!

There were some great darts thrown all round with all players getting some ‘specials’ in. Some I can remember are: Ian and Papa both getting double semis, JA getting copious treble twenties, Pete scoring 7 sixteens. Everybody getting trebles.

I have to say that there were some extremely close games and that Papa and JA really didn’t deserve to walk away with a whitewash, a 3 - 4 result would have been nearer the mark, not that I am complaining!

Bull Wars: JA 2, Peter 2, Papa 1, Ian 1. So no clear Bullmeister this week.

Chart Changes: None, however the mid table is beginning to bunch-up with Pete, Ian and John all within 1% of each other.

Game On!

Peter x

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Darts – The art of the short report: Part 2

Combatants: Pete & Ian (Doddy had to bail out).

Teams: Unsurprisingly, Peter V Ian (no flips required!)

Score Line: Peter 1256789-10 / 34 Ian. An 8 – 2 victory to Peter.

Notable Events: Quite a lot of bull action considering there were only two players (including a bull/semi finish from Pete).

Some excellent scoring runs for both players often followed by periods of drought. Over the evening Peter played better darts but the advantage was not as great as the score line suggests, some games were very nip & tuck.

Bull Wars: Ian 7, Peter 6. Making Rushers Bullmeister for the evening.

Chart Changes: Ian’s % dropped by around 2%, Peters went up around 1.3% These reasonably drastic changes were enough to cause Ian and Peter to swap places.

No doubt Rushers will mount a counter attack in due course…

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Darts Results - 06.07.10

Date: 06.07.10

Combatants: Pete, Papa, Ian & Casablanca Mike.

Teams: Peter and CM ‘v’ Ian and Papa.

Score Line: PCM 13467 / IP 258, being a 5 – 3 Victory to Pete and Mike.

Notable Events: Good games but somehow Pete and CM had it off on the trebles. A lot of bull action.

Bull Wars: Ian 5, CM 4, Papa 2, Peter 1. Making Rushers Bullmeister for the evening.

Chart Changes: Ian drops a little which means John goes back up to second place!

Keep at it lads… Game On!

Peter x