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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Darts Results 14.12.2010

Attending: Pete and Casablanca Mike.
Final Score Line: Pete 25678 / 134 CM. A 5 - 3 victory to Pete.
Bull Wars: Pete 4, CM 4.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Darts Results 23.11.2010

Attending: Pete, Ian, Doddy and Casablanca Mike.
Final Score Line: PCM 1234678 / 5 ID. A 7 - 1 victory to Pete and CM.
Bull Wars: Ian 1, Pete 3, CM 1 Doddy 2. Peter is the bullmeister.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Darts Results - 9.11.2010

Attending: Pete, Ian, John and Casablanca Mike.
Final Score Line: PI 12468 / 357 JCM. A 5 - 3 victory to Pete and Ian.
Bull Wars: Ian 3, Pete 2, CM 2 John 1. Rushers is the bullmeister.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Darts Results! 2.11.2010

A top evening of darts (for some). Teams were Peter and Casablanca Mike v Ian and Papa.

The final score line was PCM 12346789 / 5 IPAPA being an 8-1 victory to Pete and CM.

I don’t think Ian and Papa played badly it just seemed that Mike and I had the rub of the green.

Bull Wars: Ian 3, CM 3, Papa 1, Peter 1.

Chart Changes: Pete and Ian swap places.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Rushers nearly gets the treble bull...

And then there were two!

Ian v Pete

The final score line was Ian 12347 / 568 Pete

Mr Rushton was on excellent form, bulls galore and even a double bull & semi combo (See photo)! Definitely MOTM.

Bull Wars: Ian 9, Peter 3. Making Ian bullmeister.

Chart changes: None

Peter x

Monday, 25 October 2010

Bad Boy Results 19/10/2010

Only 3 bad boys again…Competing were Pete, Ian and CM. Teams being Ian and CM ‘V’ Pete.Final score line ICM 1468 / 2357 Pete. Good Darts and Close games.Bull Wars: Pete 4, Ian 2, CM 1 Making Pete Bullmeister.Chart Changes – NoneIt is looking like Mike is still untouchable!

Game on!


Sunday, 10 October 2010

Darts - Late report for the 5th Oct 2010

Only 3 bad boys again…

Competing were Pete, Ian and CM. Teams being Pete and Ian ‘V’ CM.

Final score line PI 16789 / 2345 CM. Good Darts and Close games.

Bull Wars: CM 5, Ian 4, Pete 3 Making CM Bullmeister.

Chart Changes – None

It’s looking like Mike is untouchable!

Game on!


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Darts – Papa holds his own (Ooh er Missus!)

Well although we were down to three Bad Boys this week it was one of the most competitive and enjoyable sessions for a long time.

Pete and Ian were pitched against Pa and Pa.

The final score line was PI 12489 / PaPa 3567

Notable Events:

Bloody competitive darts, it was rare for anyone to be a long way ahead and the finishes were usually very tight and could have gone either way.

I was shocked to find that when Papa plays on his own he always follows team orders!

It was Papa’s first solo run and like all before him he found it both tiring and enjoyable.

Bull Wars: Papa 4, Ian 4, Peter 3. Making Ian and Papa joint bullmeisters (aggregate aside).

Chart changes: None, Papa gains a % Ian and Peter gain a nano-slither.


Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Darts – The Curse of the Jelly Arm!

Greetings to this quick and dirty report.

It was a pleasure to see Jelly Arm back in the hut after a long lay-off with hoof problems, but he is back!

John was also back in the hut despite paw problems… Hmm it seems we play with a load of injured animals.

Anyway, enough distraction on to the bitter pill.

CM and John were teamed, as were JA and I. the only difference between the two teams were that one played well and the other was dire!

The score line was horrendous JCM1234567 / W - PJA.

John and CM thoroughly deserved their win as did mike and I deserve our loss, we were f*cking awful!

But that is the way it goes sometimes!

Notable events: despite having a couple of decent runs JA and I couldn’t make a win, in one game we lost from having over a 200 point lead! Never mind onward and upwards, JA tells me he is hoping to get above his monthly average over the rest of the year; clearly he wants to win a game!

Bull Wars: CM 4, John 3, JA 1, Pete 0… Says it all really – we were murdered.

Chart changes: John thunders back to the number one spot meaning CM drops to second despite a handsome win! Pete drops to fourth allowing Mr Rushton (who cried off this week) to go up to third place… Hmmm…. I can feel certain conspiracy theories in the offing.

Due to the dramatic change at the top of the league table (and the lack of it at the bottom) I feel duty bound to yet again point out that a bad boy must attend 12 times in a year for his score to be valid in the yearly rankings. So john, if you can keep up the % and the attendance you may yet beat Mr Weaver.

JA if you up your attendance and win a game before the end of the year we won’t all chant loser, loser when we see you at boule.

I’m lovely aren’t I?

Game On!

Peds x

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Darts – A happy birthday?

Combatants for the evening were Pete, CM, Doddy and Rushers (who turned out on his birthday)!

A quick flip decided on teams of Pete and Ian ‘v’ Doddy and CM.

We launched in to a 7 game set that showed a final score line of PI 124567 / 3 DCM being a 6 – 1 victory to Pete and Ian.

Notable Events: Very rare that I have to put a negative in here but poor Mr Casablanca deserves a mention / sympathy!

Mike had a pretty bad evening’s darts, not just compared against his usual high standard but alas the sort of play that brings tears to your eyes. I’m sure it must just have been a glitch and he will be back on form shortly.

Bull Wars: Peter 4, CM 1 making Peds the bullmeister.

Chart Changes: None – Both Ian and Pete gained around 1% while both Doddy and CM dropped around 1.5%

CM still looks a likely winner this year but we will have to see… Game On!

Peds x

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Darts – A case of theft?

Combatants: Peter, Ian, CM.

It was a case of the three Musketeers yet again, attendance at bad boys has been miserable this year, some unable to make it with good reason and some not! Let’s see some more effort or are folks getting darts fatigue?

Mike and I teamed against Rushers and it has to be said put up a fairly miserable performance for most of the evening, you know the feeling when three scoring darts is worth a high five! Ian seemed to fait a little better but sadly for him it wasn’t reflected in the final score line, maybe he was robbed?

Score Line: PCM 13569 / 2478 I

Notable events:

The most notable thing was how few trebles were scored there was a real drought for all players!

On a more positive note Ian was ‘cock on’ with bulls.

Bull Wars: Ian 9, Pete 2, CM 1 making Rushers a runaway Bullmeister for the evening.

Chart Changes: None, However I went up a smidge while Rushers and CM dropped a sliver to which I can only say ‘Result’!

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Darts – September Dates Please!

Combatants: Peter, Ian, CM.

The teams were Ian and Casablanca ‘v’ Peter

Score Line: ICM 1369-10 / 24578 P Being a 5 all draw

A hard fought fast paced evenings darts, all players having sweet and sour moments!

Notable events:

On the middle for diddle Casablanca and Pete both got semis, CM was nearer the bull though…

A Bull Semi finish for Rushers.

A heightened level of swearing from Casablanca!

Bull Wars: Pete 3, Ian 2. Peter is Bullmeister.

Chart Changes: None, but all players drop a little!

Game On!

Peter x

September dates please ASAP please…

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Darts – Super Fast Report!

Combatants: Peter, Ian, Doddy, CM.

Score Line: DCM 134589 / 267 PI

A fun evenings darts, although as is mostly usual someone has to take a hit! This evening is was Pete and Rushers. We rarely seemed to raise our play above average while CM and the Doddmeister seemed to play well for most of the evening. In fact I feel they should be awarded joint MOTM.

Notable events:

Doddy was well in to the middle scoring plenty of 25s and bulls, some even when we wasn’t aiming for them!

CM was a pain in the arse on treble 19’s, reducing Ian and I to tears on several occasions… I mean when the enemy score 2 x T19 (several times) you can feel the blood start to boil!

Ian had some good darts including some double semis and some treble action.

Peter managed a treble semi, although one wasn’t required!

Bull Wars: CM 4, Doddy 3, Ian 3, Pete 1. CM is Bullmeister.

Chart Changes: Doddy is the big winner with a stunning 6% increase putting him is close contention with Papa! Pete, Ian and mike all move around under 1%. Casablanca is beginning to look like this years winner!

Gane On!

Peter x

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Darts – Another game of two halves?

Combatants: Peter, Ian and CM. (JA was due to play but sadly was feeling under the weather, we wish him a speedy recovery).

The teams were flipped as Ian and Casablanca ‘v’ Pedros.

An exciting evenings darts with a final score line of: ICM 12359 / 4678-10 P, being a 5 all draw!

Notable events:

Some very close games. All players having some severe treble action and some hot runs on the middle as well.

All players had there hot and cold periods with little in the middle, folks were either on them or not!

Bull wars: Peter 8, Ian 4, CM 3.

Chart Changes: None, however in a cruel stroke of fate due to the fact that all players % ‘s were greater than 50% everyone goes down a bit due to the draw!

Still all to play for, Game on!

Peter x

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Darts - Mike goes Monster.

Combatants: Pete, Ian and CM

Teams: it took about five flips to get teams as we all kept getting the same colour!

Score Line PI 1 / 2345678 CM, a 7 – 1 victory to CM.

Notable Events:

Casablanca was on top form, easily MOTM. He was getting trebles virtually every turn, if not double trebles or Shanghais! Pete and Ian played fairly poorly and the combination of (Mike’s) good and (our) bad play meant we never really got a look in except for the first game.

There were a couple that were close but, Mike still took them, he really was unstoppable. A deserved monster win.

Bull Wars: CM 5, Peter 2, Ian 1. So CM was Bulmeister as well!

Chart Changes: None, but of course Mike is now building a significant lead. Is it too late for any of us to catch him?

Game On!

Pete x

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Darts – Jelly Arm Returns (and holds his own)!

Combatants: Pete, Ian, Papa and Mike-D (AKA JA).

Teams: A couple of flips produced the pairings of Peter and Ian ‘v’ Papa and Jelly Arm.

Score Line: JA Papa W / 1234567 PI, Making a 7 – 0 victory to Peter and Ian.

Notable Events:

Jelly Arm was back in da house! It was a real pleasure to see Mike back at darts; there were no signs of rust even after a six month layoff. Sadly despite putting up a great return effort he wasn’t rewarded with a game win meaning that he maintains his 0% standing!

There were some great darts thrown all round with all players getting some ‘specials’ in. Some I can remember are: Ian and Papa both getting double semis, JA getting copious treble twenties, Pete scoring 7 sixteens. Everybody getting trebles.

I have to say that there were some extremely close games and that Papa and JA really didn’t deserve to walk away with a whitewash, a 3 - 4 result would have been nearer the mark, not that I am complaining!

Bull Wars: JA 2, Peter 2, Papa 1, Ian 1. So no clear Bullmeister this week.

Chart Changes: None, however the mid table is beginning to bunch-up with Pete, Ian and John all within 1% of each other.

Game On!

Peter x

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Darts – The art of the short report: Part 2

Combatants: Pete & Ian (Doddy had to bail out).

Teams: Unsurprisingly, Peter V Ian (no flips required!)

Score Line: Peter 1256789-10 / 34 Ian. An 8 – 2 victory to Peter.

Notable Events: Quite a lot of bull action considering there were only two players (including a bull/semi finish from Pete).

Some excellent scoring runs for both players often followed by periods of drought. Over the evening Peter played better darts but the advantage was not as great as the score line suggests, some games were very nip & tuck.

Bull Wars: Ian 7, Peter 6. Making Rushers Bullmeister for the evening.

Chart Changes: Ian’s % dropped by around 2%, Peters went up around 1.3% These reasonably drastic changes were enough to cause Ian and Peter to swap places.

No doubt Rushers will mount a counter attack in due course…

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Darts Results - 06.07.10

Date: 06.07.10

Combatants: Pete, Papa, Ian & Casablanca Mike.

Teams: Peter and CM ‘v’ Ian and Papa.

Score Line: PCM 13467 / IP 258, being a 5 – 3 Victory to Pete and Mike.

Notable Events: Good games but somehow Pete and CM had it off on the trebles. A lot of bull action.

Bull Wars: Ian 5, CM 4, Papa 2, Peter 1. Making Rushers Bullmeister for the evening.

Chart Changes: Ian drops a little which means John goes back up to second place!

Keep at it lads… Game On!

Peter x

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Darts – More interesting than England in the world cup!

Another exciting evening’s darts, despite all managing to play some TERRIBLE darts we also threw some crackers! Pete and Doddy were teamed against Rushers and Casablanca.

The score waxed and waned between the two teams eventually though Pete and Doddy decided that although they had used a lot of wax their score had truly waned… The final score line was ICM 236789 / 145. Most of the games were pretty close ended in bull contests and I seemed to keep hearing myself say ‘five plays three’ when we looked at the bull tally required.

Generally the meister and I agreed the opposition deserved the win as they played better throughout the evening.

Notable Events: Some good treble and bull action all round.
Ian had a double treble twenty to start off a game.
Peter had a double bull’s eye to finish a game.

Bull Wars: Peter 3, CM 3, Rushers 2, Doddy 1

Chart Changes: Pete drops 1%, Ian goes up 0.6%, Doddy goes up 1.8! and CM goes up by 0.4%. During this process Ian moves ahead of John.

Game On!

Peds x

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Darts – The mighty can fall!

Greetings Bad boys! It is a very quick report tonight due to time constraints.

Four players on a glorious summers evening, Pete, John, Papa and Rushers.
Teams were decided on a single flip: Pete and Ian ‘v’ John and Papa.

Some excellent darts followed and despite some very closely contested games the final score line was a convincing win for Ian and Pete: PI 123467 / 5 J Papa 6 – 1.

The losers certainly played better than their one win suggests and a 2-5 or 3-4 might have reflected the darts more accurately, but hey, you won’t hear Peds or the Moth-man complaining!

Notable Events: Nothing stunning but some great darts thrown by all. John was particularly keen on trebles.

Bull Wars: John 3, Pete 2, Ian 1 and Papa 1… Making Stan the bullmeister!

Chart Changes: None…. Only kidding! Sadly for John (I can hear the rest of you being sympathetic) tonight’s match tips his % far enough for him to drop to second place.
John drops around 10%, Pete goes up 1.45%, Ian rises by 1.38% and Papa diminishes by 1.66%.

Commiserations to John, but you did a great job holding on to the top spot for five matches and had tonight not been as conclusive you may well have held on to the lead for some time longer…. Mind you there is every chance that you could win it back….
Game On!

Pete x

Stop Press: There is word Jelly Arm may be around over the next few weeks! (Comments in a box please).

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Darts – Rushers Runs Out of Steam?

Tuesday evening saw four fully bouled-out players take to the oche: Peter, CM, Papa and Ian. After a bit of chin-wagging the teams were flipped as: Pete and Casablanca 'v' Ian and Papa.

We started playing at a rip-roaring pace finishing nine games before 10:00pm.

The final score line was: IP 14 / 2356789 PCM, being a 7 – 2 victory to Casablanca and Pedro.

Notable Events: Great bull work, great treble work, Papa did some Shanghai work as well.

All players either threw brilliant or rubbish darts, very little in between, everyone having turns at both! Ian had a particularly frustrating second half of the evening, having been right on the money earlier on he had a three or four game barren patch. It happens to us all now and then, but it hurts like hell when it is your turn!

However on the upside...

Bull Wars: Ian 3, Papa 2, Peter 1, CM 1 Making Rushers Bullmeister for the evening.

Chart Changes: None, Peter goes up just over 1.5%, Ian down around 2%, CM up around 1.25% and Papa dropped around 1.5%

Next week is looking a bit dodgy with only Peter and Doddy currently available, we will take a view on it nearer the time...

Game On (or maybe not)!

Peter x

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Darts – A Load of Bull

Just three souls at the hut last night, but a highly competitive evening. The teams were Peter and Ian 'V' Casablanca Mike.

We zoomed in to fast paced games managing to zip through nine before the end of the evening.

The final score line was PI 1246789 / 35. A 7 – 2 victory to Pete and Ian.

Everyone played well, although CM did have a slightly slacker evening than usual. Luckily Ian and I were able to cover each other's dry spells, Mike didn't have that luxury .

The games were hard fought but in the end I think it was bulls that won the day and Rushers and Peds were hot on them, CM lost at least three games to being bull-ied. A fairer result might have been 6 – 3 or 4 – 5, but hey ho there you go!

Notable Events:

Lots of nice trebles etc.

In one game where MC had a substantial lead Pete stepped up to the oche and nailed two bulls eyes to put his team back in the game, and then on Ian's turn he did exactly the same... four bulls eyes out of six darts took the game, Mike was a little gob smacked!

There were also a couple of bull semi finishes pulled out of various hats.

Bull Wars: Pete 5, Ian 4, Mike 3. Peds is BM for the evening.

Chart Changes:

None, Mike Drops Around 3%, Pete and Ian go up around 1.5% each.

Game on!

Peter x

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Darts – Nip and Tuck all the way – Well almost...

Tuesday night's 'baduns' were Peter, John, Ian and Casablanca Mike.

After several flips the teams were decided as Peter and John 'v' Casablanca and Ian.

We managed to get through eight games over the course a highly competitive evening. The majority of the games were close although there were two or three that were runaways. Both sided played well but over time Casablanca and Ian showed they were the better players. And the final score line reflected the play well. ICM 13456 / PJ 278 a 5 - 3 victory to Ian and Mike.

Notable Events:

Various Shanghais and double semis and general treble action. One game was nearly drawn on 53 points until Ian sneaked a bull to add the points need to win.

Bull Wars: CM 3, Ian 1.

Chart Changes: No changes, Peter drops 0.75%, Ian goes up 0.5% CM rockets up 0.02%! and John slumps 11%.

PLEASE LET ME HAVE YOUR JUNE DATES ASAP – This includes you Jelly Foot!

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Darts – Ian Strikes Back.

Bad Boys on duty were Pete, Doddy, Ian and Papa.

A couple of flips produced sides of Pete and Ian v Papa and Doddy.

The first couple of games were hard fought with Doddy playing particularly well, despite this both games went to the opposition.

Several games followed with all players having golden moments and some disastrous turns. Despite the fluctuating fortunes the games tended to go one way leaving the evening with a rather lopsided score line: PI 1234678 / 5 PaD.

Notable events: The usual really, all players managing to miss their target for many darts on the run. Followed by 'I can do no wrong' sequences that racked up scores by around one hundred at a time.

Bull Wars: Peter 2, Ian 2, Papa 1, Doddy 1.

Chart Changes : None, but some hefty % changes. Pete up 2.3%, Ian up 2.2%, Doddy down 2.3% and Papa down 3%.

Ian must be chuffed having made a lot of ground back from last week's defeat.

Despite the loss Doddy found an optimistic side to the defeat "The good thing is it brings Papa down nearer to my score." Just the sort of team spirit we all need eh?

Game on!

Peter x

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Darts – Respect the black board!

Greetings Bad Boys

It was an unusual fixture for me this week as I didn't play! Due to a poorly foot I was hobbling around and although I started a game I was barely a quarter of the way through when I decided to relax on the sidelines and watch Rushers and Casablanca duke it out.

As I wasn't paying attention 100% of the time I decided to ask Mr Rushton to present some of his highlights which go something like this:

Ian's Report:

The flipometer paired Poorly Pete and CM against Ian.

It started well for Ian, Pete played poorly (not his fault) but due to his being poorly with a poorly foot.
He had our sympathy. He retired during the first game leaving me to rack up the win of the first game.

The next 8 games can best be reported under a very general description covering them all. The first part of each game was played against a background of CM cursing his inability to hit the targets he was going for and watching me amass a score of at least 50 and in some games considerably more.

The second part of the game was then played against a background of me cursing my inability to hit the targets I was going for and watching CM wipe out the deficit and amass a lead of at least 50 and often more.

The final part of the game, the bull war, left me always wanting at least 6 to the CM 3, and every time I failed.

I was of course conscious of the entertainment of the crowd and tried desperately hard to break this losing sequence by varying the tactics employed. I tried everything I could think of like highest numbers first, random choice of numbers first, ‘quadrant’ numbers early on, leave CM to score on his chosen number and just go for mine until one of us cracked. No variations helped me to fix my inability to win another game.

We both played some good darts, in our own sections of the games, but in summary Teddy was well and truly stuffed.

Back to Pete:

So as you can tell a bit of a one sided final score line Ian 1 / 23456789 CM.

Notable Events:

I didn't play, bummer, but I have to say it was enjoyable to watch, CM deserved to win but I can't say Rushers should have lost by that margin... But then CM played for a lot of the evening like a man on fire, he really does deserve MOTM.

If you take a look at the picture of the scoreboard you might be able to make out the word mushroom on it. Can you believe CM's brain is now so addled that he has the cheek to use the sacred board as his shopping aid! I hope he forgot to buy them on the way home....

Bull Wars: CM 4, Ian 3. CM=BM.

Chart Changes: No, % changes Yes... Ian drops around 3.5% while CM rises by about 2.5%.

But hey, the year is young, not half way through yet so it is still, Game On!

Peter x