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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Darts – Val Doonican in da hut!

Attending were Pete, CM, John, Ian and Papa (missing, Steve, surprise surprise).

A quick flip set the teams as Casablanca Mike, John boy and Papa against the old crew members Pete and Ian.

Ian set the tone for the evening by bagging himself a bully during the ‘middle for diddle’. We then moved on to take the first game, lost the second and had a good run until the eighth which went to CM and company. This resulted in a final score line of PI 134567 /28 CMJP a 6 – 2 victory to Pete and Ian.

Notable Events:

The aforementioned MFD!

The evening was unusual in that for 75% of the games Ian and Pete were playing catch-up on some great starts and high scores by the other team. As the score line shows though we managed to steal those thanks mainly to good bull work. It has to be said the losing side were not overly hot on the centre allowing us to take the lead!

Mushers was doing a stunning Val Doonican impersonation with a cardigan previously owned by the man himself.

Val, for my money was Man (and cardigan) Of The Match.

Bull Wars: Peter and Ian 3 each.

Chart changes: None but it is now a close thing between CM and Ian, another half decent result for Ian will put him back in second place.

Next week Dave is back in the hut!

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Darts – Bad Boys enjoy ‘Threesome’ Shock Horror!

What can I say? I know it sounds like a Sun headline but it is true. Three Bad boys were up in the hut raring to go. Pete, Ian and Doddy had a quick toss to decide who was going to play with who, it ended up that Pete and Doddy were going to team up on Ian and see if we could thrust our points where they matter the most.

Pete and Doddy were first to be on top but then Ian slid up from behind showing a massive lead in the second game. Doddy and Pete then had a bit of double win action taking the third and fourth games. We were getting quiet excited then Rushers licked us in the fifth, sixth and seventh. We played an eighth game but no one came first as it was a complete draw - 303 all. The final score line was: PD 134X / 2567X I, making a 4 – 3 victory to Ian.

Right, that should get our porn rating back up!

Notable events:

In my humble opinion I think all players had plenty of hot patches, generally the night’s darts were of a high standard. Doddy punched above his weight for the evening and is MOTM.

There were several ‘double trebles’ thrown and virtually all were scoring. This meant that the lead was often changing hands in our games, bloody exciting stuff.

Plenty of bull and semi action from everyone, no waiting around ages for a game to finish.

Rushers actually managed to finish the final game with a double bull. This was a very important throw and not only did it mean that game was a draw but it also stopped the whole evening’s competition being a draw and snuck Ian a victory.

Bull Wars: Ian 5, Peter 2, Doddy 2. Moth-man is the bull-meister for the evening.

Chart changes: Ian’s win bagged him a 0.15% increase, tiny – but enough for him to grab a 0.02% lead over Papa! Ian moves up to third place.

No doubt these guys will be vying for position again next week.

Game On!

Peter x

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Darts – The Charts are like Musical Chairs!

Tonight’s bad boys, Peter, Mike, Ian, Papa and JA. Steve was a no show (Bad Bad Boy – Steve!)

A little flipping produced teams of Pete, Ian and JA ‘v’ CM and Papa.

It all started off rather gentlemanly with CM and Papa Taking the odd numbered games and the opposition taking the even numbers. Then Papa and CM decided to stop playing ball and play darts, this resulted in them grabbing the final two games, otherwise known as a 5 - 2 victory.

The final score Line: CMP 13567 / 24 PIJA.

Notable Events: Ian and Peter played badly for most of the night; Jelly Arm was our best man for the evening. Sorry we weren’t more support Mike!

CM had a bull semi finish, Pete had a Double Semi, Papa, Ian and Mike had some serious scoring triples at various points in the evening.

Pete played a disgusting ‘sneeze’ prank that had us laughing quite a lot.

Bull Wars: CM 2, Papa 2, Ian 1. = No Bullmeister for the night.

Chart Changes: Mike-D and John swap positions again! Seems like a ‘Strictly’ dance is going on between those two. Papa’s second 5 -2 victory in a row sees him go up to third place, pushing Mothman down to fourth position.

There is only 0.13% between Papa and Ian third place will be hotly contested over the next few weeks. CM is still in with a shot at first place if he can get a few more weeks on the winning side.

So, Game On!

Peter x.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Darts – A Short Report!

I am going to keep it short and sweet this week. I could make it longer but it would cause unnecessary pain to a couple of Bad Boys.

Attending: Peter, Papa (thanks for playing an extra fixture), Doddy and Ian.

Two flips and the teams were: Peter and Papa ‘v’ Ian and the Doddmeister. We managed to get through seven games with the score line PP 12347 / 56 ID, making a 5 – 2 victory to Pete and Papa.

Notable events: there were quite a lot of trebles, some double semis and a few bulls but nothing really unusual.

Probably more notable were the patches of bad play! Generally it has to be said that P&P played better than the opposition who were not at all happy with their performance for the evening!

Bullwars: Doddy 2, Papa 2, Peter 2, Ian 1. So no Bullmeister for the evening.

Chart Changes: None, a few dips and rises Papa being the main beneficiary for the evening with 1.16% gain. Can he do the same again next week?

Game On!