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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Darts – The Mary Celeste?

Dave 68.42% Peter 65.38% Ian 50.00% Mike D 47.37% Steve 45.00%
Papa 42.31% Colin 33.33% Doddy 32.26% Malc 0.00% Fred xx.xx%

It isn’t often I feel moved to complain about folks lack of attendance at the bad boys club, after all it’s a free world and playing isn’t compulsory, but on this occasion I am making an exception.

This Tuesday we were meant to have 6 players on the oche, we ended up with three. Dave had forgotten that an annual event he needed to attend was taking place. Steve decided to stay in Cheltenham for the night and pulled out for the third week running. Colin couldn't decide if an hour and 45 minutes was long enough to cook his dinner before setting off so wasn’t sure if he could make it.

This left 3 players, not ideal. When booking future dates please, check your diaries, commitment and energy levels before letting other players down! The only alternative I can see is to reduce the number of fixtures to fortnightly which would give us enough reliable players to always have a minimum of four attending. Please email me if you have any other thoughts on how to improve the situation. End of moan.

Pete, Ian and Malc had to have four outings with the flipometers before we had a result. This ended up with the teams being Ian and Malc ‘v’ Peter. We managed to whip through 7 games with a final score line of P 1234567 / 0 IM.

The result could and probably should have been a little different. There were three games where the bull finishes could have gone to the opposition but this wasn’t a bullmeister week for Ian and Malc, however I seemed to be floating them in more regularly than I have for a few weeks which made a big difference.

Notable events:

Shanghai on (I think it was) 14’s for Malcolm.

Two centre bulls in one turn for Peter.

Bull Wars: Peter 5, Malc 1

Chart Changes: No Changes, but there are three clear bandings. 2 players 30/40%, 3 players 40/50% and 2 players 65/70%. Sadly Malc’s % hasn’t changed despite his first attendance of the year!

Peter x

Sunday, 24 February 2008

March Match Fixtures

Bad Boys - I am looking for your March bookings!

I have dates from Papa, Doddy and Steve but I still need bookings from Mike-D, Dave, Ian, Colin and Malc. If possible please select the 4th and / or 18th as they are currently undersubscribed (Check to see if this has changed by the time you read this).


Peter x

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Darts – Is Papa really ‘Wicked Uncle Ernie’?

Dave 68.42% Peter 60.00% Ian 58.97% Mike D 47.37%
Steve 45.00% Papa 42.31% Colin 33.33% Doddy 32.26%

We’re Bad! We’re Bad... Well, that Steve is really bad, this is the second week running he has cried off, I am beginning to wonder if he is trying to protect that 45% score!

We still managed a fairly full hut, five players: Peter, Doddy, Papa, Colin and Mike. A swift flip of the ‘ometers’ pitched Papa and Mike Davies against the rest of us. Papa and Mike both played very well, too well in fact they took the evenings honours 4 – 2. The final score line was PM 1245/36 PDC.

P&M hammered us in the first game, a complete drubbing; we nearly had the second, only to allow the dynamic duo to snatch it on bulls. We rallied a bit and took the third then the fourth and fifth were hard fought but were well deserved by Papa and Mike. Thankfully the tepid trio managed to stuff the eventual winners on the last game, making it look vaguely respectable.

Papa was definitely firing on all cylinders and easily walked away with MOTM. He also walked away with a suspect reputation after he confided in us that the secret of his excellent performance was that he had been playing with Pip in his bedroom. That’s just too much information don’t you think? I mean it’s just wrong...

Fortunately we had our resident social worker with us to help us understand, mind you he wasn’t much better at one point he announced that he would quite like to wear some ‘horse equipment’. We never really got to bottom of which particular items, when questioned he looked happy at the prospect of reigns, a bridle, a saddle, a nose bag or even a cart! So if you see a bloke wandering around Nailsworth in a horse coat and blinkers that will be bad boy Mike; and if you see a bloke wandering about Nailsworth being bad with a boy that will be Papa.

Notable events:

Mike got a formidable amount of trebles.

Papa got a ridiculously formidable amount of trebles.

Bull Wars: Papa 3, Mike 1, Doddy 1, Colin 1, Peter 0.

Chart Changes: Mike Davies jumps ahead of Steve.

There is now less that 5% between Mike, Steve and Papa. Less than 2% between Peter and Ian, the same is true for Doddy and Colin.

Game On!

Peter x

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Darts – The Redbond Revival.

Dave 68.42% Peter 64.10% Ian 58.97% Steve 45.00% Mike D 38.46%
Papa 35.00% Colin 33.33% Doddy 32.00% Malc 00.00% Fred 00.00%

A stunning evening’s darts!

Even the pickometer could tell it was a special occasion, it took four flips to make the teams. Sadly Steve and Colin had to drop out but luckily this Still left Pete, Dave, Doddy and ‘Teddy’ Rushton at the oche. The finally flipped teams were Pete and Dave ‘V’ Ian and Doddy.

We played a boisterous and exciting 6 games leading to a 5 - 1 victory to Pete and Dave, the final score line was ID 1 / 23456 PD. Out of the six games only one was a walkover the rest were very exciting.

The first game saw Ian and Doddy snatch a win by piling seven semis in to the board, At this point Dave and I were looking very worried about how the rest of the evening would go. By the closing stages of game four it looked like it was going to be two all but Dave and I just managed to grab it on bulls.

Then it was on to game five which was one of the most exciting we have played. Ian and Doddy had an amazing start and were around 140 points ahead and showing no signs of slowing, Dave and Pete piled in a massive number of seventeens and took a good lead; only to find a little later that the opposition turned the tables again, the lead changed several times finally leaving Ian and Doddy ahead by over 100 with semis already on the board. Somehow we stole it on bulls. I haven’t seen a game swing between teams as many times and as heavily since we started, bloody amazing.

At various points in the evening EVERY player was well ahead of their usual game and for the first time I feel justified in saying that there were four MOTM, everyone deserved the accolade.

Bull Wars: Peter 4, Dave 2, Ian 2, Doddy 1.

Chart Changes: Dave moves up to first place, Pete moves up to second position, Ian drops from pole position to third place and in a cruel twist of fate Doddy drops to last place.

No doubt it will be all change again by the end of the month...

Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Darts - Morgan-alomania Strikes Bad Boys!

Ian 66.67% Dave 61.54% Peter 60.61% Steve 45.00%
Mike D 38.46% Doddy 36.84% Papa 35.00% Colin 33.33%

He wasn’t even supposed to be playing (he kindly stood in for Colin who was unavoidably detained). But that didn’t stop Steve from ‘owning’ the evening! He was hotter than a hot thing. I don’t think I have seen one player score so many trebles in one night, fortunately there isn’t a certificate for this or Steve would be adding a third honour to his collection.

Ian was also pretty hot (as opposed to Steve’s incendiary) and whacked home a treble 20 in almost all the games played. Well, I suppose you want to know what this did for the results then?

The ‘flipometers’ selected Pete and Papa to battle Ian and Steve. This resulted in an exciting evenings darts eventually ending in a 5 – 3 win to Ian and the human torch. The score line was as follows: SI 13456 / 278 PP.

Notable events:

Double semis from Papa and Pete and I seem to remember Ian.

A bull and semi to finish a game from Pete

A collateral Bull from Pete!

20’s Galore from Ian not only masses of trebles but lots of singles as well!

Relentless trebles by Steve on 10/15 11/14.

Bull Wars: Steve 4, Pete 3, Ian 0, Papa 0

Chart changes: Pete plummets to third place leaving Ian in pole position. Steve rockets up to fourth place.

The latest results leave Pete and Dave less than 1% apart and Papa and Doddy less than 2% apart.

Game On!

Peter x