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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Darts – Anarchy breaks out!

Peter 62.93 Dave 59.32 Ian 55.88 Doddy 45.26 Fred 44.71
Steve 43.06 Mike D 41.89 Papa 40.28 Colin 32.58 Malc 25.64

What an exciting evening of darts. Mind you I am not sure about Mr Cook and Mr Morgan, what were they up to?

On the last few outings Ian and I have given Colin and Steve a bit of a thrashing, so much so neither of them wanted to take the chance of being paired together again! Anarchy broke out and Colin was pounding the ‘pickometer’ until it came up with a teaming that suited him. I eventually got the mouse back and we all agreed that the next combination would stand. So Pete and Steve took on Ian and Colin.

We played seven games, five out of the seven were close, several included next man to get a bull finishes. Despite all the excitement the score ended up a lopsided looking 6 - 1 to Pete and Steve.

The score order was IC 1 / 234567 PS, I must say IC deserved more than one win!

Bull Wars: Colin 5! Ian 3 Steve 3 Peter 0

Chart changes: Steve goes up one place to 7th place causing Mike D to go down to 6th position.

I will be hassling you all for October dates very shortly!

Game On!

Peter X

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Darts – A game of two halves.

Peter 62.42% Dave 59.32% Ian 57.36% Doddy 45.26% Fred 44.71%
Mike D 41.89% Steve 40.88% Papa 40.28% Colin 33.60% Malc 25.64%

We had a last minute line up change on Tuesday as Steve couldn’t make it; thankfully Fred was able to step up to the plate. And so it was that Ian and Colin beat Pete and Fred in a seven game marathon.

The score order was IC 1234/ 567 PF.

I have to say that once Fred and I were four games down I really thought we might end up being whitewashed. Thankfully we were able to up our game ending in a respectable 4 - 3 loss. All the matches were close. I reckon if there had been an eighth game we would have seen a draw ;-)

Chart changes: All positions remain the same

Bull Wars: Ian confirmed his title as bullmeister with 4 crosses, Colin scored one as well.

Peter x

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Darts – Morgan feels the fear!

Peter 62.87% Dave 59.32% Ian 57.37% Doddy 45.26% Fred 44.87%
Mike D 41.89% Steve 40.88% Papa 40.28% Colin 32.20% Malc 25.64%

8.00 O’ Clock. Time to Rock!

The ‘pickometer’ decreed that Peter and Ian would challenge Steve and Colin again!

‘Ah time to get our revenge’ they said. Well, actions speak louder than words, and those boys were silenced! The final score line was PI 13456 / SC 2.

The majority of the games were close. Ian and I had the edge, but Steve and Colin could have had another one or two depending on how the darts fell.

Notable events:

We finished playing about 9.45 because Steve had lost the will to live. Colin was sporting enough to be up for another game but his partner only had percentages on his mind!

After Steve slipped away in to the night nursing his percentages Ian Colin and I played a head to head to head which Ian won, it has to be said Colin threw some magnificent darts in the H2H2H match and at one point looked like he would steal the victory from Ian.

Bull Wars: Ian 5, Pete 3, Steve 2, Colin 1.

Chart Action: Steve drops one place to 7th position bringing Jelly Arm up to 6th. The difference between Steve and JA is only 1/100th of a %. Perversely had Steve played another game and won he wouldn’t have gone down!

Game On!

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Darts – Dad’s Army Special

Peter 62.46% Dave 59.32% Ian 56.52% Doddy 45.26% Fred 44.87%
Steve 41.98% Mike D 41.89% Papa 40.28% Colin 33.04% Malc 25.64%

Peter, Colin and Fred gathered to do battle, but we had to wait for reinforcements before we could start; eventually John le Mesurier, sorry I mean Sergeant Wilson, sorry I mean Mike Davies sauntered along and apologised for being late (again) with some excuse about having had to nip back to Walmington-on-Sea because he had forgotten his darts, stupid boy.

We all stood to attention in front of the pickometer which barked out “Moreland, Hartles, Left! Davies, Cook, Right! After a long campaign of 6 games with neither side willing to surrender to the enemy we finished up in no man's land with a 3 - 3 draw.

Bull Wars: two direct hits behind enemy lines for Mike, 1 scud missile attack for Peter. Colin and Fred’s targeting systems were knocked out in the first round so they failed to fire.

War Table Action:

No changes, but Fred is now less than a bayonet’s length behind Doddy. Only 0.09% now separates Mike and Steve, which must be less than the width of the pea in an air raid warden’s whistle!

Captain Mainwaring X

Darts - 3 in a bed

Tuesday night was a Head to Head to Head match as we were short a player. However Peter, Ian and Doddy all had a good time. It was Doddy’d first H2H2H but he seemed to enjoy it, the only real downer is that those matches don’t count towards the doubles tally, they do of course count towards the H2H2H, all matches and average wins per attendance that appear in the weekly charts section of the spreadsheet (if you signed up for it, you still can just shout).