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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Darts – The Lord Giveth and The Lord Taketh Away.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, far too painful (for me) to spend a lot of time mulling this evening over.

The bad boys on the block tonight were: Pete Dave, Malc, Ian and Doddy. Everyone showed up in good time, several bearing gifts! Ian produced a hatful of darts stems and the like to go in the communal kit tin, so remember if you have a darts emergency on a bad boys night we do have spare stems, flights and if needed sets of darts.

Dave gifted me a set of flights bearing large breasted women, clearly he thinks I am a Sun reader. Obviously I don’t want to offend him so I will start using them as soon as possible! Malc had a brand new nice shiny haircut and was looking very dapper, keep it up old bean it rather suits you sir!

We flipped the ‘ometers’ and had an instant result: Pete, Doddy and Malc ‘v’ Ian and Dave.

Now we get to the gruesome bit... We ended up with a very one sided match but thankfully not a whitewash in sight! Ian and Dave played some great darts and generally speaking Pete, Mike and Malc didn’t!

Although we gave them a run for their money on two or three games we only managed to bag one. The final score line was DI 123467/5 PDM.... Disaster!

Notable Events:

Having stood on the first rung of a stool for one throw Malc is considering investing in some retro platform soled boots for his next BB visit.

Several folks had double semi throws, in fact there were probably more who did than didn’t which is pretty spectacular.

Teddy Boy Rushton actually managed a triple semi finish, which was remarkable not only for the skill but the fact he only needed two to win!

Pete had two bull+semi turns but neither produced a victory.

Dave played well and definitely played the most consistent role of the night and thus is awarded MOTM. Ian and Dave definitely deserved to win the evening, well done lads.

Bull Wars: Mini Malc 2, Pedros 2, Doddmeister 1, Dave 1, Ian 1.

Chart Changes: Oh Calamity! Ian Jumps in to 1st place, a massive 2% above Papa. Peter drops from 4th to 6th place. Dave moves up a spot forcing Doddy down to 9th place. No move for Malc!

So, competition awaits, there are many games still to play this season so, Game On!

URGENT: We are short of players for Tuesday 7th April! Currently it is just Pete and Doddy booked. Dave has offered to do an extra game to make a 3rd player. A fourth would be nice if any of you can make it then please shout.


Peter x

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Darts – Bad Boys Perfection?

I am going to try and not sound over excited, but it is difficult! I am buzzing after what I believe was one of the most competitive night's darts witnessed in nearly three years of bad boys matches...

The evening started with myself, Ian, Steve and Papa all arriving in good time to have a practice and be ready to rock and roll by 8.00pm.

The flipometers did their work fairly quickly drawing an excellent matching of Ian and Steve ‘v’ Peter and Papa. Clearly the evening’s honours could go to anyone and everyone was up for serious darts action!

During the ‘practice’ session Tedforth speared double eleven on his first dart. Steve also skewered it on his first turn. Papa and I were nowhere near. Ian and Steve also bagged the MFD. It wasn’t looking good for the double P team.

It seems however that we didn’t need to worry, the first game got under way and Papa and I settled in to a comfortable lead in fact we rather romped the first game and foolishly (as often happens) I started to see major results heading our teams way.

Papa and I were soon brought down to earth with a bump as Steve and Teddington took game two, followed by game three, followed by game four and much to out humiliation game five!

Now it has to be said that a lot of these games were close, some with only a semi between them, but Steve and Ian definitely had the psychological advantage over us, we were floundering in the waves of a sea of defeat.

But! Papa and I had a King Canute moment and turned the tides back. We managed to take the final three games. Which means the final score line was PPA 1678 / 2345 IS. A hard fought draw!

Notable Events:

Everybody had their golden moments and lacklustre patches as well, but none the less there were some special moments. I think every player at some point scored two semi’s in a turn which is fairly remarkable, although Teddy did go one better and get a bull and two semis in one turn! I believe Rushers also followed that feat by getting a bull and semi the next turn, damn good going.

I have no hesitation in awarding Ian and Steve MOTM for the evening. Ian for some stunning and consistent bull play. Steve for bull action and generally raising his game over recent weeks. A genuinely deserved accolade to both of you. Mind you, if there was an award for fighting back like mad bastards Papa and I would have won it!

Bull wars:
What can I say? The numbers say it all... Ian 7, Steve 5, Peter 2, Papa 2.

Chart Changes:

Steve benefits from his excellent play tonight by jumping up a place which of course in true snakes and ladders style means that someone has to go down, therefore Doddy drops a place. Everyone else remains in the same position.

The gap between Papa and Ian (in first and second place respectively) has narrowed considerably; this may well be the major battleground over the next few weeks.

So...... Game On!

Peter x


Sunday, 15 March 2009

Darts - April Dates Please Gents!

Hello Bad Boys!

It’s time to start booking your April fixtures. Please let me know when you would like to play and I will do my best to accommodate you.

April fixtures are: 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th.

Please note: Although I am happy for you to play as little or often as you like I have introduced another ‘local rule’ (not bad really, only the third in as many years). It is basically a formalisation of what has always been in practice. ‘If you attend less than twelve times in a year then your percentage score will not count towards the year’s final placing or be eligible for winning the (newly introduced) annual trophy.

Currently the only players who might wish to bear this in mind (or indeed ignore it!) are Malc, Steve and Mike-D. All other players look on target to exceed twelve games this season.


Peter x

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Darts – Some evenings you have to play catch up!

I knew it was going to be a difficult night at the bad boys club. Pete, CM, Dave, Ian and Doddy arrived in good time; this however was followed by severe dart maintenance by Dave and Doddy.

Once this was over we started flipping the flipometers. Believe it or not the five of us flipped five reds three times before we had a team draw on the fourth flip. If there are any mathematicians amongst you I would love to know what the odds are of that, it’s an awful lot of reds for a 50-50 outcome!

The (finally) flipped teams were: Casablanca Mike and Tedforth Rushton ‘v’ Pedronius, Davina and Dodderer.

Casablanca and Tedforth belted away from the starting grid to easily take the first game, first blood the opposition thought, nothing to worry about but not ideal. Well dear readers I can tell you that by the time CM & T had taken the second, third and fourth games your humble narrator was feeling pretty pissed off!

There seemed nothing we could do, we raised our game but it made no difference they were still trouncing us, M & T were definitely outplaying us.

During the closing stages of the fourth match we decided the evening had to be ‘A game of two halves’. Accordingly we took our first blood in the fifth game, about time we thought! Then despite a close game Red Ted and Chairman Mike still managed to win the sixth and sealed our fate.

It was now a damage limitation exercise; Dave, Doddy and I managed to take the seventh and eight games, we were definitely in ascendance but sadly too late in the day!

No complaints, Rogers and Hammerstein made beautiful music and deserved their win. The final score line was: CMI 12346 / 578 PDDO.

Notable Events: This is now getting very hard to report. In terms of skilled darting every week there are stunning darts thrown that a year ago would have been newsworthy but are now just good darts! There were a couple of double semis scored which in my book are always worth a mention!

Of course there are other notable events, Rushton very nearly had his tits pierced for being annoying, hmmm... but maybe that isn’t unusual?

Actually I have just remembered a proper notable event! CM & IR were way behind on a game and nearly took the pants of us.... They caught up from way behind and had to be defeated at the last second. For some reason they refused to believe we were just toying with them!

Bull Wars: CM 1, Peter 1, Doddy 1. No massive Bullmeister stuff this evening, must have been a lot of semi’s...

Chart Changes: Pete drops to 4th place as Mike Weaver goes up to 3rd position. Papa maintains his lead from Ian. This year is certainly continuing to be exciting and competitive, it is still anyone’s game, who knows who will lift the Bad Boys 2009 trophy!

Oh... Yes... There is going to be a trophy this year! I am arranging for an engraved ‘tulip’ pint beer glass for this year’s winner. So don’t forget to ‘C***c For Chalk!’

Game On!

Peter x

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Darts – A Bad Boys Record!

We had five BAD BOYS in the hut on Tuesday night. Raring for dart action were: Pete, John, Papa, Casablanca Mike and Teddy Rushton.

After a bit of practice and several flips the teams were decided as John and Ian ‘v’ Peter, Mike and Papa. A good even draw I reckon and it would be a brave man who bet on the outcome.

Everyone was clearly in a competitive mood and both sides were keen to rack up some wins. The play was fast and occasionally furious leading to a new BAD BOYS record of nine games of Mickey Mouse completed by just after 10.00pm!

There were two or three games that ended with significant score differences but mostly they were very close, one only having a three point difference. It was nip and tuck all the way as you will see when I tell you that the final score line was: JI 1468 / 23579 PCMP.

Only in the last game did a team finally win the battle over what seemed like a never ending round of draws.

There were some patches of stunning darts played by all. In truth it looked to me like Ian and John probably played the best darts, however they didn’t win!

Bulls Wars: CM 4, John 3, Ian 2

Casablanca Mike was the bullmeister with some stunning semi & bull combination work; however John was only just behind and would have drawn on bulls if one dart that he planted right in the centre of the red hadn’t decided to fall out. Believe it or not there was genuine sympathy.

CM finished one game with a double bullseye. Several players also had some high scoring triple action.

Chart Changes:

Papa, Ian and John all had lowered %’s, while CM and Peter raised a little. Remarkably there wasn’t much actual movement; John slipped one position allowing Mike-D to take sixth place. Otherwise the charts look much the same. Papa is still a little above Ian while Pete and CM are still level pegging! There are some great players down the bottom end who only need one or two winning nights to storm up the charts.

So all to play for... Game On!

Peter x