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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Darts – Doddy and Mike get the rough end of the pineapple.

Peter 68.00% Ian 68.00% Dave 61.54% Mike D 38.46% Doddy 36.84%
Steve 33.33% Papa 33.33% Colin 33.33% Malc 00.00% Fred 00.00%

Tuesday night turned out to be a five man game. In a cruel twist of fate the flipometers decided that Mike D and Doddy should be pitched against last year’s top three players (Pete, Ian and Dave).

Six games were played finishing with a score line of PDI 12345/6 MD. Now it has to be said there were some exciting matches in there the score line does not reflect the effort put in by Mike and Doddy, they were robbed on one of the other games it could easily have been a 4 -2 finish rather that 5 - 1.

Notable events:

Several ‘double trebles’ were scored by various players along with shanghai.

Dave managed a bull and a treble in one go, this resulted in premature jubilation on Dave’s part as he thought the game was all over, people on the pitch etc. Mind you it was finished shortly afterwards, thankfully by Dave’s team. Premature jubilation and then losing would have been unbearable. Dave did point out this was the first time it had ever happened to him.

One game was played in what we used to refer to as ‘Rushton Style’; Mike D started it off by going straight for bulls and getting a semi on the first turn. This resulted in both sides clearing the bulls in short order and thus the game was decided on twelves and thirteens, bloody close it was as well!

Chart Changes:

Peter and Ian are still joint first; Dave has jumped up to third place and Mike D to fourth, forcing Doddy down to fifth place. Colin, Papa and Steve are joint sixth place. Malc and Fred have still yet to play this season.

Bull Wars: Mike D 2, Dave 2, Peter 1

So far this season we haven’t had a man of the match, it appears to be a lot harder to stand out with more folks playing at each event. But who knows, it could be you next week!

Game on!

Peter x

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Darts – Early Retirement?

Peter 63.16% Ian 63.16% Mike D 57.14% Doddy 46.15% Dave 42.86% Steve 33.33% Papa 33.33% Colin 33.33%

What a lovely jubbly darts evening!

It was a five handed match this Tuesday evening. After the ‘flipometers’ had been dropped on the floor a few times we got a sensible throw and a team result first time. Pete and Ian ‘V’ Papa Steve and Colin.

We managed six matches, there was time for a seventh but one individual had lost the will to fight on at 9.40pm! The final result was a victory for Pete and Ian, the score line was PI 12456 / 3 PSC.

Fairly good darts were played all round but Pete and Ian were definitely up to speed making it hard for the opposition to make a great impact.

Notable events:

Colin scored two semis in one turn.

Papa had shanghai on the 15s.

Ian had 2 x T20 in one turn.

Colin used the wrong set of darts for most of the night arguing black was white that they were his, eventually he agreed they weren’t when his were held up for him to compare the completely different ones against!

Bull Wars: Peter 2 , Ian and Steve 1 each.

Chart Changes:

Pete and Ian move up to joint first place. Steve, Papa and Colin move down to joint bottom place (Fred and Malc have still yet to play so their 0% doesn’t count).

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Darts - Three in a bed!

Mike D 57.14% Peter 53.85% Ian 53.85% Steve 50.00% Papa 50.00%
Colin 50.00% Doddy 46.15% Dave 42.86% Malc 00.00% Fred 00.00%

Tuesday gave us the second match of 2008 and it was a close one! Five players and seven matches, the flipometers tried to put everyone in the same team on the first flick but eventually they behaved and gave us Peter, Ian and Mike ‘V’ Dave and Doddy.

PIM steamed ahead in the first game, bagged the second and went on to clean up on the third. By this point it looked like the rest of the evening might be a foregone conclusion, however Dave and Doddy had other ideas! They gave us a good thrashing on the next game and then went on to take the fifth and sixth games... Meaning there had to be a decider. Fortunately for PIM they managed to get their act together and snatch victory. PIM 1237 / 456 DD.

Notable events:
Ian managed three semis in one turn (the first player to repeat this feat). This was in fact part of a semi-tastic run by several players at the end of a game where PIM needed seven semis to win. I banged in two, Ian played for us next getting his three; leaving the ball in Mike D’s court to get the last two. Unfortunately (for my team) before he could get to the Oche the Doddmeister whacked in the two needed for his team to close of the bulls and win the game.

Bull wars: Dave and Pete 1 each

Chart Changes:

The chart changes rapidly at the start of the season but hey, the chart IS the chart and we have some firsts! Out of all players who have attended this year Mike Davies is in the number one slot and Dave Redbond is last!

All to be played for next week then... Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Darts – Bad Boys 2008 has SIX appeal!

Peter 50.00% Ian 50.00% Doddy 50.00% Steve 50.00% Papa 50.00%
Colin 50.00% Dave 00.00% Mike D 00.00% Fred 00.00% Malc 00.00%

The new bad boys darts season kicked off brilliantly with our first six man game. Everyone arrived bang on eight o’clock, after a swift round of happy new years we broke out the flipometers; they behaved perfectly giving two teams of three on the first flip!

And so it was that Pete, Ian and Colin did battle against Doddy, Papa and Steve. We managed to cram in six matches with a final score line of PIC 135 / 246 DPS.

I had hoped that the new format would produce close competitive games and I certainly couldn’t have hoped for a better result than a draw, well perhaps a small win would have been nice :-)

Games were very fast paced and having larger teams increased the general banter and noise levels, folks seemed to have a lot of fun but still took the games seriously, no one wanted to lose the first game of the season!

Notable events:

One dart was thrown outside of the rubber. I won’t name names; but it is true. I wouldn’t COOK up a story like that.

There was a lot of treble action again; the xmas break doesn’t seem to have done players any harm.

Chart action: A new chart opens with all this week’s player’s level pegging at 50%!

Bull Wars: A draw here as well with Pete and Doddy scoring two apiece.

See you at the oche...

Peter x