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Saturday, 30 June 2007

Darts - Is Papa a ‘Darts Dark Horse’?

Gentlemen, the question has to be asked, why?

Papa is not top of the league for sure, but in FOUR months he has doubled his win percentage! No one else would appear to have bettered this (I stand to be corrected by those that follow the stats closer than I). Already some players ‘Fear the radish’. Speaking of Papa’s radishes, He has told me of how much better they are with feather flights; alas he can’t get them… I have been foolish enough to supply the Fruin with a web link that could supply the desired items… Will I and you pay the price over the next few weeks? If so I can only apologise!

Peter X

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Darts - Redbond Retaliates!

Click the picture for a larger version.

We had all guessed that Wednesday evening might be a bit supercharged after Tuesday night’s results. Dave and Ian are now locked in mortal combat for the top spot… Game On!

As now seems traditional when Doddy plays we started with a bit of a cider tasting, one was particularly gorgeous and apparently is award winning aiming juice! Sadly he kept the majority of it for himself which probably accounts for the great darts he played last night, earning MOTM.

Not only did he play excellently but partnered with Dave managed to secure a 5 - 2 win over Peter and Steve. There were some bloody close games mind you, very exciting with lots of lead changing etc. But at the end of the day Steve and I had a slow start and just couldn’t catch up. The games went as follow MD 1-2-3-5-7 / 4-6 SP.


It appears we may all have turned to the dark side, all four players started games in the same fashion that Darth Rushton has been playing for the last couple of months. Everybody played bull-tastically but Doddy was hitting REDS like they were going out of style, if my memory serves me correctly at least 4 and that’s without the semis.

Steve also had a nice bull flurry with a red and green in the same turn. Mind you this was attributed to the fact that after the third game Steve made a phone call, it is believed he phoned a premium rate darts advice line. The advice given? ‘Walk back in and plant a bull and semi straight in for your first go. Sadly he couldn’t afford any more advice at five pounds a minute.

Anyway, back to the battle between Dave and Ian… Cumulative Chart Action, Dave advances back up to second place and Ian retreats to third place. Doddy Holds firm in fourth place and Steve drops one below Fred.

I can already feel Ian jumping up and down and shouting ‘But what about the bloody doubles chart!” No comfort there I am afraid. I have dropped to third position (lucky I favour the cumulative charts *winks*), Rushers sits a nat’s dick behind Dave, who is in pole position.

So I guess Dave is probably ok to start poking his stick through the bars to Ian’s cage again. Come to think of it he started last night, referring to Ian’s elevated status as ‘A one night wonder’.

Please remember if you wish to be add comments to the blog I will need your google email address (see the email I sent you), also if you want to be added to the spreadsheet circulation list then shout.


Peter X

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Darts - Rushton Rushes in Shock!

Click image for larger version....

Welcome to the Bad Boys Blog…

Here are the results from Nailsworth… (26.6.07)

Well, what a fantastic evening’s darts!

Depending on which side you were on of course…

The rain let up, the combatants arrived, opened a beer or two and the ‘pickometer’ was pressed in to action, resulting in Pete being paired with Fred and Ian playing with Mike D (aka Jelly Arm, JA).

Pete and Fred were well and truly THRASHED just managing to avoid a whitewash with a final score line of 6 – 1 to Ian and Mike D. The winners took the first three games, the losers took the forth then it was all downhill to the seventh…. Thankfully there wasn’t time for an eighth!

Player Performance:

Peter: Played about average, nothing special

Ian (aka Bullmeister): Played well but thumped the bulls less than on his hot nights.

Fred: I don’t think Fred will mind me saying it wasn’t a good night for him, apart from a few gratefully received trebles he didn’t get in to his stride.

Mike D: JA played very well; he started ok and just got better and better as the evening went on. He was awarded MOTM.

Cumulative Chat Changes:

Mayhem has broken out this week…

Ian moves up to second place, dropping Dave down to third. This is the first time David has dropped below second place since January. Well Done Ian. I am sure Dave will come out fighting tonight!

Fred drops a couple places to sixth position. Mike D jumps from bottom position to eighth place.

The Rise of Rushton: Not only has Ian taken second place in the cumulative chart but I am honour bound to report that he has taken first place in the doubles only table by one tenth of one percent! It can only be a matter of time before Ian takes overall pole position.

It will be interesting to see what changes (if any) Wednesday night’s results will make:

Pete, Dave, Steve and Doddy….. GAME ON!

Finally… If you still want to receive the full spreadsheet weekly or just now and then, drop me an email and I will sort it out.


Peter X

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Darts - Mike D has his ring (tone) slapped


I say, I say I say….

Bernard Manning died this week, his condition is described as ‘satisfactory’. (C) Peter Cook

It’s results time!

Firstly the best result of the evening:

Pete, Ian, Colin and Mike D ‘ V’ Half full crop circle beer barrel

The Beer never stood a chance. Mind you it didn’t start that way, at the beginning of the evening the barrel was 20+ pints up on 4 thirsty lads. The team put a great effort in and by half time it was hovering around the dozen pints mark. At the end of play the barrel thought it had won and sat laughing with the best part of 3 pints left in it. However one final push (while sitting and leaning on various walls) saw the last drops shared out to the victors! Final score Bad Boys 20+ Barrel 0.

All joking aside, we are indebted to the Doddmeister for suggesting that we take the residue of ‘Boule Competition Day Academy HR Sponsored Beer ( )’ and whoop its arse. Cheers Doddy.

Ok, Down to business… or phone calls depending on who you are…..
The pickometer selected Peter and Ian to play Colin and Mike D. We had 6 games, all good fun and 3 very close, but when the whistle went (or was that the ring tone?) the final score was 6 - 0 to Ian and Pete.

Chart Changes: Colin moves up one, Jelly Arm moves down.

As regular visitors will know Steve often gets a bit of stick for his phone going off in the middle of matches and finding daughters requesting lifts home etc. God know we feel sympathy for the lad as it’s just not cri**et when a bloke is in the middle of a game. Anyway Steve, fear not, you have serious competition in the form of Mike Davies!

Mike’s phone went off during a match and he wandered around the garden for 5 minutes while we twiddled our thumbs and thought ‘Cant be offspring wanting a lift, they all drive.. Maybe its legal stuff, must be important.’ Anyway Mike finished the call with ‘Let me think about it and I will call you back’. We finished that game and then Mike said he had to make a call. Well an eternity later he came off the phone only to announce that phone interruptions in fact absolutely were cri**et!

The bastard was holding up our darts match (twice) so he could discuss friggin’ cri**et teams with a buddy! Be warned Davies this behaviour will not be tolerated in future!

Anyway great games and good fun, I was voted MOTM for a change, hurrah for me!

Finally I would like to draw your attention to Mr Rushton. Since the middle of April Ian has been employing his ‘Bulls First’ strategy with a great degree of success. During that period his % wins has risen from 49.37% to 57.33% making it the fastest and most consistent % rise this year (Congratulations Ian). He is obviously on to a tactic that works for him! What are you going to do about it lads?

Game On!

Peter X