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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Darts – Rushton’s Eyes Light Up!

Peter 62.93% Dave 58.33% Ian 55.34% Steve 48.98% Mike D 45.83%
Papa 41.18% Colin 34.78% Doddy 29.63% Malc 21.43% Fred 00.00%

Nailsworth – what a cracking place for a little darts club eh? And last night four bad boys had a quick fire darts session, so fast we had zipped through seven games by 9.45pm! Mike, Papa, Ian and Peter set about the flipometers to find that Pete and Ian were pitched against Papa and Mike D.

J.A. won the MFD with an excellent throw, and off they went. They had a good start but alas (for them) it didn’t get them the game. In fact they had a pretty rough time of it only managing to clinch one game, which as the mathematicians amongst you will already have worked out means that Ian and Peter bagged six games! The final score line was PI 123567/W4 MP.

There was a whitewash in game three but apart from that there were no walkovers. As much as Ian and I enjoyed the win it has to be said that both Papa and Mike played very well, on a regular night they would have done ok, probably won or drawn. Unfortunately for the opposition the Nailsworth fairy seemed to have sprinkled magic dust all over Pete and Ian (Papa even noted how Ian’s eyes had lit up!) apart from a couple of quiet spells we were pumping trebles like our lives depended on it. We were ‘Cock On’ as Dave would say.

You all know what it is like, if a player is hot, he is hot! If you have two on the same night on the same team you are hard pushed to combat it.

The end result of this was:

Ian and Pete both got MOTM for the night

Chart Changes: Mike dropped a place to 6th position allowing Steve to take 5th Place.

Pete and Ian stayed on for a few singles games and although these don’t affect the stats there were some extra bulls scored after the main match which means the bull wars results were as follows: Peter 5, Ian 3 and Mike1.

Mike and Steve look like they may be battling for position and swapping places for a good while yet, unless one of them has a decisive series of wins. Papa is not far behind them and as we have all seen can have mammoth evenings so they had better both watch out.

Doddy and Colin are still in contention, it remains to be seen if Colin will ever get off his arse and turn up here again! Colin, well?

And..... Don’t Rule out Malc! He is making a double attendance in May and due to his fewer attendances a double win could catapult him up a few places.

So, as you can probably tell I am working my way around to saying... Game On!

Peter x

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Darts – Another Game of Two Halves!

Peter 61.47% Dave 58.33% Ian 53.13% Mike D 51.22% Steve 48.98% Papa 44.26% Colin 34.78% Doddy 29.63% Malc 21.43% Fred 0.00%
It was bound to be a needle match. Pete, Dave, Ian and Steve; every man willing to auction body parts for a good win and a few points on the old percentage total! The ‘flipometer’ was very efficient, picking Pete and Steve ‘v’ Ian and Dave on the first throw. Very even teams, it was definitely ‘Game On!’

ID won the MFD and went on to scoop the first game, it wasn’t an easy win, it was a close bull finish. Ian and Dave then went on to hammer Pete and Steve in the second game, definitely a well deserved victory. ID started off well in the third but PS managed to catch them and sneak it.

Ian and Dave took the fourth and I must admit that at that point I thought they would be unstoppable for the night; however fierce competition ensued and Steve and I managed to take the last three games leaving a final score line of ID 124/3567 PS.

I will blow Steve and my trumpet for a second (unusual I know), two of the games we won were real ‘recovery’ jobs, as we all know winning a game from behind is twice as sweet at romping home. We were close to a couple of hundred behind on both of them.

Notable Events:

Dave got 2 x T20 + a single
Ian got 2 x T18 + a single
Pete, Steve and Ian all had 2x25 in a turn.

Bull Wars: Peter 2, Dave 1

Chart Changes: No Change! Pete, Ian and Dave all drop a bit, Steve increases but no one actually changes places.

There are some potential battles on the horizon at Nailsworth's best darts club, but I don’t think they will be showing changes within one game, probably two or three. They are:

Dave v Peter
Mike D v Ian
Steve v Mike D
Papa v Steve

Colin v .... Colin? Colin Who? Cookie Boy, you better get your arse up here or Doddy will over take you! Or have you and Freddie joined another darts club? (Only kidding, Mwuh!)

Game On!

PS: Papa I hope this week’s was long enough?

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Darts - May Dates Update.

I now have May dates from: Steve, Doddy, Dave, Malc, Ian & Papa.

I still need May dates from: Mike D, Colin and Fred.

I would like to get them finalised in the next couple of days so please let me have them ASAP.

Friday, 18 April 2008

Darts - May Dates Required Please.

Hi Gents

Only two fixtures left in April. Please can I have your May bookings as soon as possible. Thanks

Peter x

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Darts – Doddmeister is the Bullmeister!

Peter 61.76% Dave 60.98% Ian 53.93% Mike D 51.22% Steve 47.62%
Papa 44.26% Colin 34.78% Doddy 29.63% Malc 21.43% Fred 0.00%

A top evening’s darts in Nelly’s top darts location! It was a five handed evening with the flipometer doing the right thing; picking the two late boys to play against the three early birds.

We still managed to pack in seven excellent games. Papa, Pete and Mike put up a good show against Doddy and Ian; culminating in a score line of PPM 1357 / 26 DI. We had a few close games but they did tend to go in PPM’s favour, one in particular had DI almost reaching for the towel when PPM seemed to score trebles on nearly every turn.

PPM didn’t have it all their own way though as DI took two and fought hard on others. I think we have to declare Doddy man of the match due to some incredible bull work, much of it while under pressure.

Notable events:

Doddy not only scored 6 bulls (almost certainly the best this year) but he equalled our best ever one turn bull tally with two reds and a green, brilliant! The three bull accolade is still up for grabs and it looks like we now have several contenders. Excellent darts Doddy.

Bull Wars: Doddy 6, Papa 3, Ian 1, Peter 1, Mike 0.

Chart Changes: Mike gets a massive 4% boost allowing him to leap frog Steve, not only does this put Mike up to 4th place but if he repeats the performance on his next outing it might even allow him to take third place from Ian.

Game On!

Peter x

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Darts – What A Needle Match...

Peter 61.05% Dave 60.98% Ian 56.10% Steve 47.62% Mike D 47.06%
Papa 40.74% Colin 34.78% Doddy 29.79% Malc 21.43% Fred N/A

Well the Bad Boys were BAD tonight! The atmosphere was so competitive that you could have cut it with a knife. Every player wanted to win every game; the competition was ultra intense.

Firstly I would like to thank Papa for playing an extra fixture so that we managed a 2 v 2 game, although we can manage 2 v 1 at a push 2 v 2 or greater is better!

The flipometers ordained that Dave and Papa would play Peter and Steve, This was a great result from the flipometers as in my opinion this made for very balanced teams. We had seven games; all but the last one were close and were decided by bull shoot outs.

Right from the go-get the play was tough, no first game warm up! Papa and Dave snuck the first game and then Pete and Steve struck back to take the second, we then upped the pace to bag the third, for a moment we had visions of taking the fourth but they were dashed as it went to the opposition. Another assault saw us take the fifth, and yet again we thought that we might have overall victory in our sights. Alas it was not to be; Papa and Dave took the sixth and then proceeded to murder us on the seventh.

This of course gave the evenings honours to Papa and Dave with a 4 – 3 victory with a final score line of PD 1467 / PS 235. We all played well but Papa and Dave were definitely on the money especially in the early stages of the games, which left Steve and I often playing catch up. So I have to say I think it was a fair result.

Bull Wars: Dave 2, Papa 2, Peter 1

Chart Changes: None! Pete, Dave and Steve all dropped our %'s a little while Papa's went up, but it wasn’t enough to move positions. Although Dave might want to note that the gap between him and me is now only 0.07%! Steve and Mike D are also perilously close.

I believe it is now time for me to say..... Game On!

Peter x

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Darts – A big lead doesn’t always help!

Peter 62.50% Dave 61.76% Ian 56.10% Steve 48.57% Mike D 47.06%
Papa 38.30% Colin 34.78% Doddy 29.79% Malc 21.43% Fred N/A.

The clocks have changed, it’s April fool’s day, but that doesn’t matter, it is business as usual at the Bad Boys Darts Club! Peter and Ian were selected to play against Doddy and Papa. It was a hard fought evening, but you can’t tell that from the result: PI 1235678/4 DP.

How Doddy and Papa lost seven out of eight games is still a bit of a mystery! I think I am correct in saying DP were leading every game in the early stages, in most cases by at least 100 points. They were having some fantastic starts, in two games they clocked up T20 and T18 in the first throw, then they were scoring big in the second rounds, leaving Ian and I open mouthed with a lot of work to do.

Somehow in every game except game 4 (where we were absolutely slaughtered) we managed to either catch up later on the smaller numbers or we went out on bulls, collectively we were a little bull-tastic and that saved the day for us.

Papa, Doddy... You really did deserve better than one win so Ian and I salute you, we also salute our own percentages that have shot up nicely, Ye-hah!

Notable Events:

Pete had two Bull and semi finishes.

Doddy had Shanghai on the 20’s and was hoping for a badge.

Bull Wars: Pete 3, Ian 3, Papa 1.

Chart Changes: Pete goes back to first place, pushing Dave down to second position.

Game on!

Peter x