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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Darts – Jelly Arm goes Jelly Brained!

Greetings Bad Boys and Darts Enthusiasts! It was a four handed game this evening, on the starting blocks were Pete, John, Papa and Jelly Arm. We all had a bit of practice and then let fly the flipometers; they immediately chose Pete and Mike-D ‘V’ Stanley and Papa.

We proceeded to work our way through eight games and by god they were close games! Six of the eight games came down to one semi to win finishes, another had twenty-eight points in it, the first game was the only one with a decent margin, so very hard fought and exciting bouts.

Jelly Arm and Peter were quick off the mark and managed to take three games on the trot and were beginning to eye up a big score for the evening (although in truth we knew it was probably only a matter of time before it became a game of two halves; as they say). Papa and John broke our winning streak by taking the fourth, luckily we then scrabbled back to the top of the pile for the fifth, after that the honours were taken in turns, giving a final score line of PMD 12357 / JP 468 securing Pete and Jelly Arm a 5 – 3 victory.

As you can see it could easily have gone either way, but JA and I just managed to keep our noses in front enough to claim a couple of extra games, mind you we were made to work hard for it!

Notable Events:

Papa had a bull-semi finish

Jelly Arm went Jelly Brained on 11’s and 14’s - Absolutely bizarre, the 14’s were dead Papa and John were holding three elevens, we had two and it was JA’s turn. He stepped up to the oche and planted his first dart in the treble eleven. Mere mortals would have felt it was time to move on particularly as we were trailing a little, but not Jelly Brain, he planted his second dart in the treble eleven, not satisfied with this he then pierced the treble with his third arrow! Having bagged nine elevens, (eight of which were worth fuck all to us) the cheeky bugger asked me if he would be getting a certificate for his efforts, with much pleasure I had to decline!

Well, that moment of madness apart I have to say it was a real pleasure to partner JB for the evening, he played some excellent darts with only a couple of self-talking-to’s.

Bull Wars: Papa 3, Peter 3, John 2, JB 2. No bullmeister tonight, but a five a side tally!

Chart Changes: Mike-D gained a hefty 2.5% which moves him up to fifth position swapping places with John. Both Papa and John lose about 0.8% on the night while Peter increases by a minute 0.3% leaving him around half a % behind CM.

Anyone who hasn’t let me have August AND September dates yet please let me know ASAP, Cheers....

Game On!

Peter x

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Darts – Sometimes nothing goes right.

After a heavy days rain the clouds finally lifted and we had what passes for a summer’s evening. Bang on eight Doddy and Ian arrived closely followed by Casablanca Mike. After a couple of flips the teams were decided as Pete and CM ‘v’ Ian and Doddy.

We launched in to a seven game evening which it has to be said was very one sided. Ian and Doddy only managed to get in to their stride a couple of times and when they did it was too late to capitalise on, consequently the final score line was ID W/1234567 PCM.

As much as CM and I were happy to get the games under our belt we certainly had sympathy for Ian and Mike, we have all been on the receiving end of a thrashing and it can be very frustrating. Undoubtedly though the tables will be turned another week!

Notable events:

Doddy had a spectacular turn: Dart one in the semi, dart two in the rubber, dart three in the semi! I think that has to be a first.

I believe Ian, CM and Pete all had a bull semi turn and CM also had another three semi turn.

Bull Wars: Ian 2, CM 2, Peter 2 so no bullmeister this week.

Chart Changes: CM and Pete move up one place each to first and second respectively which pushes Ian in to third place.

One evening still has the ability to make significant changes to the leader board so there is still plenty of time for things to change before the season is over, so it is definitely...

Game on!

Peter x

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Darts – Tickets Please! ALL CHANGE, ALL CHANGE!

I opened up the Bad Boys station just before eight to be ready for the passengers arriving to take a trip on the darts express. First on the platform was Casablanca Mike, followed by John and Ian. We made ourselves comfortable in the first class carriage and just before the darts express pulled out Papa bounded up the escalator and leapt aboard. Toot Toot! We were on our way.

We flipped our tickets to see what the seating arrangements were and they turned out to be Pete, Ian and CM on one side of the carriage and Papa and John on the other.

There were eight stops on the journey, by the time we reached the first station Papa and John had steamed ahead with a score of over three hundred points leaving them in the first class carriage and the rest of us travelling in the cheap seats. Mind you we deserved it as we played miserably. We did improve though and kicked john and Papa out of first class at the second station and didn’t let them back in until the seventh stop, however they were shunted back to cattle class by the time we reached our final destination.

This gave us a final score line of JP 17 / PICM 234568 putting us on track for a 6 – 2 win at Victoria Station.

Notable Events:

Generally Players were either rubbish or spot on. I reckon we all had spells of both, thankfully the rubbish periods didn’t last too long, however this means there was no MOTM.

Ian managed a treble semi turn and was soon followed in another game by John taking a bull and two semis, he then followed it up the next turn with a bull and semi, damn fine darts in anyone’s books.

Papa had a bit of trouble with darts falling out. On one turn as he went to take them out of the board one fell to the ground, as he began picking it up another fell and nearly skewered him, then as he picked up the second the third fell out! I think he might have got a flesh wound from that one. It appears the new dartboard likes sharp darts; please feel free to make use of the dart sharpener in the hut if you start suffering from dropsy!

Bull Wars: A reasonable haul tonight. John 3, CM 3, Ian 2, Peter 1.

Chart Changes:

Papa’s season ticket at the head of the queue has expired! He is currently residing in carriage number four. Ian, CM and Pete having dined extensively in the buffer car for the evening all made their way up one position to first, second and third places respectively. John stayed put despite taking a 2% hit.

A quick look at the %’s will show you there is plenty of scope for more changes for all passengers so it is definitely GAME ON!

Peter x

August Dates Please Gents!

Hi Folks

Please let me have your August dates.

I expect there will be plenty of you away on holiday so if you can be as flexible as possible on the dates you can attend it would be appreciated. I will try to make sure no fixtures are cancelled.



Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Darts: The Struggle To Win!

I don’t know if it was the weather, the alignment of planets or the onset of swine fever but when the Bad Boys gathered for the evening’s match everyone seemed very laid back, almost horizontal. We all fancied a win but I am not sure anyone was ‘driven’.

Anyway, after Pete, John , Doddy and Rushers climbed the steps to the hallowed hut, we stood around to shoot the breeze for a bit then we decided to meander inside and flip the flippers for teams. Eventually the flipping resulted in Rushers and Stan ‘v’ Pete and the Doddmeister.

We surveyed the new equipment (courtesy of the chalk warriors), a new ‘Bulls - Premium - Advantage II’ Dartboard with extra thin wires / dividers, A spanking new old school blackboard rubber and a couple of chalk trays (left and right) for easier chalking. I liked the board a lot (but not all were as enamoured on first use), I think we need to reserve judgment on it until everyone has had a few games. The rest of the kit however seemed to be widely approved.

The games were started in earnest and IJ took the first honours comfortably. Pete and Doddy were clearly concerned enough to take the second and third games, however Ian and John were not going to let us have it all our own way and took the fourth. PD rose again to take the fifth but could not manage the sixth which went to Ian and John. This produced a 3 - 3 draw with the final score line being IJ 146 / 235 PD. You can tell how laid back it was, we only managed six games!

Notable Events:

John re-enacted one of JA’s most notorious crimes by wandering off in to the garden to organise a cricket match on his mobile while the rest of us contemplated the points of our darts. Bloody cricketers, he nearly got nine darts in his back.

On a more positive note (cricket arrangements out of the way) John managed to gain his second three semis in a turn – well done sir!

Generally we all played some very lax darts but there were flashes of brilliance with some heavy treble scoring, particularly from Pete and Doddy although these were mostly negated later in the games when Ian and John were trebling as well or piling semis and bulls on to the score sheet to erode any leads.

Oh and Doddy wore a very fetching pink blouse, I must say it was super crisp and immaculately presented, we all agreed he looked gorgeous in it (that’s how good it was, honest).

Bull Wars: Peter 3, John 3 and Ian 2 (nearly all of these were scored in the second half of the evening).

Chart Changes: Not a sausage! Zilch, Nada, SFA, BA, Nuffin’, Nowt.... All players except Doddy were dragged down marginally by the result. Mr Pink however bagged himself just over a 1% rise, good effort Doddy and well played.

This means that Papa is still top of the table but still has Ian snapping at his heals, mere mortals lower down the table await one or both the dynamic duo to have a bad result and throw us some crumbs to feed on.

Game On!

Peter x