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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Darts – And then we were THREE!

Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday Dear BAD BOYS... Happy Birthday to us!

This Tuesday evening was the nearest week of the year to the Bad Boys inaugural evening three years ago. To celebrate we kicked of the evening with a bottle or two of bubbly and some real ‘boy’ picnic food. Nothing sophisticated of course, just chomping material while we chucked arrows!

Attending were Pete, Dave, John, Casablanca Mike, Ian and the Doddmeister. After a bit of quaffing and chit chat we got straight down to the flipometers, which remarkably managed 6 reds on the first throw followed by 5 reds on the second, thankfully the third flip finished sorting out the teams which were Pete, Dave and Doddy ‘v’ John, Ian and Casablanca Mike.

PDD took the first game convincingly rarely putting a foot wrong, then JICM retaliated taking the second game by storm. Both teams having got a ‘stonker’ out of the way the games then settled in to too close for comfort mode, where any could have gone to either team. The evening continued with PDD taking odds and JICM taking evens right up to the last game where the odds got even giving PDD a 4 – 2 victory with the final score line standing at PDD 1356 / 24 JICM

Notable Events:

A new Dartboard! To celebrate our third birthday we hung a new board, it remains to be seen if folks like it as much as the last one.

Pete managed a Bull on Middle for Diddle.

John seemed very keen on treble twenties and treble eighteens. Far too many of us seemed keen on treble non scoring numbers!

There were some excellent darts thrown by everybody throughout the evening but no one stood out enough to be awarded MOTM.

Bull Wars: Despite the general good dart playing the bull count was unusually low with a total haul of 6 (5 scored in game), the honours went thus: Dave 2, Pete 1, Doddy 1, John 1, Ian 1. Making Dave Bullmeister for the evening.

Chart Changes:

No actual changes, but the results do cause some interesting % crunching!

Ian drops just over 1%, Peter up 0.5%, Doddy up 3.3%, Dave up 1.5%, CM down 1% and John down 1.5%

This puts Pete, Ian and CM all within 1% of each other, which should make for some very competitive games in the near future. Game On!

Peter x

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Darts – Total Tension!

There were four likely lads gathered at the hut this Tuesday evening. Pedros, Davos, Mike-Dos and Rushtososososos. Mercifully the flipping was quick with an immediate selection of Pete and MD ‘v’ Dave and Ian.

We cracked straight in to the games and managed to get through a total of seven. Apart from the first game all were hotly contested. I believe they all ended on bulls and there were never more than a couple of semis between the teams at the end of a game.

The final result was a 5-2 victory to Peter and Mike-D. The final score line was PMD 12346 / 57 DI. The closeness of the games isn’t represented by the result. In some games DI were well ahead and only fortuitous bull action robbed them of victory. Having said that I reckon that Pete and Mike did deserve to win.

Notable Events:

Dave had a stunning score on nineteens. He managed to pop in two treble nineteens and a double in one turn adding a remarkable 152 to his teams tally.

I can’t remember if it was the same game but Ian and Dave were way ahead with the scoreboard closed on numbers and a win requiring three bulls to seven. Pete and Mike went on to take the game. Pedros managed to get in the zone and take a bull and two semis in a turn.

MOTM: My partner awarded me MOTM, and hell one vote is enough for me to take a bit of glory, Yehah!

Bull Wars: Peter 5, Ian 4, Mike-D 2.

Chart Changes: All Change – Fares Please!

Papa goes back to the top of the pile, knocking Ian to second place. CM stays in third place. Pete goes up to fourth position forcing John down to fifth. Mike-D gains a massive % boost of nearly 6% which rockets him up to sixth place. Dave drops just over a % which means he is in the seventh slot behind Mike D! Hmmm.... Mr Average strikes again!

Brilliantly exciting games all around, exactly what we all enjoy about Mickey Mouse at Bad Boys! Long may it continue!

Game On!

Peter X

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Darts - Bring out your Doddy!

Attending: Pedros, Stanley, Wushtong, Doddmeister, Pappa and Casablanca Mike.

Flipping: The teams were sorted in a single flip! Pete, John and Papa ‘v’ Doddy, Ian and CM.

Games: The score line was PJP 145/236 DICM making the evening a Draw!

Notable Events: Nothing stunning but some very close games.

MOTM: None this week.

Bull Wars: Papa 2, CM 2, Peter 1, John 1 Doddy 1.

Chart Changes: Papa drops to second place. As five of tonight’s six players had a % of above 50% the draw means they all dropped slightly. This of course wasn’t the case for Doddy who gains just over a 2% rise! This makes him the top banana for the evening. The rest of will have to do battle another time to raise our percentages...

Game On!

Peds x

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Darts – Results 05.05.09

Attending: Pedros, Sniper Rushton, James Redbond and Casablanca Mike.

Flipping: Casablanca looked like Billy no mates as the flip took place, he was singled out on the first flip and it then took another four flips to find him a partner!

Games: The score line was PM 14569/2378 ID

Notable Events: The majority of games were won with vengeance by one side or the other outclassing the opposition. For once the result was close rather than the individual games!

Several double trebles scored along with several double semis.

Dave managed a bull plus two semis in one turn.

MOTM: None this week.

Bull Wars: Ian 3, Dave 3, Mike 2, Peter 1.

Chart Changes: None (Sort of). Everybody’s percentages went up a little except for Sniper Rushton’s. His dropped exactly enough to leave both him and Papa drawn at first place with 57.58%

Game On!

Peds x