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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Darts – Papa holds his own (Ooh er Missus!)

Well although we were down to three Bad Boys this week it was one of the most competitive and enjoyable sessions for a long time.

Pete and Ian were pitched against Pa and Pa.

The final score line was PI 12489 / PaPa 3567

Notable Events:

Bloody competitive darts, it was rare for anyone to be a long way ahead and the finishes were usually very tight and could have gone either way.

I was shocked to find that when Papa plays on his own he always follows team orders!

It was Papa’s first solo run and like all before him he found it both tiring and enjoyable.

Bull Wars: Papa 4, Ian 4, Peter 3. Making Ian and Papa joint bullmeisters (aggregate aside).

Chart changes: None, Papa gains a % Ian and Peter gain a nano-slither.


Game On!

Peter x

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Darts – The Curse of the Jelly Arm!

Greetings to this quick and dirty report.

It was a pleasure to see Jelly Arm back in the hut after a long lay-off with hoof problems, but he is back!

John was also back in the hut despite paw problems… Hmm it seems we play with a load of injured animals.

Anyway, enough distraction on to the bitter pill.

CM and John were teamed, as were JA and I. the only difference between the two teams were that one played well and the other was dire!

The score line was horrendous JCM1234567 / W - PJA.

John and CM thoroughly deserved their win as did mike and I deserve our loss, we were f*cking awful!

But that is the way it goes sometimes!

Notable events: despite having a couple of decent runs JA and I couldn’t make a win, in one game we lost from having over a 200 point lead! Never mind onward and upwards, JA tells me he is hoping to get above his monthly average over the rest of the year; clearly he wants to win a game!

Bull Wars: CM 4, John 3, JA 1, Pete 0… Says it all really – we were murdered.

Chart changes: John thunders back to the number one spot meaning CM drops to second despite a handsome win! Pete drops to fourth allowing Mr Rushton (who cried off this week) to go up to third place… Hmmm…. I can feel certain conspiracy theories in the offing.

Due to the dramatic change at the top of the league table (and the lack of it at the bottom) I feel duty bound to yet again point out that a bad boy must attend 12 times in a year for his score to be valid in the yearly rankings. So john, if you can keep up the % and the attendance you may yet beat Mr Weaver.

JA if you up your attendance and win a game before the end of the year we won’t all chant loser, loser when we see you at boule.

I’m lovely aren’t I?

Game On!

Peds x

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Darts – A happy birthday?

Combatants for the evening were Pete, CM, Doddy and Rushers (who turned out on his birthday)!

A quick flip decided on teams of Pete and Ian ‘v’ Doddy and CM.

We launched in to a 7 game set that showed a final score line of PI 124567 / 3 DCM being a 6 – 1 victory to Pete and Ian.

Notable Events: Very rare that I have to put a negative in here but poor Mr Casablanca deserves a mention / sympathy!

Mike had a pretty bad evening’s darts, not just compared against his usual high standard but alas the sort of play that brings tears to your eyes. I’m sure it must just have been a glitch and he will be back on form shortly.

Bull Wars: Peter 4, CM 1 making Peds the bullmeister.

Chart Changes: None – Both Ian and Pete gained around 1% while both Doddy and CM dropped around 1.5%

CM still looks a likely winner this year but we will have to see… Game On!

Peds x

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Darts – A case of theft?

Combatants: Peter, Ian, CM.

It was a case of the three Musketeers yet again, attendance at bad boys has been miserable this year, some unable to make it with good reason and some not! Let’s see some more effort or are folks getting darts fatigue?

Mike and I teamed against Rushers and it has to be said put up a fairly miserable performance for most of the evening, you know the feeling when three scoring darts is worth a high five! Ian seemed to fait a little better but sadly for him it wasn’t reflected in the final score line, maybe he was robbed?

Score Line: PCM 13569 / 2478 I

Notable events:

The most notable thing was how few trebles were scored there was a real drought for all players!

On a more positive note Ian was ‘cock on’ with bulls.

Bull Wars: Ian 9, Pete 2, CM 1 making Rushers a runaway Bullmeister for the evening.

Chart Changes: None, However I went up a smidge while Rushers and CM dropped a sliver to which I can only say ‘Result’!

Game On!

Peter x